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where is my post?


Biden 09.May.2019 08:23


I can't criticize Biden but you can post endless Zionist propaganda in the middle of Israel's attacks on helpless civilians. GO FIGURE.

independent?? 09.May.2019 14:15


so much for "Independent" media.

It seems to have fallen flat line? 10.May.2019 10:59

Tracy Mapes

Don't be discouraged though. If Social Justice is your calling? ...You endeavors could be a rewarding pursuit.

We are not all built to be the purveyors of truth. It's a hard road because those who tend to collect material things and wealth seem to have admirers and emulators in seek of the Holy Grail.

When you care about something greater than yourself, you may fail and fail again. But if you win? ...You win for Everyone.

Take Care, rAT

Try reposting 10.May.2019 14:18


There is no missing post
Don't know what your talking about

your Biden-atribe from last month, rAT? 11.May.2019 00:20


is that what you're frothing about today?


u suck "-" 11.May.2019 11:12



rAT: TRIGGERED 11.May.2019 11:26


triggered? 11.May.2019 18:27


Is that a death threat asshole?

rest 11.May.2019 18:28


"worker bee" I rest my case.

"death threat", Lol 12.May.2019 03:38


well only if you, rAT, personally allow it to get to that point

by giving yourself a cardiac arrest?

Try decaf perhaps that will help
( I wouldn't ever recommend pharmaceutical adjustments for your paranoid schizo obsessive-compulsive hypertension )

That post has got to be here somewhere 13.May.2019 17:15


rAt, leaning to look under a piece of furniture. "That post has got to be here somewhere."

"Nope, no post over there. Maybe under here."

The sadness is that this is the remenance of what's left of ... 13.May.2019 17:27

Tracy Mapes

...the ragtag group of bloggers on Portland Indy Media.