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Federal Modern weapons erase memory cause brain stroke

A new warfare method I witnessed many times endangers the young and all of society I also analyze a fdic Bank Examiner project called Xanadu and the stunning and shock awakening in a cold sweat in 2000 in dc area at the seidman center fdic traiining Center. Mao tse tung clotinng fircdd upon Alabama students Conformity to the beasts in power.
In 2006 I kurt Brown Of the kurt Brothers was in a brain stroke condition. My picture below illustrated it . I had been chased captured tortured by federal and state government criminals.

At the fdic 1999 2000 it appeared criminals came from outside and some impostors were in the fdic. I am still fearful of the USA but i know that not all are in on the cannibalistic melee in our society

I was tortured and maimed from day 1 in sock strategy warfare fdic May 1999 to April 2000. Then came and went.

I am abused in my native city and robbed of everything. Many ways to rob and go to war. I took this picture in 2006. I had forgotten my brain stroke diagnoses and the federal robberies.

This year a miracle April 23 2019 it was as if god showed me the chemicals going into my veins from forced injections the sand storm satellite photos from the Sahara mega chad to the north poles. In April 23 2001 I was forcibly injected and tortured with forced captivity. I no longer believe all in the USA care about me or mine.

A joke. In Mobile Alabama they make kids wear all the same clothes uniform in public schools. That is not important. They should be taught there is dumb and there is smart. Drinking is dumb. Many of us can not process alcohol and many are in misery. It is another hard drug. Just don't do it.

I awoke in a cold sweat at the Xanadu project fdic seidman center Arlington Virginia in March or February of 2000. I had been stunned again. The largest scrabble game with Yahtzee. The Xanadu project. You should teach your kids about sock strategy and what to be aware of and look for to recognize symptoms.

Brain stroke is one of them. God get me out of here

On racism I always think of the most beautiful woman of the race. To stop gang colors in schools the argument could be the opposite of mao tse tung and Alabama Public schools in mobile Alabama Everybody wears different colors.

Divine revelations indicate I may not have to return 18.May.2019 01:16

Kurt brown aka saintrambone

Father taught me to die. The alleged father of me kurt brown and my brother Kurt Cobain Father said his heart hurt in 1986. The last thing he said before I left was it's like divine revelations. I will never have to come back to this place.

In 2001 I was in the coma memory loss from the fdic robberies. I was stunned on muni San Francisco tram car and in a convenience store and at a job interview in South San Francisco after termination from the murderous fdic San Francisco and DC and Sacramento and Hawaii I was arrested and forcibly injected before court and tortured with extreme punishment and mishandling. I begged the foreigner not to inject me But he did. I wept. The date was 4-23-2001
Ironically it took me 18 years to remember murder and robberies in my family from Kurt Cobains will Robbery or inheritance robbery 1994. Then the federal fdic robberies for a year in 1999 2000. Then I was stunned when I caught sheriff jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama stealing and starving inmates

It took 18 years for god to see the blood in my veins full of forced drugs. The mega Chad dust storm The sand satellite photo looks like blood in 2019. The sand is altering weather in the north hemisphere. In July 1999 jfk jr died in a plane wreck. In November 1999 I was declared nearly dead after injections and stunning and medical brain alteration by fdic robbers

Like divine revelations the mega Chad dust storm coincided like stars aligning the same iday 18 years apart as my first forced injections by government employees. I was in a coma and the forced injections made it worse If God holds Pat then I may never have to return in July 2019 or November 2019 to this place again . My federal door pass code was the same as Rocky Marciano's death plane number n3149x. The number was issued in May 1999

Stalked? Michael Jackson syndrome? 18.May.2019 07:49

Kurt brown aka saintrambone

The USA government was over run. Ever since I worked at fdic I discovered it. Once I survived a robbery and murder attempt I was to be set up for homicide and murder and robbery. Often We are falsely accused. Lies like he has a weapon or he beats old people or he is a child molested or a criminal is heard.

It is worse if you are poor or homeless. Never work for USA military or in USA government finance. If they lie about you they want to rob you or kill you. The US has changed. We lost the war it seems. High tech war. Erased memories By stun electrically inject chemicals. You can be made to do and say things when in this war. Nuclear weapons are obsolete. Now the weapons target minds You can not stop michael Jackson syndrome where people stalk you and lie. You can prepare spiritually and militarily or just by hiding.

I no longer believe in the safety of the USA. Because federal banking offices are over run and because we can not remember until 18 years later I do not see schools as safe. I am an alleged abortion survivor. I found out at 45. I believe I was attacked in the womb or leaving the birth canal I have no left brain really I have pure conscience in the right hemisphere I have been in sock strategy warfare since 1983 and in 1994 and in 1999. I was to be shot at fdic 1999 Sacramento office Roseville California. I wanted to die but I was in the ceo chair. I electrically insulated myself with hands and feet on a wood cane A impostor boss was in the office ken j. FDIC. The other bank examiners went unconscious. A woman was raped. A man was killed in the restroom. I was stunned behind the head at the urinal That night 9 robbers and a police dog were in the building. The next day I was told to burn the building. Saturday 11 13 1999. The robbers were duct taping doors and told me I messed up when I refused I awoke hours later and escaped. I would have been killed if I had wrecked. Princess Diana was killed by the jaws of life in 1997. I would have gotten the same treatment

So we are at war again. And once again we run like rats. Men May need to be men again. Do not serve the beasts. They over ran the government I want a synthetic opium death for euthanasia Headaches go away.

Endorsement ...of Information on this Post. 19.May.2019 16:20

Tracy Mapes

Now, While You Assholes on this board may not believe in the fucked up shit that this U.S. government is willing to partake in, this is exactly the kind of effects that the above described intrusions to one's life that occur.

The in coherency, and un-surety of why a single individual would draw such fire from an enormous well funded entity, along with the effects of EMF/Weaponry are exactly the reason why the questioning writing style evolves.

They have rayguns, air or ground deployed that can fuck your life over until you no longer can function economical, disrupt normal thought processes, destroy your internal organs, and straight up fucking kill you.

If you are not aware of it, you'd better figure it out pretty damned quickly, or end up dead just like my little Sister.

So as this Person describes the ills of their life, and you walk past just like you do the homeless on the streets, remember on thing.

This could be You.


I don't bitch about this shit much anymore, but I have written extensively on the capabilities and effects of such weapons on Portland Indy Media in 2013. I'm on a fucking mission, and I can't let their bullshit dissuade me.

After my Sister was killed in 2015, the attacks on my person fell off to nothing on the 1st of January, 2016. Like their budget had run out. But due to my political protest activities, resumed about a year to year and a half later.

The attacks come at night when they know you have to sleep, your body immobilized and defenseless. Well? ...You'd Better Fucking Wake-Up and Get Out of the Raygun's path, because if you don't? ..You're gonna be Fucking Dead!


I've gotten used to their bullshit, and sleep in the car when necessary. But don't think that will save your ass, as they will find you. (I think they make be using cellular data to target positions, and the why of how every food stamp recipient gets access to Free Obama Phones.)

Anyway? I know most People in this Country are not in a financial position to save every Homeless Person, or even assist the Original Poster. But know this, it does exist, and it will kill you.


That is why I continue my fight against the Subverted Media. They are what makes it all work. Destroy Them, Save Yourself.

Sincerely, Tracy Mapes

Weapon Types I've Encountered

Portable USAF/ANG Ground Deployed or Checkpoint Kiosk

Cause the above described "Scrabble Effect", which fucks up the polarity in normal brain knowledge paths creating an instant dyslexia where forming words becomes broken or slurred. Writing will exhibit instances of text like: Double word usage, that that, the the, teh, etc. NBC's Campbell Brown describe the effect one Saturday around 2007 on the Today Show, as she took a full box of the Scrabble Game and Threw it on a Purple/Burgundy felt covered table, and said, "Its' Kind of Like This!" This Rayguns effect will impair a Person's ability to function for 10-15 Minutes, and have residual effects for up to 3 weeks.


155 Decibel Raygun

This weapon is also described in the Non-Lethal EMF Weapons FOIA Release of 2006. The effects are instantaneous. The 155 Db signal is produced in a frequency out side of the Human Hearing Spectrum. The sound will immediately disrupt your Inner Ear Cochlea and an immediate loss off equilibrium will take your ass straight to the ground. I thought I was a goner right then and there when it happened to me.

I was shot with it enough times over a one week period, that I got to experiment with it by raising my head into its path over and over again. And once you understand the effects of the Weapon, it's not as scary. Once you realize that you can overcome the equilibrium effect, You will notice that the Room is Spinning Wildly out of Control. This is cause by the Raygun as your Eyes go into a rapid side to side motion, creating the sensation of spinning. But it is just the range of you peripheral vision going back and forth. The effect of this weapon lasts only in the presence of the beam itself. Like most EMF/Microwave or ION Cannon, Getting Out Of The Beam, is the key to surviving any attack.

This effect is also described in the 2006 FOIA Document of Non-Lethal EMF/Microwave Weapons.


Ground Deployed RADAR in Cop Cars

This type off weapon in is a Hyped-Up Version of Traffic RADAR and is used to immerse the Target in Radiation to disrupt your ability to maintain your life though Sleep Deprivation. If You can no longer hold a schedule, it destroys your whole life to be able to hold a job, or even take care of yourself. I was attacked from about 6 different directions one night, and experienced a 35% vision loss for 6 months. My eyes were all of a sudden were experiencing a 6" Inches differential in focus creating double/quadruple instances of Imagery, so the only way to read a blackboard in College was to sit in the Middle of the Room. The continued (Nightly) exposure to this type of Radiation, Along with Aerial Dispersed Radiation will make your hair fall out in clumps like you were a Cancer Patient. Once I had built myself a 500 Lbs Patio Brick Shelter for my sleeping area, my hair stopped falling out.


The "Death Raygun"

Aircraft/Predator/Global Hawk/U2 Military Grade "Hell!"

This weapon is Lethal. You will experience Extreme Abdominal Pain within 10-15 Seconds, and the pain will last until you get the fuck out of the way. It has a path width of approximately 30' Ft. and roars like a freight train as it approaches when passing through Aspen Trees. But, your only concern is to stay out of the Center 1' Ft Beam. This is the deadly part, and if you change positions, it will take them at least 15 Minute to regain telemetry and re-target you. Once you know this, You will also know that you have to get your sleep 15 minutes to a half hour at a time. My theory on why the Abdominal Cavity is so gravely effected so quickly, is the shape of the Inner Hip Bone, being like 2 small RADAR Dishes. And, ultimately, the Radiation may be responsible for Osteoporosis and Hip Breakage in Older Women. (Be Aware, they have a remedy for every God Damned thing they do to us as they try to sap what is left of our value through the Medical Establishment. Believe It! Assholes! ...These Fuckers are destroying our lives so they can live like fucking Kings.

The Raygun I Experience Today

Usually, night time attacks, 2 AM, 4 AM, 6 AM, suspected source Beale AFB to the North About 65 Miles, or Las Vegas NV.

This seems to be of the Same Strength as Ground Based RADAR, Sleep Deprivation, Internal Organ Destruction, Vision Impairment, but no Hair Loss.

The Organ destruction begins almost instantaneously, Internal Gases from the internal destruction of Body Cells, Red, White, Tissue. Gases will Bloat the Abdominal Region and You Will start having Ejectile Vomit from someplace in your Body you never knew you had before, as the make-up appears as a Chocolate to Yellow Bile. If you get out of the Rayguns path, You will recover from all symptoms except for a very hoarse throat from excess Acid Produced in the Stomach. ( See Reason: Pepcid AC, Zantac 75, etc).

This Raygun is Lethal. As Chocolate colored spots were found all around the house between My Sister's Bedroom and Her Body Laying in the Living Room. The Eventual cause of Her Death was a multi-system failure that led to an Aneurysm or Blood Clot to the Brain. I went to the Emergency About 2 Weeks after Her Death, With Complaints of Swollen Ankles, Arrhythmia, Pulmonary Edema, and the Doctor sent me home with a prescription for Foot Fungus, called Clotrimazole. I thought I was going to pass out and die as I drove myself to the Hospital.

So? ...If You ever find yourself skeptical about the reality and nature of what Men will do to their fellow Man? Think Again.
My Sister 2015
My Sister 2015
Bloating from Raygun - My Shed
Bloating from Raygun - My Shed
Feet Ankle Swelling - Raygun Clot - Dead Blood Cells
Feet Ankle Swelling - Raygun Clot - Dead Blood Cells