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The Lie That Will Not Die And The Truth about Black Mass Shooters

May 29, 2019

The lie that will not die: Most mass shooters are white.

Just Google "white mass shooters," and you will find hundreds and hundreds of stories from The Grio, Root, Salon, CNN, PBS, and Newsweek, right up to the Washington Post, with headlines likes this, from Vice: "Why are so many mass shootings committed by young white men?"

All accompanied with fairy tales like this from the Washington Post: "a consistent pattern: Young, white men with demonstrable backgrounds of mental instability or violence against women taking the lives of as many people as possible."

At least one legacy media outfit figured out, however painful it was to report (and bury in the middle of the jump), that three quarters of mass shooters are black. That was the New York Times.

You read that right: mass shootings are a black thing. And we find them almost every day. Often more than one. In Philadelphia alone, they report one every eleven days.

Let's take a look at the headlines (with links) from a nine-day period ending Memorial Day, May 27. One at a time, most recent day first, until we reach the 26th mass shooting from a black person.
Starting in Trenton, New Jersey.

1. "1 killed, 5 wounded as gunfire erupts in Trenton again days after 10 were hurt in shooting outside city bar."
 link to www.nj.com

2. As the previous headline indicates, don't confuse that mass shooting with "Police Confirm Nine Injuries in Trenton Shooting Incident" from Friday, the 25th of May.

3. Police: "Multiple people shot, including boy, in Southeast DC." Multiple equals five.

4/5. "Six people, including teenagers shot in two separate incidents in Brooklyn." A twofer: three each.
 link to abc7ny.com

6. "Police: 1 dead, 2 injured after shooting in downtown St. Louis."
 link to fox2now.com

7. "Three people shot in South Merced neighborhood."

Let's check out the headlines and links from May 26. Spoiler alert: not a white person in sight.

8. "1 Dead, 3 Wounded After Shootout at Fort Lauderdale Parking Garage." Not to worry his mom says he was acting in self-defense.
 link to www.local10.com

9. "2 dead, 3 wounded after gunfire erupts in Little Italy." Not too many Italians left in Little Italy.
 link to abc7chicago.com

10. "5 people shot, 3 arrested at Brunswick." This is not even the worst one in Virginia last weekend. So hold on.

11. "Four shot, one dead in Stockton." Some locals call Stockton the New Chicago.

12. Transgender woman, 2 men killed in Detroit shooting. Not the first recent murder of a transgender. Not polite to notice that those killers are black as well.
 link to www.freep.com

13. Quadruple shooting in SE Baltimore Saturday night. This happened the same night 100 black people rampaged through Baltimore's tourist Mecca, the Inner Harbor. They were assaulting, stealing, attacking police in what none dare call a good old-fashioned race riot. Again.
 link to foxbaltimore.com

Compared to the big riot of 2016, where 120 policemen were sent to the hospital after being on the wrong end of bottles and bricks and other violence at the hands of thousands of black people, it is easier to understand why local media were so eager to brush it off as just a few kids blowing off some steam.

14. "3 Shot, Injured Overnight in North Minneapolis." North Minneapolis is a Nice-Free Zone.
 link to minnesota.cbslocal.com

So far, nary a crazed MAGA hat-wearing Caucasian to be found. Let's continue to May 25.

15. "3 wounded, including 17-year-old girl, in Chicago drive-by shooting."
 link to www.fox32chicago.com

16. "Suspect wanted in connection with Port Gibson graduation party shooting that left 1 dead and 2 injured." Not the first mass shooting at a black graduation party this month.
 link to www.wjtv.com

17. "3 shot early Saturday near canal walk in Downtown Indianapolis." The record for mass shootings there is 8, achieved while the Black Expo was in full swing.
 link to www.indystar.com

18. "One dead, nine injured after shooting at 'large party' in Chesapeake."  link to www.wavy.com I made about the recent mass shootings. Lots of music about guns, drugs, money, b------, and murder, if that's your thing.

19. "1 dead, 2 injured after shooting at popular lounge in Midtown" Atlanta. You are probably going to the wrong lounges.
 link to www.wsbtv.com

Headlines and links from May 22.

20. "Deputies: Three people shot after fight in Waffle House parking lot in Sarasota."
 link to www.mysuncoast.com

21. "1 dead, 2 injured in Algiers highway shootout Tuesday afternoon: NOPD." That's the Big Easy.
 link to www.nola.com

Let's see some headlines and links from May 20.

22. "Suspect in custody identified after quadruple shooting near 16th and Memorial leaves one dead, another not expected to live." The shooter said he had a beef.
 link to www.tulsaworld.com

23. "Suspect named in Alexandria shooting that killed 1, wounded 4." That's Central Louisiana, not Virginia.
 link to www.thetowntalk.com

24. "Another weekend, another mass shooting.  http://www.journalnow.com/news/columnists/another-weekend-another-mass-shooting-thirteen-have-been-shot-in/article_f0795c1c-d579-57d1-9deb-8ab247d47848.html Thirteen have been shot in 2 violent episodes this spring." The latest one involved "1 dead, five hurt in Winston-Salem shooting late Saturday; man killed was young hip hop artist."  http://www.journalnow.com/news/columnists/another-weekend-another-mass-shooting-thirteen-have-been-shot-in/article_f0795c1c-d579-57d1-9deb-8ab247d47848.html Thirteen have been shot in 2 violent episodes this spring." The latest one involved "1 dead, five hurt in Winston-Salem shooting late Saturday; man killed was young hip hop artist."  link to www.journalnow.com Both in Winston-Salem.

25. "3 people shot in Mount Hope." This came in front of the headquarters for a San Diego black motorcycle club. Yes, they have them. Yes, they are no strangers to hyper-violence.
 link to www.google.com

26. Let's finish up back in D.C. "1 dead, 2 hospitalized in shooting."

There were also mass shootings in Denver (Hispanic shooter), Miami (unidentified so far) and Central Florida, (where it just might be a white guy who shot a few people at a memorial. Waiting...), and downtown Kansas City (waiting).

Maybe some white guys in polo shirts and tiki torches will show up in the incident reports. Maybe not.

No matter: I have documented minds.com/ColinFlaherty tons and tons more examples of recent black mass shootings, prior to May 20. This video  https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/976588039396810752 has details about a mass shooting at another black graduation party this month. I don't really remember where. There are so many, so often, it is hard to keep track.

homepage: homepage: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/05/the_lie_that_will_not_die_and_the_truth_about_black_mass_shooters.html

Racist Shithead 02.Jun.2019 22:08


Yeah, YOU can go fuck yourself, racist shithead!

^ No Facts, just Invective. 02.Jun.2019 23:53


FBI's own statistics corroborate that most gun crime perpetrators are not White / European-American.

The number of Americans killed in gun homicides is about 11,000 to 12,000 a year.

Another constant: About half of those killed this way are black men, though they make up just 6 percent of the U.S. population.



How the Gun Control Debate Ignores Black Lives


47 people shot across Chicago, 8 fatally, since Friday [5/31] evening 03.Jun.2019 00:01

By Sun-Times Wire Updated Jun 2, 2019, 1:12pm CDT

Weekend Shootings Roundup: 47 shot, 8 killed so far in weekend gun violence across Chicago - Chicago Sun-Times

The weekend's shooting victims include two people killed in separate Humboldt Park incidents and four wounded in the Gold Coast.

By Sun-Times Wire Updated Jun 2, 2019, 1:12pm CDT

At least 47 people have been shot in Chicago since Friday evening, the large majority of whom were wounded in a rash of violence during the first 12 hours of the weekend, leaving eight people dead by early Sunday morning.

In the weekend's latest shooting, two men were killed while driving through Old Town on the North Side.

The pair, 22 and 25 years old, were westbound in the 100 block of West North Avenue just before 6 a.m. Sunday when people in another vehicle began shooting at them, Chicago police said.

The 22-year-old was shot multiple times in the back and the 25-year-old suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the body, police said. Both men were pronounced dead on the scene.

The other vehicle fled north on LaSalle Drive, police said. The victims' vehicle was found with more than a dozen bullet holes.

A few hours earlier, a 26-year-old woman was shot and killed in Fuller Park.

She was outside in the 4900 block of South Princeton Avenue about 4 a.m. when gunfire erupted, Chicago police said. She was struck in the chest and pronounced dead at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Saturday, a man was found with a fatal gunshot wound in Albany Park on the Northwest Side.

Officials found 20-year-old Piotr Baliczek in a vehicle about 6:29 a.m. in the 4300 block of North Mozart Street, police and the Cook County medical examiner's office said. He had been shot in the neck and was pronounced dead on the scene. The circumstances of the shooting remain unclear.

Earlier, authorities responding to a ShotSpotter gunshot detection alert discovered a homicide at 4:11 a.m. in the 7700 block of South Morgan in the South Side Gresham neighborhood, according to police.

Christopher Walton, 29, had been shot in the chest and later died at the University of Chicago Medical Center, authorities said.

Late Friday, two people were killed in separate Humboldt Park shootings.

Tabarie Nix, 24, was on the sidewalk about 11:45 p.m. in the 900 block of North Karlov when a gunman walked up and shot him in the neck and arm, authorities said. Nix was pronounced dead at Norwegian American Hospital.
Police investigate the scene where a man was shot, in the 900 block of North Karlov. Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times

An hour before that, 32-year-old Tellez Ricardo was standing in the 1500 block of North Keeler when someone in a red car pulled up and fired shots, authorities said. He was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center with gunshot wounds to the chest and was later pronounced dead.

The Gresham neighborhood was also the scene of the weekend's earliest slaying.

Anthony Robinson, 37, was walking about 8:45 p.m. in the 1700 block of West 79th Street when a male leaving a gangway fired shots, authorities said. He was struck in the head, chest and shoulder, and pronounced dead at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

In non-fatal shootings, four people were wounded Saturday in the Gold Coast near Northwestern University's Chicago campus.

A 28-year-old man and 26-year-old man were standing outside a red van about 2 a.m. in the 300 block of East Chicago Avenue when they heard gunfire and realized they had been shot, police said. They saw several vehicles drive away from the scene.

Two other men in the same block were also shot, police said. A 28-year-old man was grazed in the head, and a 25-year-old was shot in the head.

All four men went to area hospitals where their conditions were stabilized.

On the West Side, a woman crashed her vehicle after being shot Friday in Austin.

The 22-year-old was in a vehicle about 10:35 p.m. in the 4800 block of West Van Buren Street when someone opened fire, police said. She drove off a couple blocks before crashing her vehicle.

The woman was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital with a gunshot wound to the knee, police said. Her condition was stabilized.

There have been 31 more people injured in shootings across the city since 5 p.m. Friday.

Over Memorial Day weekend, 41 people were shot and seven killed in Chicago gun violence.

Racists Trolling on PIMC 03.Jun.2019 04:53


I love how white racists have such a relentless fetish for Chicago, yet ignore white-on-white crime, the meth/fentanyl, most cases of pedophilia, most cases of domestic terrorism, and other crimes that mostly WHITES are responsible for.

@DA 03.Jun.2019 10:22

what do you expect?

you know the guy who owns/runs/highjacked PIMC is cozy with local racists and conspiracy loons, so what do you expect? He probably sends out invites for "radical" and "controversial" material on social media....or did before his Facebook account was axed. lol

"fetish for Chicago" ?? Ft Laud, Brooklyn, Baltimore, Detroit IN ORIGINAL POST. 03.Jun.2019 13:14


North Minneapolis
Washington D.C.
St. Louis
New Orleans
Sarasota, FL
Winston-Salem, NC
Mount Hope
Brunswick, VA
South Merced
Trenton, NJ
Kansas City

ALL of these locales,

**DOCUMENTED** ^^ above

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.


YOU really oughta read this [ProPublica] article.
yes, YOU should.


How the Gun Control Debate Ignores Black Lives


RE: "guy who owns/runs/highjacked PIMC cozy w/ local racists conspiracy loons" 03.Jun.2019 13:18


Now ^ *there's* ^ a conspiracy for ya!

Portland Indymedia is "highjacked[sic]" / "run" / "owned" / 'controlled' by a right wing conspiracy (consisting of "local racists" and "conspiracy loons").


Russians are in control of our country. Even CNN says the president is a rayy-yy-cist!

oh, wait... Denial is actually *NOT* just a river in Egypt.

... or how about Cincinnati? 03.Jun.2019 13:20


The Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper used to post pictures of the local 10 most wanted criminals. They started taking heat, because they were all always black. They fixed it by always having 5 white, and 5 black people. You would have 5 black people that were wanted for rape, armed robbery, or murder, and 5 white people wanted for shoplifting, vandalism, or passing bad checks. When that was pointed out, they stopped all together.

@ LOLZ. 03.Jun.2019 13:25


"Portland Indymedia is "highjacked[sic]" / "run" / "owned" / 'controlled' by a right wing conspiracy (consisting of "local racists" and "conspiracy loons").


Russians are in control of our country."

Had no idea the local racists and loons were Russian. Thanks for the info! The more you know....

RE: "meth/fentanyl, pedophilia, domestic terrorism" topic is GUN violence. 03.Jun.2019 13:28


"white-on-white crime, the meth/fentanyl, most cases of pedophilia, most cases of domestic terrorism"

What proportion of ^those (no matter ***_what_*** the color-ethnicity of perpetrators) crimes involve Firearm VIOLENCE?
i.e. persons who are wounded or killed as a result of gunshots.

Topic here is about Gun Violence and so-called 'mass shooters'.
Use of guns *****---> IN COMMISSION OF THE CRIME ITSELF <---***** resulting in injury or death to other persons.

Oh and,

YOU really oughta read this [ProPublica] article.
yes, YOU should.


How the Gun Control Debate Ignores Black Lives


the ^ article, if you read it, will help you comprehend these issues.

RE: "Russian. Thanks for the info!" No, thank YOU for the DISinfo!! 03.Jun.2019 13:33


Wow, beyond inexplicably HILARIOUS
that you would actually attempt to Troll-derail this topic by inept use of selective edit-quoting,
and further into an area that has been wholly discredited by the Corporate Mass Media's adherence to the "Russia collusion" canard.
That "Russia" ship (might've ?? still flown early last year but even... )has sailed, pal.

What do they pay you cubicle laptop dudes, anyway? (whether by-the-hour or per-post) Not enough evidently.

COLLUSION [lulz] is _destroying_ Portland Indymedia.
The more you know....

Reds are under your bed

@_ 03.Jun.2019 14:00

I see....

"What do they pay you cubicle laptop dudes, anyway? (whether by-the-hour or per-post) Not enough evidently. "

So you don't want readers to believe in the widely reported and well documented Russian interference and espionage into the USA's political affairs,

but YOU DO want them to believe anyone online who disagrees with you or mocks your tinfoil ridden comments is, what? An agent of the US government sent to troll Portland indymedia?


Psst...it's okay, we both know you don't really believe in cubicle shills trolling Indymedia. Meaning it's quite likely you know very well Putin DID influence the American election and Trump is a foreign asset. Like so many so called "alternative" outlets/personalities--Glen Greenwald, Assange, Paul Joseph Watson--- have become....

I was attacked by a gang in Manhattan 03.Jun.2019 16:26


This was in a sort of 'outdoor' ramp and staircase of a parking garage, and I was on my way up with my girlfriend. Suddenly this obvious gang of hoods started following us up the stairwells.

I used one of my amazingly effective tricks to lose them. But to this day I have no remembrance of what their skin color was. I was operating at 100% adrenaline.

Believe me when they come for you it doesn't matter a damn rat's ass what color they are.

Stop worrying about 'colors' and start learning how to protect yourself.

RE: Chicago 03.Jun.2019 16:55


It is a good thing that city has strict gun control laws. Just think how bad it would be if they didn't.

Yeah Chicago is a fine example 03.Jun.2019 17:22


Just think if they weren't as corrupt as the worst that comes out of my nether spot.

hey blues you missed the irony of ^^ 03.Jun.2019 16:55 03.Jun.2019 21:52


( City of Chicago has some of the strictest firearm regulations in the U.S., and also an extremely high firearm-violent crime rate )

03.Jun.2019 22:22 - What does ^ this have to do w/ topic here under discussion 03.Jun.2019 23:07



any facts/Reportage in the originally-posted article which are FALSE? 03.Jun.2019 23:09


verifiable and demonstrable falsehoods.

Please document them in full, immediately.


Wrong DA 04.Jun.2019 12:47


Try again DA
First off, if we are talking about the US then blacks are 13% of the population. If they are more highly represented in any crime category it just reflects demographics. I note you wrote "pedophilia". What evidence do you have that whites commit sex crimes against children at higher rates per capita? I'd really like you to send a source. You won't though because it doesn't exist. It's something that white liberals and black America say all the time because they want to believe it. it's PC to believe that whites do the two worst things you can do: Sex crimes against kids and serial killing so it becomes "common knowledge" simply out of repetition but not fact.
Truth is there is no evidence they are more likely to abuse kids. In fact, FBI arrest stats show that blacks are twice as likely, per capita, to commit crimes against family & children than whites. Just google FBI/DOJ Table 43 and you can see for yourself.
Also, 40% of arrested serial killers in the US are black men, since 2009 around 75% of arrested serial killers are black men and that's aggregate NOT per capita. An astoundingly high percentage for 13% of the population. Despite that, the media continues to pump out movies and TV shows about whites ones and ignore the many black ones. Possibly two of the worst serial killers ever are currently in the news but most people still don't know about them because they get low key mention. Samuel Little may have murdered hundreds of women and Billy Chemirmir, a health care worker, may have murdered hundreds of elderly women, but neither are getting anywhere near the hysterical attention the white, and much less prolific, Golden Gate killer did. Sorry DA, facts are facts and all the politically correct whitewashing can't change them.

BTW DA 04.Jun.2019 13:07


Hey DA
While you stay safely ensconced in your PC thought bubble, remember who suffers most at the hands of black serial killers: Young women of color. Yes, most of the victims of these monsters are young black women who get doubly victimized by the race double standard that says their lives don't matter as much as the lives of white women who are killed by serial killers. But it's people like you who contribute more than anybody else, if the media were to shine the light on black serial killers you're the type that goes crazy with insane accusation of racism and refuses to let go of his belief that serial killers are all whiteys, after all, that's what he's been told since birth and it dovetails with his PC ideology.
We get to see BLM signs all the time yet the number of black women shot by police is a minute fraction of the ones savagely slaughtered by vicious black serial killers who usually sexually assault them and kill them in grotesque, hideous ways. Lack of media exposure enables these monsters to continue to operate in secrecy and silence while the media continues to shove decades old white serial killers in our faces 24/7. They're even making another movie about Ted Bundy, as if we needed another, but can't give Lonnie Franklin jr. & Eugene Coral Watts (may have killed 100's of black women) or Samuel Little a fraction of the attention good ole Teddy boy still gets.
I bet nobody in Portland Indymedia knows the name: Homer Lee Jackson...C'mon don't look him up now! Just admit you don't know him!
Yup, a local homegrown black serial killer the media keeps on the back burner, we've had some low key articles in the Big O about him but he's not getting anywhere near the attention a white one would. He's tied in with 4 murders of young black women but since the media won't give him the attention needed to make him a public figure we'll likely never know the true extent of his crimes.

So pat yourself on the back DA, keep slinging those accusations of "racism" while black women die in horrible ways and you sit back smugly with self righteous satisfaction.

DA...Back up what you say! 07.Jun.2019 11:13


Where are you now DA?

You post a bunch of PC myths with no substantiation and refuse to answer my questions. What kind of coward are you? Only conclusion we can reach is that you know you can't support your falsehoods so simply scurry back into whatever hole you crawled out of in the first place. I'm her and willing to debate the validity of your claims but despite your sanctimonious all knowing presentation you won't respond.

One thing you wrote might be somewhat true is that more whites, per capita, than blacks use meth. What does it mean exactly? More blacks than whites, per capita, use crack cocaine or drink certain types of alcohol. Does that means they are more evil than whites somehow? Humans get addicted to various mind altering substances, a weakness that cuts across racial, ethnic & cultural lines, so what if whites use one type more than blacks, or vice versa? Well if you say it in an ominous way it makes whites sound bad, even though it doesn't really mean anything. Nice trick DA, I'm sure you've got all sorts of PC devices like that.

Mostly I want you to support this claim of yours that whites are more responsible for pedophilia than blacks. C'mon DA, don't make a horrifying accusation like that with no substantiation. Send me your evidence, true evidence that is, not anecdotal or "somebody said it somewhere" evidence.

DA's retreated to his safe space, 'cause he's a Virtue Signaler 07.Jun.2019 16:14


DA is an evolved scro, yo. He's transitioned from 'consciousness-raising' to 'calling out'

He's an absolute *EXPERT* at this, though :

simply tell a person "check your privilege" and then wipe your hands of the situation

** __ " privilege checking " __ **

On Rhetoric And Strategy In Social Justice And Leftist Spaces
It is time to check privilege checking.

RE: "widely reported and well documented Russian interference and espionage" 07.Jun.2019 16:27


PDX Indymedia deleted my earlier response to this.

I'm not going to re-type everything word-for-word,

but the only


occuring prior to the 2016 election was on the part of Obama Administration Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, NSA State Department and other intelligence assets in U.K. and Australia :


George Papadopoulos Explains How He Was Illegally Spied on by the Obama Administration
(48 mins.)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb6em1zCg2A

George lays it all out here, really clearly and understandably.

He explains persons and roles of Joseph Mifsud, Arvinder Sambei and the odd approachment by Australian diplomat Alexander Downer; in addition to all of the diplomatic and intelligence operations he became entangled in.

And he references his official testimony before the U.S. Congress.

"wide reportage"

of TOTALLY FABRICATED FALSEHOODS such as the (paid-for by Clinton law firm and fabricated by a Brit ex-spy) "piss dossier",
"Russian collusion" (which has been 100% DEBUNKED with publication of the Nothingburger Mueller report)
and other garbage :


CNN, MSNBC, NY Times et al. Any Credibility Left AT ALL After Russiagate Hoax?

almost three straight years of getting high on their own supply (with leftists / Democrat party-liners in tow)... 'Russia Russia Russia'... then Mueller's report comes out.

Tim Pool breaks it down
CNN And MSNBC Ratings COLLAPSE After "No Collusion" Report

Rachel Maddow [quote]: "Russians" may be "controlling our government."

plus the vintage classic conspiracy theory via NY Mag: "Trump: Russian Asset Since 1987"

Why should anyone with a functioning brain, trust or rely upon any of these news outlets or their employed pundits ever again in the future?

also mentioned this in the **NOW DELETED**-from-comment-thread post:

Clinton spent TWO-AND-A-HALF times as much money (including help from GOP elites and the entire U.S. corporate-owned mass media who predicted herr 80%-or-more vote landslide victory right up until 6 PM on November 8th 2016) on her Presidential campaign, than Donald Trump did.
she was the SHITTIEST U.S. presidential candidate of the past hundred years (perhaps of all time). Shitty senator and SecState as well.

Loser of the 2016 election is now scrabbling with her Grifter Disbarred-Lawyer husband to get any speaking gigs whatsoever, down a bit from the $half-million dollar a speech days of old....

Bill and Hillary Clinton's Life in Exile: The Once-Powerful Political Couple Now Seeks Attention, Audience
 link to www.newsweek.com

**** YOU for deleting the original posted ^ response to the *****ard

SORRY, my mistake 07.Jun.2019 16:44


It's here:
on the 'Russiagate' thread,

confused because (as username 'I see....') 03.Jun.2019 14:00 posted here ON THIS THREAD  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2019/06/437534.shtml#459740

" widely reported and well documented Russian interference and espionage "
"Putin DID influence the American election and Trump is a foreign asset."

ALSO posted the
EXACT SAME THING ^ (as username 'lol2u2') ON THE 'Russiagate' thread 03.Jun.2019 14:05  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2019/05/437516.shtml#459741

least I _admit_ to making a mistake.... Unlike the ***m-Trolls