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Federal banking wars information wars and world death

Federal banking wars and death of Kurt Cobain and life of his brother kurt and his near death experiences in militdryxsnd finance fdic
Scientology is of interest to me. My mother was a Scientologist then she was not. It was a transition time in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

My paternal brother Kurt Cobain of nirvana, my military experience with newer warfare weapons known as sock strategy, and later FDIC federal bank examiner work all tie into my topic Scientology.

I see many making jokes and being critical of Scientology. It was known as a paramilitary information group. What j began to see is a way to alert others of events by bringing the absurd into light. The Scientology hole near riverside California is of interest. It was a similar event to what was happening to my brothers death labeled suicide and a uncle brown my father's brothers who was a cop shot in his sleep with his own gun in Alabama .

Also abductions at the fdic California and at my mothers home around the time of kurts death. A half billion dollars willed out and I never saw anything but warfare. My neighbor was likely hurt as well.

I had a website detailing many things surrounding the events and it was a website at google plus. I was in a 18 year coma from 1999 to 2017 in memory loss from the fdic robberies.

I was stunned repeatedly. Usually told to sit I believe in some cases the tables were electrically wired to chairs wired and stun bars to the back of the head to lasers most likely. Those weapons in the navy have replaced missiles with electrical charges.

The mind is incapacitated and if injected or jammed into the brain with surgical weapons we are maimed. Some people are so dishonest I have given up on the USA. I was attacked in California and Alabama and I believe dc and maybe Hawaii. I was not in Hawaii long so I am not sure.

I have considered going into church work but I am not sure if I qualify or if it would work out. I do see Scientology as a sort of Protestant group as that is what my mother raised me as religiously. In my adult years I have primarily been among Jewish people and some Protestants. The Jews captured my heart because a Jewish woman of the reform groups brought me in contact with Judaism. She also helped me out of the 18 year coma by helping me over ptsd

San Francisco to me is extremely dangerous. I was attacked there my first day In May 1999 and I soon forgot.

Sock strategy warfare has several components and it grows in complexity yearly. Stun you electrically to totally incapacitate the mind. You awaken and do not realize you have been hit. I was shown this warfare technique in the navy in 1983. You are injected and do not remember it. Stealth machines confuse issues. At sea a refueler in delusion of stealth and was in fact a submarine tender with stun equipment. In the fdic an ordinary car was a stun car. A table and chair wired for stunning. Standing at a urinal I was stunned in the back of the head.

Also in sock strategy are impostors. My navy captain was an impostor once. Then during the height of war practice another man was captain. I asked the replacement captain during Stunning if I would be commended and get ribbons like his and he said he would commend me by putting me into the thick of it.

Mother urged me not to join military and she said it is liked being rolled in shit. It is worse. I had a brain stroke and forgot I had a brother very often. I also was not sure if I was always speaking to mother. Father allegedly died in 1986 in November. L Ron Hubbard died in early 1986. Mao tse tung died or was removed in 1986 as well.

The space shuttle appears to be shot in 1986 or 1987.

Also in sock strategy missile control is lost. The ship is shut down. All communications like 911 emergency at the fdic was lost. You do not know friend from foe. FDIC training was like the hole of Scientology. We were sent to the seidman center for an intense training session in Arlington Virginia.

Google plus shut down in April 2019. I started my memory recall and writing about it in 2017. It was a devastating blow to lose google plus . I am encouraging the young to view the USA as a third world. Many of us are harmed or retarded so the point is useless. No military work and no finance work is my suggestion. View the USA as a third world. Corrupt and without pity. Keep your guard up. Do not hesitate to leave the USA. Never ever drink any alcohol.

I have no blood brain barrier so alcohol and some drugs like steroids alter me more than others so I do not take them. I used to drink and quit completely in 2010. I had a shot of wine at communion with the Jews and I felt it immediately and after. The stun weapons and drug injections alter your blood brain barrier. I was born maimed so I was altered before birth. I did not know until I was 45 I was an alleged abortion Survivor. I did not know I had a brain stroke until I was 44.

I am not paid workers compensation. I am not paid for the brain stroke in the military. I view all news as suspected propaganda and distraction. Many were killed at the fdic and nothing was reported. I was told I had hit someone when I escaped drugged overdosed stunned throat slit and brain alteration November 13 1999. I was told the 15th I had hit someone and I believe it was the 13th. The person was told to shut up and was taken away and likely killed or memory erased. I had been told to burn a federal building Roseville office of the Sacramento California fdic. The robbers duct taped the doors to seal in smoke and to kill me.

I view the USA as ruthless. I am in a quandary on where to run You can be made to do and say things with no memory recall. I believe soon we will be made to be like automatron slaves without control of our own volition.

Deuteronomy 19:4 forgives those who kill others accidentally without intent of murder. The passage reads to go to two cities, first one then the other. I did exactly that when I escaped November 13 1999.

I believe my Jewish girlfriend and her daughter were attacked that week. That is where I fled from Roseville to San Francisco to Sonoma county.

I would like a new wife but I feel I need to go to Greece. When I was hostage I died briefly or was in medical code passed out. I thought I was in a place like Greece but in spirit atop a sea mountain with blue skies blue oceans and a white building.

I am considering buying a home on the border of Canada but I have very little money. I was jailed after the fdic and exiled. I caught a sheriff stealing and starving inmates alleged jack Tillman sheriff Mobile Alabama in 2001 and he was removed in 2005 having to repay $350 thousand. I was labeled criminal for gun ownership and a juvenile charge was unsealed and made permanent. I was often a homeless child but corrected my ways. Alcohol made me delinquent I cannot process it. The robbers of the fdic did not get caught. It was organized crime in retaliation for or in addition to extortion labeled incentive paid in billions of dollars to foreign corporations.

Would anyone like to go on a Greek holiday. Maybe the sand storms have stopped. I no longer feel safe in the USA. I feel I am behind enemy lines and to be quite honest I some times feel dead or partially dead with severe headaches from stress and brain maiming.

Father told me I would be hit with a mace in the face when discussing astronomy and the approaching date of 12 22 2012. I studied the date. We crossed Orion's spur medial line or equator that date. Changes occurred where there were no particles in space around our solar system. Now we are getting Sand storms in 2019 with microorganism skeletons blocking the sun at the North Pole. It has cooled the weather. Like dry layers of skin peeling off the Sahara the mega Chad sandstorms are impressive. But how long will they last.

Mother offered me death twice with a gun. The first time I am not certain if she was sincere. I was 12 or 13, She put the gun under a white napkin and peaked into the room. I did not shoot myself. Later she confided there were no bullets and it was a test to see if I needed help with depression. At age 44 I visited mother on her death bed. I had been in jail then exiled for gun ownership. I had forgotten the fdic robberies. She told me to get the gun and shoot myself in the back yard. I did not. If she was laying in her death bed now and said it I might overdose on her morphine. But I do not like gun death. My father said I would be hit with a mace in the face. My brother the rock star legend Kurt Cobain was shot in his face alleged suicide i say murdered.

I suspect a large money swindle. Father if he once said I was the Earl of Althorp wales John Spencer. John Allegedly died on his birthday January 12 1960. I may go to the uk. They have their problems too however .

Mass media is manipulated. Silenced or small distractions. The USA as a superpower appears to be over. I want to leave the USA but need a travel partner.

Kurt brown publicity name saint ram bone. Mobile audit club