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Reports recall from former federal sock strategy banking warfare refugee USA

During the federal banking robberies 1999 a guard was killed per blood thick on my ankle. Soon brain fried but I was late and had electrically insulated myself. An alleged abortion survivor alleged from the royal family by one impostor of father. 1983 sock strategy warfare. Emulate a person. Impostor. Stun mind. Inject chemical into mind. Over rode electronics. Missiles awry. I went to see if I could be paid for research and a crazy mother f-er shows up insinuating in the Michael Jackson syndrome pose to Kurt brown saintrambone mobile Audit Club
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Was I already dead. Mother said I could use her gun to cap myself but she said the back yard. Who was the impostor in the sleeve on mums death bed 2004 I returned from exile probation among the wind spirit people. Chaos and mayhem should never drink alcohol. We have no blood brain barrier shield to let the liver do it's cirrhosis ding

I had been stunned in my backyard when I tried to stop a sheriff from stealing food money and oil thievery when stopped entry to government. So I must have put my sleeve in the wrong place.

I am in hell. My head hurts. Maybe a long tunnel with walls supported by nothing just wet loose.

Father rides in pairs in life death. Sadly the head got took and love forsook. Now we eat our chowder in the nooky nook

Kurt brown former fdic and military and Kurt brothers son. An impostor was in the midst. My mother looks like the woman queen Elizabeth and her babe 196

Queen Elizabeth killed long Ago children Kurts Mother and Kurt 22.May.2019 14:47

Kurt brown Aka saintrambone

Could it be kurts mother was his sister. Both children of queen Elizabeth. Kurt Brothers Alleged father and Judy blizzard my mother alleged. My sister? I look so much like queen elizabeths children