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Meals on Wheels directors should not assault women at Elderly and Disability Housing

clatsop county, oregon, united states of america
---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: mary rose lenore eng < maryeng1@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, May 18, 2019 at 12:14 PM
Subject: SEPRD employee Stalking Order hearing June 14 9:15 am Courtroom 200
To: Skyler Archibald < sarchibald@sunsetempire.com>, Liz Rathfon < liz.rathfon@nwsds.org>, < Ddepledge@dailyastorian.com>, < kfrankowicz@dailyastorian.com>, Joshua Marquis < coastda@gmail.com>, < vrussell@sunsetempire.com>, < eileen@eakinslaw.com>, Kevin GROSSNICKLAUS < kevin.grossnicklaus@nwsds.org>, Devrey HACHENBERG < devrey.hachenberg@nwsds.org>, Marty Hughes < marty@nwoha.org>

Skyler Archibald, i would like to report that your employee Chris Duffy is continuing to attempt to violate my medical and personal records via his lawyer who he hired to defend himself against my Stalking Order which has been in effect since early February 2019.

i would like to re-iterate that every time your SEPRD employee Chris Duffy, who sexually attacked me against my will at a NOHA property and on the riverwalk in Astoria, harassed me online after his assaults, or harasses me via his lawyers asking for my private medical and personal records, i feel violated and unwelcome and unsafe at your park district.

when i petitioned to Clatsop County Judge Matyas in February for an end to the stalking and abusive behavior by Duffy and his proxies, i did not foresee that he would use a male lawyer to slam me repeatedly with invasive data requests and petulant delays.
The hearing if Duffy wants to contest the stalking order was to be 30 days after the filing.
I believe the Judge has been very generous to Duffy in granting him excessive delays, but it indicates an evasive and cowardly confusion in him about how to respond.

I would suggest being honest and remorseful, may be the best strategy,

I am even concerned that Duffy's lawyer is throwing him under the bus, by making him look like he has something to hide from the Judge.

Of course he doesn't want to tell Judge Matyas what he told Adult Protection in 2018 about his main assault at a NOHA property, because it is very self-incriminating.
Meals on Wheels directors should not assault women at Elderly and Disability Housing provided by Northwest Housing in Clatsop County!!!!!!!!!

Chris Duffy's lawyer is reported to the Oregon State Bar for traumatizing a victim of sexual assault with invasive data requests which fall into a legal malpractice category "discovery abuse."

i patiently await the June 14 hearing at 9:15 courtroom 200.

Please consider attending as a witness to the protracted discriminatory conduct of your employee who has decreased my feelings of safety with vicious legal harassment to punish me for reporting his sexual harassment and assault and attempt to engage me in a "quid pro quo" sexual abuse of power, misusing city resources and funding to solicit me for sexual abuse and jobs at Coast Radio and SEPRD.

Chris Duffy's lawyer Chris Palmer does not foresee that the judge will grant him any more delays.

I would appreciate it, if you consider doing the right thing, and standing up for women who feel excluded from SEPRD and discriminated against by extreme sexual violence employed by your employee and by the slow process of the investigation.

Thank You

Mary Eng