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Media / Political Subversion of the United States

Media Subversion List Addendum 2019

64 Additional Subjects, Worthy of Investigation in Connection
to Sacramento California Media and Political Subversion of the
United States of America.
Media Subversion List Addendum 2019

64 Additional Subjects, Worthy of Investigation in Connection
to Sacramento California Media and Political Subversion of the
United States of America.

Tracy Mapes, Red X Society
June 3, 2019

2019 Expanded 3rd List of Media Subversion Infiltration is not complete yet, but I want to Publish the Following Incomplete List in case I cannot complete it before some inevitable incarceration or other misfortune.

All Persons Listed will be Related to Sacramento Prostitution and Drug Use prior to being "Placed" in various positions in Government, Entertainment and the News Media, and point directly at United States Security Services being complicit in the "Hazing and Control" of All 3 Branches of the Federal Government of the United States.


Pre-Release List, Media Subversion United States of America
Primary Contact Responsible for Facilitating Infiltration over
30 Years or More = FBI 2800 Cottage Way, Sacramento, Ca - And FBI
4500 Orange Grove Ave. Sacramento, Ca.

157.) Sonya Sota-Mayor AKA Angela = Number on Media Subversion List
Plaza Drive, Del Paso Heights, Ca. Associates, Number #20 Michelle
"Bunny" Kane, on The 2010 Media Subversion List published in 2010.

158). Norbert Bartosik - Nor-Cal Vinyl Siding, Main Ave. Northgate/
Natomas, Cal-Expo Operations Manager. Associations= 159). Sarah
Huckabee Sanders, employed Nor-Cal Vinyl Siding, Also See: Peter
King, New York.

159). Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Employee Nor-Cal Vinyl Siding,
Sacramento, CA

160). Mike Pompeo, AKA John Colesar, So. Lake Tahoe, Ca

161). Anthony Scaramucchi AKA Mike Grech, Also See: # 155 2010 Media
Subversion List.Additional AKA's - Booker, Richard Grieco. Known Ass=
ociates South Lake Tahoe, Amacker Ranch, Stonya Stodimeyer, Gina AKA
Giada De Leurentis.

162). Stonya Stodimeyer, Posed as Russian Lawyer during "Russia In-
vestigation", Washingto DC. Former Address: Kayle Drive, Stateline
Nevada. Knows Mike Grech, AKA Scarmucci. Ex-Communication Director
White House, Trump Administration.

163). Maria Butina - Reported to be Pamona, Ca Prostitute, AKA Russian Agent
Accused of Infiltrating NRA Organization during "Russia Probe".

164). Governor of South Dakota, Governor, AKA Bank Teller ("Russian"). Bank
of America, Marcoani Ave. Sacramento, Ca.

165). James Comey, FBI AKA Half of Sacramento Valley Construction as a Business
Partner with Mike Bright,

166). Mike Bright, AKA Rod Blagoiviche, Governor Illinois.

167). Sil Brochinni AKA Rahm Emanual, AKA Mayor Chicago, Ill.

168). Ami Berra, AKA Israel, Associates Sacramento Valley Construction.

169). AKA - Lori Tann Related to AKA #11 Media Subversion List.

170). Kamala Harris - AKA = (Carla Barros #52, 2010 Media Subversion List.

180). Sheriff's Dept. Officer Kaiser Emergency. Related AKA Susan Clark #27, #28, #144, 2010 Media Subversion List.

181). Naomi Wolf AKA (Debbie Betucchi's Hair Design, Cottage Way, Sacramento, Ca located directly across from Federal Building 2800 Cottage Way Sacramento.

182). George Costanza CSG Nevada - Harrah's Slot Dept., Associates John Byers, Harvey's Lake Tahoe, Slot Dept.

183). Alec Ginsberg AKA Sean Hayes CSG Nevada - Harrah's Slot Dept., Associates John Byers, Harvey's Lake Tahoe, Slot Dept.

184). Larry David, TV Producer HBO, Seinfeld NBC. See: Bonnie Hunt Show, Bonnie Hunt #113 2010 Media Subversion List. Also include Bonnie Hunt Show, Stage Manager/Producer Don Lake.

185). Katherine Monahan, Employee Woody's Restuarant, Sacramento, Ca. 1993-95.

186). Katherine Hygal, Employee Woody's Restuarant, Sacramento, Ca. 1993-95.

187). Ann Workman Lake Tahoe Tribune/KCRA 3 AKA = (Fill In Blank)

188). William Kemp, California State Legislative Lobbiest - (May Be Knowledgeable).

189). Kim Kemp KCRA 3 - (May Be Knowledgeable).

190). German Chancelor - Angela Merkel, Pager Dealer at Filco Appliance Sacramento, Ca.

191). Sacca Family - Filco Appliance. - (May Be Knowledgeable).

192). Whoopie Goldberg, Prostitution, Stockton Blvd. Sacramento, Ca. Associated to, Owner 5925 Ashworth Way between 2006 2008, Carmichael, CA 95608 Related to Street CIA, Motorcycles, #39 Laurie Archer, Laurie's Boyfriend Mike, #81 Laura, 2010 Media Subversion List.

193). Princess Diana - AKA = Shannon Bream FOX News, AKA Susan Stonebrigde #31 2010 Media Subversion List.

194). Sandra Bullock, Seen with #13 Lavina Bastio, Rolling Green Motel, Sacramento, Ca.

195). Demi Moore, Seen Rolling Green Motel, Sacramento, Ca.

196). Donald Faison, Scrubs NBC, friend Jenny II AKA = # 59 Nicole Kidman, Status: friend of, Tahoe Park, Sacramento, Ca.

197). Jim Crandel, Cross Dressed, Prostitution, Broadway, Sacramento, Ca. AKA = sports Reporter KTXL FOX Channel 40.

198). Laci Peterson, AKA = Michelle Dapper, Weekend Sports Reporter KCRA Channel 3.

199). Scott Peterson, AKA = Jim Acosta CNN White House Press Corp.

200). Nicole Brown Simpson -Associate to #83 2010 Media Subversion List Silvia Nast AKA = Megyn Kelly FOX/NBC.

201). Scott Disick AKA Murder Victim Ron Goldman
Associate Nicole Brown Simpson #200, and #83 2010 Media Subversion List.

202). Mike Ruppert, Neighbor 2743 Pope Ave. See: Steve Coburn California Chrome.

203). Beth Troutmen, Gas Station Attendant Regal GS, McDonald's Employee, South Lake Tahoe, Ca.

204). Rich Wetzel AKA Cheyenne Yearago, CHP. Associate with Sacramento Valley Construction, Don Mann, Mike Bright, James Comey.

205). Amy Goodman, Sacramento Ca, Unkown Operative Status, also connected to Medialine.Com Pacifica California.

206). Larry Sweet, Mother Pearl and Sister (Status: To Be Determined).

207). Paul Fisher and Wife Kathy (Status: To Be Determined).

208). Ron Brown AKA Stargazer Neil deGrasse Tyson, Shot Down in 1996 over Croatia, Claimed Fatality. Secretary of Commerce under President Bill Clinton Administration.

209). Vanna White, Prostitution, Rolling Green Motel, Sacramento, Ca Associate Pimp AKA California 'D'

210). Adele = Amy KOVR 13, Associate Producer News Dept.

211). Naomi Wolf AKA Debbie, Bettucci's Hair Care

212). Ice Cube AKA "Michael" Garbage Truck Driver, Drug Dealer, Rock Cocaine. Associate with #27 Susan Clark, 2010 Media Subversion List.

213). Ms. Nazarek, AKA Diane Feinstein. 5th Grade Teacher 1972 Meyers Elementary School, South Lake Tahoe, Ca.

214). Don Mann, Sacramento,Ca. Associate to Sacramento Valley Construction. Related to, James Comey #165, Mike Bright #166, and Rich Wetzel # 204.

215). Susan Boyle, Britain's Got Talent, AKA Coroner's Office SSD. = El Camino, Ave, 99 Truck Stop Prostitution.

216). Ricardo Antonio Chavira, AKA Desperate House Wives Related to #56, and #66. 2010 Media Subversion List.

217). Mary - Front Desk, KCRA Channel 3, Prostitution, Ritz Motel, Auburn Blvd. Sacramento Ca.

218). Yasmine Bleeth Date #3 El Camino Ave. Sacramento, Ca

219). Owner 5925 Ashworth Way between 2006 2008, Carmichael, CA 95608
Related to Street CIA, Motorcycles, Laurie Archer, Laurie's Boy
friend Mike, Whoopie Goldberg, #81 Laura Spencer. Street Prostitution and
Street Solicited Suicide among Drug Users.

220). Edward Snowden = Editor KMAX 31 1995-97, Spouse/Married to #4 2010 Media Subversion List, Angela Buchman, Channel 8 WishTV Indiana.


(Mare Winnigham)SAG AKA - Linda Andrus
Calvin Andrus
Diane Macedo AKA Daughter Nancy Andrus
Jessica De Alba AKA Nancy Andrus)

2010 Media Subversion List
<img src=" https://live.staticflickr.com/8752/17349971918_448bebfd3b_o.jpg">

2012 Media Subversion List
<img src=" https://live.staticflickr.com/5659/21484174919_b4e9253cb6_o.jpg">

2019 Media Subversion List - Prostitution Distribution Map
<img src=" https://live.staticflickr.com/5645/21680612191_e7d33c006c_o.jpg">

Sincerely, Tracy Mapes

Name Additions? 05.Jun.2019 11:20

Tracy Mapes

221). Peter King, Rep. Albany NY.

AP Request 06.Jun.2019 12:44

Tracy Mapes

Olga R. Rodriguez

Hello Mr. Mapes,

My Name is Olga Rodriguez and I am a reporter with the Associated Press.
I would like to talk to you about the federal charges against you for
flying a drone over two NFL stadiums in 2017. Is there a phone number I
can contact you?



Dear Olga,

I understand that you would like information on Federal Charges in connection with the over flight of Levi Stadium in 2017 with a Drone.

On June 4, I appeared in Court, in San Jose, and my next appearance is in July.

As a Reporter, your inquiry stated you were looking for information that is publicly available, and not as a Reporter interested in delivering a balanced truthful report to the public.

A Real Reporter covers everything, not just a slant on a Story to get a paycheck.

Things like Who, What, Where, When, Why? and How?

Who: Tracy Mapes is alleged to have flown his DJI Mavic Drone over two active NFL Football Games on Nov. 26th, 2017, and Dropped Political oriented leaflets that claim that the Office of President of the United States and the Mainstream Media have been compromised by National Security Services such as the FBI and DEA in a manner that would constitute a Coup Da Tat of the U.S. Government and a clear violation of the United States Constitution and the 1st Amendment guarantees of a Press, Free from government interference.

What: Man breaks security of 2 Nation Events, and is arrested for violating National Defense Airspace while attempting to warn Law-Enforcement and Military Personnel that there has been a serious criminal breach of Law in the conduct of several U.S. Security Agencies.

Where: Levi Stadium, Santa Clara, Ca, And Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, Ca.

When: November 26, 2017. Reason? Two National Events within 30 miles of each other, Televised. Levi Stadium was also hosting Law-Enforcement and Military Appreciation Day, perfect for reaching out to as many People responsible for the safety of our nation.

Why?: Because corruption in the Sacramento Area of California has used Felons and Prostitutes to infiltrate and control Local and National Government along with U.S. Media in an effort to disenfranchise the U.S. Population from any meaningful participation in the goings on of government, including Voting, Free Press, and Choice of any other Candidate other than those pre-"Hazed" and "Screened by the Government". The necessity to use the Drone delivered message is because these leaflets had been dropped in the 1000's in Sacramento with zero Media or Law-Enforcement reaction.

How: Mr. Mapes is alleged to have used a Modified DJI Mavic Pro Drone to deliver 300-400 leaflets per flight, at a range of up to 1 Mile away from the take-off point.

As far as Law goes in this matter? On May 16 of 2017, John Taylor vs. FAA won a judgment in DC Federal Circuit Court that would not allow the FAA to write, produce or promulgate any laws regarding the use of Hobbiest or Recreational Drones weighing less than 55 lbs. operating in the National Air Space below 400 ft. AGL. without approval of new laws that would allow them to regulate those aircraft, and that portion of the National Air Space.

Nov. 26, 2017: Date of incident allowing the above decision, the aircraft involved was not under the jurisdiction of the FAA.

Dec. 12, 2017 - President Donald Trump signed into Law the National Air Defense Re-Authorization Act, which also provided a clause for the FAA to regulate the disputed Air Space with the approval of Congress.

The fact that the Media is bypassing the Main Reason for the incident and concentrating of the use of a toy drone, speaks volumes about the level of Corruption that Our Country has endured for over 70 years, instigating the Greatest Criminal Corruption Scandal in the History of the United States.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes
Phone 916-XXX-XXXX

what an asshole you are 16.Jun.2019 16:36



Thanks! rAT 17.Jun.2019 00:07

Tracy Mapes

It's often required to disseminate the ugliness of Society.

'Cube? 19.Jun.2019 15:15


Ice Cube?? C'mon now.

'Cube?? 19.Jun.2019 15:15


Ice Cube??? C'mon now.

Yep! ...U.S. Military slinging Dope 19.Jun.2019 22:17

Tracy Mapes

I observed these guys and gals in the late night hour. They were "enlisted", Drug Dealers and Prostitutes raising money for Wars in South America. I even met a 20 year old "Freeway Ricky" in Sacramento, as he had come up from L.A.

So? ...If You ever get a chance to to see Ice Cube - AKA Michael - Dance sometime? Look for him to motion his hand 'around and around' in a circle, emulating the motion made by someone driving a Garbage Truck.

I met him when I went to visit another prostitute in Downtown Sac, when he had just left the Apartment, and had given the male tenant a bloody nose for non-payment.

I saw the other prostitute I met there, a year later at about 3 am in the morning. Homeboy, girlfriend and about 10 others, all met up at an apartment complex on Edison Ave, near Howe Ave. and it looked very drill instructor business like as they loaded their cars.

I was spying on girlfriend to see what the hell she was up to, because We broke up quite soon after the dope ran out.

She was Number #27 on the List from 2010. And I hung with her for a bit just long enough to get smitten. She was also a TV News Anchor up until about 2013 at KOVR Channel 13. The last time I saw her on the Blvd. was in about 1995, when I kicked her out of the truck and gave her 2 dimes to call someone who cared. This was at the Super 8 Motel where I had purchased 3 days of room rent, and she didn't want to fuck.

So I kicked her out, got 2 days of rent money back, and went to work.