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Portland Protest Against 5G Technology / Cell Antenna on Every Utility Pole / May/15/3:30

Americans for Responsible Technology is taking part in an international day of protest against 5G.
If you are not familiar with the hazards of this technology, stop by and speak to one of us and pick.
Up some information: Informative Links In This Article.
We plan on convening at AT&T's downtown location at 734 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, 97204, on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 so that our protest will occur in synch with the nationwide protests organized by Americans for Responsible Technology.
We will bring some materials. (Anyone can pick up the telephone flyers at 1826 SE 35th Avenue, 97214.) There are also sample signs, flyers, and other materials on the website of ART:  https://www.americansforresponsibletech.org/day-of-action.
Please spread the word!
All the best and looking forward! Fact Sheet on 5G:  https://ehtrust.org/factsheet-need-know-5g-small-cells-science-policy-public-health/

You can print poster below


homepage: homepage: http://www.wirelesswatchblog.org

yes! 15.May.2019 09:35


I'm glad them chemtrail/mindcontrol/gangstalking/wifi_is_evil crowd has made its way back to Indymedia. I missed you guys!

and we're all "glad" you're back, Clyde 15.May.2019 23:37



Corporate Shills Fight Back Against 5G resistance and awareness 16.May.2019 10:26


industry shills are out in full force, name calling and trying to brand this as conspiracy. not to waste time with that, go to the nobel prize winning website: ehtrust.org for more information. 5G will bring a cell antenna to virtually every utility pole. the fcc has stated that there are no assurances of safety to the public. if this is not what you want for yourself and your kids, call the city council and let them know. paid industry shills troll the internet for any wireless conversation and do what they do best. name calling. read this fine analysis of the recent media attack. the conflict of interest is that the NYT is in bed with Verizon and the telecoms are the largest source of revenue for the NYT. Business as usual. Meanwhile, Belgium is refusing 5G on health grounds and many cities across the country are doing the same.

Radiation reading at the play structure and Meek Elementary
Radiation reading at the play structure and Meek Elementary

Morris Davidson = David Morrison, conspiracy loon and grifter 20.May.2019 20:43


Robbed Portland Public Schools of $179,000 in legal fees in a frivolous suit that the feds threw out.

Apparently conned a homeless paper into believing he's some sort of activist.


All his friends are grifters too.

Just Google him.