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Kurt Of Kurt Brothers to visit Wales and summons queens attention on royal baby abduction

Google plus made indymedia obsolete and then google plus shut down. So I elucidate memories and recent thoughts on events over almost 60 years I am to go to the uk at some point. The mountain in the USA seems conquered
As close as you can get to kurt brown saintrambones picture perhaps the queens
As close as you can get to kurt brown saintrambones picture perhaps the queens
Who is Kurt Brown? I was told I was the earl of Althorp John Spencer in 1970 when mother divorced father. Father Bruce brown or his impostor told me and played a radio recording seeking John Spencer. John Spencer allegedly died January 12 1960 the date of his birth. I was born crippled. At age 45 I was told I am an abortion survivor. I believe I have been maimed repeatedly purposefuljy in my adult life.

I was told to go to the uk to Princess Diana's funeral by my alleged mother in 1997. I would have been killed or found peace. Either way would have been better than what I have endured

I say alleged because in 1994 I was called to mothers home for something she would not say over the phone. Kurt Cobain my alleged paternal brother had been found dead in alleged suicide. I had forgotten I had a brother. I am partially brain dead. I must admit I pray for a merciful death and regret having procreated and brought children into this earth of torture maiming slavery despair.

In 1994 I arrived at mothers home as requested. She said a man was there who looked like father but she said it was not him. He was in the back bedroom with my stepfather who I respected Paul Smith.

Mother said I had inherited 30.2 or 40.2 million The man came down the hall from the bedroom area with a box. I was stunned unconscious I was drugged. I awakened and escaped and a man who looked like stepfather helped me to the door. A woman who looked like my aunt was in the yard. Likely not her but a lookout for the melee inside the home.

I made it home. I believe murder of my contractor a neighbor had occurred. Stan Clark died a year later.
My wife too may have been altered.

The next day a man approached me on my street as I walked my dog. He told me I inherited $5 million I should contact ms Cobain I did not know who he was I did not recall Wendy. Now I do.

In 1997 Princess Diana died. Mon told me to go to the funeral. She held her hand like a sideways horizontal peace sign waist high. Mother had no mention not recall of the robbery at her home. I am not sure if mother had been pushed aside again or already killed. I specialized in sock strategy warfare as a quartermaster in the us navy 1983. I was stunned electrically. I observed stealth ships. Impostor captains Missiles uncontrollable. No memory. I was told we would not have two nickels to rub together by a man of short stature.

I had to drop from medical school in 1995 after the 1994 robbery. My funding source the VA forced me into accounting. Father told me no military and no finance. I should have stayed in medical school and paid my own way if I failed.

In 1999 I was recruited into the federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. I was warned before hire not to work there both by police and a professor in Mobile Alabama. The Loomis Sacramento Robbery Of March 1999 was not reported yet. It was a forced unstoppable per my professor. He knew. Police put me in a clapper photo booth and my child was moved unexplainably. But the child would often jest.

At the fdic job San Francisco the first day I was stunned and injected and told to quit by a stranger. I said no. I was abducted in Roseville California office parking lot that day too early May 1999.

Repeated visits by attack and stun parties assumed control of computers. LIBOR was altered as well and since then stopped. In November the FDICIA 1991 1992 Early Resolution Clause uninventoried assets was taken from vaults. A bank near Roseville California on November 11, 1999 held uninventoried assets. It was the start of many murders at the office and likely in the bank or yet to be chartered bank.

Memory erasing brings death to the brain. I witnessed electrical stunning and those in the robbery party the next day the 12th. I electrically insulated myself and the other bank examiners went unconscious. Some assassin at the table and the guard for impostor of Kenneth Justice my boss seemed to not go unconscious as I observed.

A woman was injected and likely raped. I suspect high tech war of another level. I was stunned in the restroom at urinal from behind head. A man was being hung in the bathroom stall. Short of stature apparently. Feet off the ground and grunting by someone in the stall. Hung or being lifted dead from floor of the butcher stall they would later refer to as the shower.

Billions given to Mercedes of Germany Toyota of Japan Airbus Of Germany has undermined or was planned to undermine US industry. The FDICIA law was sponsored by a hard hit states Michigan's Attorney. A set up to steal money without a trace. I was a street child due to poisoning and learned the ways of criminals who are retarded. Are all criminals retarded. Yes but not always hungry.

I was held with knife to throat during screaming or a feigned situation. I was drugged so I could not see. I was on the floor with stun clamps on hands and a man found me there. The power was gong on and off. I escaped November 13 199@. My boss Kenneth the impostor told me to burn the papers in his hand and I thought he was to burn the building. I said no and I would go outside.

I had no memory of the robbery the 13th. The alleged contractors who were robbers there since the 11th were leaving. One man was duct taping the door and said I messed up. I was stunned and sat down. I awakened at around 2 or 3. I staggered to the duct tape door forcing it open. I made it to the duct taped door forcing it open. I staggered to my truck in the Roseville fdic parking lot falling. I thought I was hyperventilating.

I got in the truck and passed out. A man in the Kenneth Justice mask approached. He told me to come back insider something had obviously happened. I said no and drove off and forgot the robbery.

I drove to San Francisco and then to Sonoma county. The most horrific rode of my life. If I had wrecked I would have been killed like Princess Diana was killed.

I ended up at a girlfriends house and I believe we were attacked.

Monday November 15 1999 I returned to work on Roseville fdic. It seemed dark so I hay mace been getting hit with a weapon and having brain stroke. I was told to quit at the door. Kenneth Justice the big one said to get another job. I would get more dope. I ignored him and was stunned and injected.

I awoke at a computer. A alleged cop was there. Another man said police were there and that he was told I attempted suicide. I suppose the tape over the exit door and the restroom door were to keep in smoke.

Was I killed? Am I in purgatory. ? I am not catholic. Perhaps I should Be.

Later that day we were in the parking lot. I was told I had hit someone. I suppose previous Saturday escape. Maybe someone was running over in the lot that day or killed by crushing with a vault. Take was on my tailgate of my truck. 6 feet in length gray

I was terminated in April 2000. I had been stunned in arling to Virginia at the seidman center. I was in shock. You can tell by the cold clammy sweat on your skin and headaches.

I was attacked repeatedly after the job. San Francisco is dangerous but so isn't nyc and Russia and Mexico and etc. Modern weapons methods are silent and omnipresent where ever you dwell.

I was jailed exiled tortured medically and psychologically then attacked more. Peace may be in the uk or it was lost there as well. It is not in me USA for me I have come to realize. Not in California. Father said don't go there. Father was right in my case yet again.

In 2013 my memory returned I had a brother and soon Of the family robbery 1994. In 2017 I recalled the fdic robbery and to this year I recall details of the events of a likely murder or abduction of the alleged cop November 15 1999. I believe he said western union men were in on the robbery of the fdic. I sae many people in the office and a dog on the 13th during the robbery.

The cop said don't let him see me. I guess he was a cop. He had the dog. Someone was running in the office and told me we were being robbed. Some short some tall.

I prayed for my death in jail. I was to be released October 11, 2001.

Send into exile my mother died while I was away three years. I was still in a memory loss coma. I suspect or worry of what all happened. Mother said in 1999 she wondered about memory erasing. She did not point to 1994.

I am glad to have my memory back but I have severe depression and to this day am attacked. I was in ocean shores Washington when surrounded by police. I had done nothing. I was there to buy a home. Father said he and I would walk that mountain together. We lived in the bayou of Alabama coast. There were no mountains in 1981 Father did not detail about Kurt Cobain and only mentioned him briefly and Aberdeen Washington once or twice.

I wonder about things in my maternal and paternal family now.

If the queen dies I will assuredly go to her funeral procession. I may arrive in the uk before she dies and tour the greater sphere of the earth thereafter.

I am older now. Since memory recall my uncertainty has increased. Depression sets in over lost time. I have decided that to die in pain is terrible and have considered opiate euthanasia. I dreamed of Greece during the overdose at the robbery when I was in medical code which is near death

I am the spitting image of the baby in the pic when young All baby pictures appear lost. They made sure I was put away in exile during mothers death. Father allegedly died in 1986. Stepfather alleged died in 1999 or 2000. I suspect sooner but I'm not sure. Mother alleged died in 2004. I am not sure.

I will see you in wales Cardiff. I'm going to see Althorp. Not sure when but I will elucidate here upon the chosen date. Kurt brown aka saintrambone