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audio intro to da cruciaL aRtz Confrontational nonviolence as initial approaches

poetic bridge-iNg.

This audio file is one of 4 others focused on this method of interaction which i plan to publish as a semi-regular podcast as soon as paypal allows me! Not pacifist, but confrontational, this tactic is already widely used, only, to my knowledge, it doesn't have a name, and everyone in the nonviolent "scene" seems to uncritically accept such. My interest here is to present this rough audio to others, to perhaps incite some meaningful feedback and commentary! (1 of 4 audio uploads)
some art i did awhile back (anti-copyright)
some art i did awhile back (anti-copyright)
a rough-ish intro to "da cruciaL aRtz" not Martial Arts. Hear the audio and feel free to share, edit, and add to in a way that you think may inspire people to explore such approaches --and escape the traps of "falling back" on our programming (especially towards men/males) with 'last ditch' reactions (i.e. violent responses). i have4 no interest to organize anything, nor be anybody's so-called leader. The idea here is to merely put out these ideas and spread them around. If you like anything you hear, please grab it and edit it how you want, and "run with it"!

homepage: homepage: http://visionary4evolution.wordpress.com