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Oregonian reports some real news!

According to an "all star" panel of scientists: Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history.
No fake news here and the Donald might even agree, though he and some others might question climate change. The extinction event is very real and happening right now and gathering momentum. Amazingly, the Oregonian actually saw fit to put this story on the front page.

The Big O posts an article like this about as often as Indymedia does so it kind of jumped out at me:  https://www.oregonlive.com/environment/2019/05/climate-change-species-extinctions-show-an-ominous-picture-of-humanitys-future-all-star-scientific-panel-concludes.html

Article doesn't mention that in about 50 yrs. the population of the earth is going to double, which means another 7 billion people are going to need to be fed, clothed & aspire to live as consumers. The impact that many more humans on this earth is going to be catastrophic for the environment.

what about the upcoming (west coast U.S.) subduction zone quake? 07.May.2019 23:35


I mean, even if the Yellowstone Caldera thing doean't happen as soon.... and never mind the Giant Meteor (actually it would be a meteorite if it actually struck the Earth) or other mass-extinction scenarios.

we, in the Western United States / North American continent are long overdue for a great magnitude earthquake event.

That is something that people reading this (i.e. those who live in Cascadia) ought to be contemplating.

Effects on all of 'civilization' / populated areas / urban centers in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska etc. from such an event.

? 08.May.2019 07:33


What's the point of that doom and gloom? -

WA mass extinction event could happen tomorrow, it could happen 10 million years from now, we just don't know, but we do know one thing. There's not a damn thing we can do about it. So we might as well focus on getting our house in order while we are alive and living on this planet.

RE: (naysayer) "getting our house in order" Whose house? 12.May.2019 04:12


Humans 'own' the house?

human beings are just another incidental life form that happens to inhabit this planet (we call "Earth").

Earth will 'take care of itself'. Increases in population are the primary driver of "environmental destruction.

Look at China.
a formerly 'underdeveloped' country which now pursues the Western Europe/United States model of urbanized development.
Everyone is supposed to drive an SUV and own a house with 2-car garage.
That is now the model for _all_ future Earth-based human-culture development.

naysayer wrote [QUOTE]:
"while we are alive and living on this planet"

According to the originally-posted article ^^above,

" 7 billion people are going to need to be fed, clothed & aspire to live as consumers. "

Do you comprehend and understand EXACTLY WHAT ^ THAT MEANS?

'Environmental respect' and/or 'consciousness'
is now a personal choice / result of personal "sacrifice" or choice-of-Lifepath.

it is emphatically and absolutely *NOT* a result of Statist-governmental 'policy' or what corporations will do or provide.

nor is it a result of how humans (with their Cell Phones/internet-connected Mobile Devices, and motor vehicle dependencies) are behaving or living in urban-based scenarios.

for example :
Look at the City of Portland RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK and live-breathe.
Condo developments going up all over inner Southeast.
Where are all of these people going to _park_ their vehicles?
Yeah yeah, supposedly the City of Portland's "policy" / theory of development says that, all of these new Condo residents in inner Southeast
ARE NOT EVEN GOING TO OWN CARS (they'll use Uber, or the bus/Max/public transit)....
but we all know that *of course* most of these new Condo residents are going to have their own cars/SUVs.

There is NO WAY to stop the coming collapse of urban societal systems within human civilization, either in the U.S./Western Europe or the remainder of the world. Simply because, all new births/persons and growth of our actual human population is based on an unsustainable, over-use-of-resources paradigm.

We're WA-AAAA-AA-Y beyond the early-1970s 'Limits To Growth' scenario. Total collapse is imminent.

It's just a discussion.... 12.May.2019 17:52



First it's death by comet now we are destroying ourselves. OK, yeah, both will ultimately happen but this is just a discussion about ways of perhaps delaying the inevitable. We're just sitting around flapping our gums for personal entertainment.

If Indymedia is just a humble space to debate solutions then why bring up apocalyptic scenarios? I actually agree that civilization is going to go until it ends, likely taking most of the world's species with it and turning the world into something much less hospitable than it is now, though it won't result in the extinction of man, just creating a harsher less enriching environment incapable of supporting the billions it does now. Envision a Mad Max world where the remnants of humanity are living off the scrap of civilization and running around in steampunk gear...you know what? That means no taxes, school or working out lives away in thankless jobs! Might actually be kind of fun.

Seriously, if it's all just going to end soon then what's the point of even talking about this stuff? What's the point of talking about anything on Indymedia? Just close up shop and hunker down waiting for the end.

RE: "Might actually be kind of fun. " 15.May.2019 23:48


Yeah, I'm not trying to 'rain on your parade', Naysayer.

you go and Community Garden.

all I'm saying is, if you are looking for "the government" or some sort of 'across-society-mandated' type of "solution" to what ails us environmentally, it ain't gonna happen.

At this point it is all individual- and small-group[read: Local Community]-based action. What ever you/we do at those levels, is the 'change we want to be'.

Translation: You/We are a drop in the bucket.

the Lemmings are going to drag (actually, ARE NOW DRAGGING...) us over the cliff, in spite of our righteous efforts otherwise.

Everyone you see with a Cell Phone/Mobile device and on social media, is part of the problem ( I DON'T GIVE A ***K IF THEY'RE PRESIDENT OF THE COMMUNITY GARDEN).

Destroy interactive internet technology. A new level of Hyper-Luddism needs to be embraced if Earth is to be "saved".

I'm not saying you "can't use" the internet. I'm simply saying that being 'plugged in' via every imaginable framework, saves _nothing_ and makes no progress in a true Off-Grid direction.

( Not even going to mention energy-generation and transportation technologies, in relation to urban-based society/"civilization", for purposes of discussion here... that's a whole other kettle 'o' fish )

Do you have anything to add.

I do have a bit more to add... 16.May.2019 07:31


Well I can't really disagree with locally based group community action being the "solution" but the problem with that is that while the government might tolerate "local group community action" on a very small level, when it grows to the point it begins to impact the profit margin of the capitalists, it is then defined as "communism" and the gestapo takes action, arresting and persecuting those involved, which leaves us "where" exactly?

@_ , the meta impaired 03.Jun.2019 13:34


"Everyone you see with a Cell Phone/Mobile device and on social media, is part of the problem"

So why exactly are you ranting on the Internet then? Shouldn't you follow your own advice and shut this site down?

@naysayer 03.Jun.2019 13:48


"If Indymedia is just a humble space to debate solutions then why bring up apocalyptic scenarios?"

Because first and foremost Indymedia has become a propaganda arm of anti government fringe loons. Look up the Horseshoe theory:


The radical left and radical right agree the government should go, the radical left acting as the useful idiots of the radical right because its naive enough to think removing all regulation wouldn't make things ten thousand times worse. See also right/left libertarians.

It's hard to tell if the guy who runs PIMC actually believes his nihilistic bullshit or he's domain squatting to keep any one else local from using it for actual activism,,,which stopped around here years ago.