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Attorney needed to sue western union for transferring funds illegally 1999 2000 robberies

I am trying to have an attorney sue the western union corporation I was in a 20 year memory loss coma on how to catch the robbers. Many innocent likely killed
During a long series of repeated robberies I kurt Brown was eventually placed in the ceo chair deregulation day 11 12 1999. I electrically insulated myself and saw others pass out and robbers or agents stay awake. Dead and taped. I escaped. Kurt Brown fdic 1999 2000

need an attorney and I want to reveal to women attorneys the situations of stun electrically federal employees in banking. Memory erasing. The do's and don'ts in real world top banking regulation and law.

I was in A 18 year memory loss coma. Western Union suit tort negligence and illegal transfers without proper notifications to external reporting sources.

Kurt Brown Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC Bank Examiner. May 1999 to April 2000.

They like to stun you and hold you with a knife to your throat. By those who control those weapons. A woman was raped and I refused to join in on an unconscious woman. A young married co worker from Houston who lived in Vacaville. Sacramento fdic Roseville.

I was told huge sums went through western union. We were held hostage for days. I do not obey nor conform or I would be dead The robbers wanted me to burn the building 11 13 1999. They duct taped doors. A cop or fdic or secret service told me the next Monday and duct tape was placed on my truck.

A mnemonic device duct tape. 18 years later in a garden of duct taped limbs broke by animals in the burning hills is smoke I remembered. They hate me now.

Western union I want to sue and I want to sue the Cobain trust for attacks on me my brother and my family in Alabama. Kurt Cobain of nirvana is allegedly my youngest paternal brother. Or it was a financial structure to steal my birthright currencies. I was robbed of $30.2 or 40.2 million. Then the next day I was told 5 million. First western union tort suit. I was in ceo chair during Stunning I insulated myself and saw others pass out excluding assassin or good federal agent. Impostor boss for Kenneth Justice was in the seat

The evidence will be at Deutsch bank Broeksmit dead in the UK hung with dog collar. Suicide? Regional director fdic George masa accounts 1999 2000. He may not have known or impostor. I was told it was deutschbank during robberies but there are many hurt or involved Another is Banco Monte Dei Paschi di Siena of Italy and communications officer Rossi. His watch was thrown out the window in three part harmony and he was dropped from the window after wanting to share information with management.

I kurt Brown fdic Bank Examiner and would be scape goat for murder robbery arson rape I masturbates in the drugged state in the office at night and tossed Kleenex. They were found in the empty vault I heard. I would not copulate with a drugged employee being raped. They said she liked it. She was a respectable married woman, a friend. It saddens me but I recall western union could be linked to the fdic robberies.

Oops. Forgot to tell you. Messenger me through Facebook mobile audit club kurt brown. I can work out barter In higher payment to attorney if needed and. See brain stroke pic 2006. Diagnosed 2004. Injured 1999 2000. Memory recall for some things like western union illegal transfers 20 years

duct tape was placed on my truck. 23.May.2019 22:19

Are you aware?

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