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Sacramento Media to SPIN the NEWS!

Media Calls 1st Amendment Free Speech Protest Racist Nazi Propaganda, when is the Protest is actually a Protest Against "Them", for the allowance of Illegal Infiltration of Broadcast, Print and Radio Corruption in the Sacramento Valley.
by Tracy Mapes
May 3, 2019

SACRAMENTO--California, Media Calls 1st Amendment Free Speech Protest Racist Nazi Propaganda, when is the Protest is actually a Protest Against "Them", for the allowance of Illegal Infiltration of Broadcast, Print and Radio Corruption in the Sacramento Valley. Do Not let Them get away with This!

This is a National Program disenfranchising All Americans from enjoying their Constitutionally Protect Rights under the 1st Amendment, and further Violations of the 4th Amendment and Voting Rights, essentially allowing governmental interference in the sanctity of Our Nation's most basic Ideals and Rights.

"They" are Always Holding the Individual Citizen Responsible, and Now it's time to Hold "Them" Responsible for their egregious participation in this program.

This is not a Sacramento Only Problem, the Symptoms of this National Criminal Enterprise is an Every State in the Union Problem.


Background Info on May 3rd Protest in Sacramento.

The Red X Society made 5 Protest Leaflet Drops at various locations in the Sacramento area with the primary goal to bypass the Media and go straight to the Public with the Story that the Media will not tell the Public.

The Public has a Right to know this Information to make Important decisions in how they participate in expression, and political support.

They may not like the presentation, but this is factual information with no government response for over 10 Years.

17 National Security Agencies are proving to be the People's worst enemy along with a Strong Arm on Media Control. They may enjoy the services of the Whores in the Media and Local Government, but God Damn It! We the People Cannot Afford It!


Take Care, Tracy Mapes

Media Links:

Red X Society

I wouldn't share these things with you if I didn't think it was important enough to your Life, for you to know. So make a wise decision in using that information.

Remove the symbol (suggestion) 04.May.2019 09:57

Fake News Activism Alert

I think putting a Nazi symbol on the flyers most likely confused or allowed the spin to take place on the "point" of what your message was making
I would just print the facts in plain everyday simple language on the flyers
One peek at that ugly symbol and I bet many folks will not even look at the message

Tracy Mapes is the Red X Society 04.May.2019 13:39


It's pretty easy to see Tracy Mapes is part of, probably all of, The Red X Society. Of all the links/articles on their facebook page, the only ones with a byline are "By Tracy Mapes"

You can ignore the subject of the material and just look at the delivery, execution, and Tracy Mapes' attempt to pass off this post as journalism; and easily see this for what it is, propaganda. That or a pathetic attention grab.

Conspiracy Theory 04.May.2019 14:25


Isn't "connecting up" the Red X Society with Tracy Mapes just another conspiracy theory?

Unfortunately for You ... 04.May.2019 14:58

Tracy Mapes

The Media is Fucking You and This Whole Country in the Ass, and You don't have a clue that it's happening.

Mindless Shits such as yourself are what have led to the weakness of protest in this Country.

This is Your Fucking Country, I gave you something tangible to Bitch About, Now Fucking Run with it.

Sacramento has been bombed with leaflets for 2 years for not fessing up on the dirt they are made of. It took 2 NFL Games
to let you find out about it. And now it's taken comparing the Media to Nazis to hook their jaws in a fight they can't win.

Get Your Shit together you Human Hunks of Dog Shit. You only have one lifetime to turn this ship around. Don't be the ones tripping over empty beer cans and bongs to get to the refrigerator. Fucking do something with your pathetic shit lives.

I Lol'd (^ Tracy Mapes) 04.May.2019 21:44


"Don't be the ones tripping over empty beer cans and bongs to get to the refrigerator."

thanks for brightening up my day, Tracy

Just Sayin 04.May.2019 23:21

Fake News Activism Alert

!! you got their attention, i like the action.

i think that the swastika, confuses the average person, and your message is easy to dismiss on the face of it being "nazi literature".

#ConstructiveCritism #Tactic

Poster Above 05.May.2019 06:20

Tracy Mapes

Actions Before Swastika Inclusion

December 25, 2019
California State Capitol


No Response.

Action Including Swastika

April 4, 2019
California State Capitol


No Response.


Current Action - Swastika Included with Response

May 3, 2019
Guy West Bridge - California University Sacramento

May 3, 2019
City Sacramento, California

Local TV, Print, Internet Response. Reddit, Newsweek, etc. All Reporting "False" allegations of "Nazi Propaganda" - and "False" allegations or "Racist Content".

and if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee 05.May.2019 12:41


Who is "Them" exactly? Do "They" follow you around more when you haven't slept for several days?

Why are you so worried about "WHORES" and "Prostitutes" and somebody fucking somebody else in the ass?

Who are you really mad at, Tracy? Who are you really disappointed in?

Is this really the best use of your "pathetic shit life"?

Dear in the Abyss 05.May.2019 18:14

Tracy Mapes

The Hookers are just a symptom of the problem. It's the People who replaced journalists with Hookers, and politicians with Hookers, that is the problem.

If You cannot understand the implications of such corruption in American Society? You Truly are a Worthless Sack of Shit.

Thanks for Playing!

But I Don't Believe "The People" Did It 05.May.2019 19:32


The Scum simply rises to the top. From there, these scum build a "great empire". But just at the time the Scum are all-powerful, they realize (deep inside) that they are psychopathic disabled people who cannot actually organize anything.

Simultaneous with this epiphany, the Great Institution begins to collapse like the house of cards it truly is.

They harass people like Tracy and perform all manner of gruesome rituals, but it changes nothing. The Great Collapse always proceeds right on schedule.

Congrats 05.May.2019 19:34

Converse Murdoch

You made it to Drudge Report.

Drone Pilot 05.May.2019 22:25

Tracy Mapes

Dear Murdock.

They, the Media, have only made 2 inquiries. And those were weak at best. Take Care.

Screen Shot Newsweek 05.May.2019 22:30

Tracy Mapes

He's a wild and crazy guy. Has no respect for authority! 07.May.2019 20:37


"Stop The TV Whore Takeover": Drone Drops Nazi Flyers On Sacramento State Bridge Dinner

Thanks for the find Blues 07.May.2019 21:01

Tracy Mapes

They "killed" this story quick once they found out they were the ones to answer questions.

Drone Leaflet Bombs State Capitol multiple times with 0 reaction.

State Capitol April 23, 2019

Sacramento City Hall April 16, 2019

State Capitol December 25, 2019

Sometimes it's not what "They" say that tells the story. It's what "They're" afraid to say.

May Day 3rd Actions - Red X Society 08.May.2019 00:02

Red X Society


Not the Best Day for accuracy, for me or the MEDIA.


Letter to Buzzfeed

Re: BuzzFeed News inquiry
Tracy Mapes
Mon 5/6/2019 11:14 PM
To: Julia Reinstein < julia.reinstein@buzzfeed.com>

I'm trying to warn the Public about the make up of the Media, Post Coldwar and Pike/Church Committee Hearings of the mid 1970's to Today, in which Government Agencies including FBI, DEA, CIA have infiltrated newsrooms around the Country with felons and prostitutes, and includes Human Trafficking, Forced Indoctrination through "Hazing", Prostitution Services, and the Release of Felons from prison to assume position in Print and Broadcast Journalism as a means to censor and control news content in direct opposition to Constitutional Guarantees of a Free Press, and non-interference of government in Media Affairs.

This is the most egregious scandal in the United States history since the Civil War, and rectification cannot take place until the Public is duly notified to challenge the practice.

Informationally? How do I know?

In the late 1980's and early 1990's I spent a great deal of time with street prostitutes in the Sacramento Valley, and I pretty much left that life in 1995. Prostitutes that I frequented started showing up in significant numbers in the TV Newsrooms of Sacramento. I didn't really take notice to their introduction, as I was too busy trying to make a living as a freelance news stringer, selling video of breaking news events to all of the local TV Stations.

By the year 2000 I had become one of the most prominent news stringers in the Valley. In 2004, someone robbed my news car of all equipment be professional means to put me out of business. It took another 3 years to figure out why my life had gone so sideways. It was the fact that the TV Stations were being introduced to the newsrooms that I had previous contact with in the Sacramento sex industry.

Once, I began to piece the puzzle of the past together, I could tell that this was a very concerted effort to subvert the Media, and later connections included Entertainment and Politics. This "Hazing" Program includes: 2 U.S. Presidents, One First Lady, One Supreme Court Justice, Attorney General/Senator Kamala Harris, and over 150 other individuals exploited in the Sacramento Area.

This has been reported to all local Media Outlets and 17 National Security Agencies with no apparent move to correct the matter. The Media has been bombed with these Leaflets, along with the California State Capitol with no response, until the May 3rd bombing of Sacramento City and a Dinner Party located near the California State University Sacramento.

The purpose is to go to the Public directly to request that they demand answers and responsibility for the practices taking place in Sacramento without their knowledge. This broaches the violating of Voter Rights in Elections and the direct control and censorship of the Free Press by the government, and while I only have the story from the perspective of Sacramento, California, this a tyrannical control model that reaches from California to New York and beyond. Internationally.

So? ...This is the complaint.

The Media Marketing the Leaflets as "Nazi Propaganda and Racism" is False Rhetoric, but welcomed, as it quickly painted them as the lying, censorship organizations that they are in failing to provide the Public the truth.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

Here is some jail mail from Kamala Harris AKA Carla Barros. I have jail correspondence from others who have traveled the same path.
TIME TRAVELER - GOVERNMENT INFILTRATION & PROSTITUTION Sacramento County Prostitutes of the 1990's find their way into Government

Catherine Zeta-Jones AKA Debbie Marie Rentfrow - Jail Mail - explains introduction to special program in NORCO Women's Prison Facility 1994-95.  http://timetraveler.zohosites.com/

From: Julia Reinstein < julia.reinstein@buzzfeed.com>
Sent: Monday, May 6, 2019 8:11 AM
To:  news1st@hotmail.com
Subject: BuzzFeed News inquiry

Hello, I'm a reporter with BuzzFeed News, and I wanted to get in touch about the flyers you dropped on Friday over the Sacramento State event and near the Ariana Grande concert.

Any comment about why you did this, and why you chose those venues?

Julia Reinstein
| BuzzFeed News

Bourne Legacy 09.May.2019 03:31

Tracy Mapes

Q-Anon 10.May.2019 02:32

Red X Society

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