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April 25th, 2019

I owe the corporate media an apology. For the last few years, I've been writing all these essays explaining how they were perpetrating an enormous psyop on the American public ... a psyop designed to convince the public that Donald Trump "colluded" with Russia to steal the presidency from Hillary Clinton. Up until a few days ago, I would have sworn that they had published literally thousands of articles and editorials, and broadcast countless TV segments, more or less accusing him of treason, and being a "Russian intelligence asset," and other ridiculous stuff like that. Also, and I'm still not sure how this happened, I somehow got the idea in my head that the investigation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was meticulously conducting had something to do with Donald Trump conspiring or "colluding" with Russia, or being some kind of "Manchurian president," or being blackmailed by Putin with a pee-tape, or something.

In any event, the publication of the Mueller report has cleared things up for me. I get it now. The investigation was never about Trump colluding with Russia. It was always about Trump obstructing the investigation of the collusion with Russia that the investigation was not about. Mueller was never looking for collusion. It was not his job to look for collusion. His job was to look for obstruction of his investigation of alleged obstruction of his investigation of non-collusion, which he found, and detailed at length in his report, and which qualifies as an impeachable offense.
Not that he proved that there was no collusion! On the contrary, as professional hermeneuticists have been repeatedly pointing out on Twitter, given that Mueller wasn't looking for collusion, and that collusion could never have been legally established, and isn't even a legal term, Mueller's failure to find any actual evidence of collusion is evidence of collusion, notwithstanding the fact that he couldn't prove it, and wasn't even looking for it, except to the extent it allowed him to establish a case for the obstruction he was actually investigating.

In other words, his investigation was launched in order to investigate the obstruction of his investigation. And, on those terms, it was a huge success. The fact that it didn't prove "collusion" means nothing that's just a straw man argument that Trump and his Russian handlers make. The goal all along was to prove that Trump obstructed an investigation of his obstruction of that investigation, not that he was "colluding" with Putin, or any of the other paranoid nonsense that the corporate media were forced to report on, once an investigation into his obstruction of the investigation was launched.

See, and this is why I owe the media an apology. All those thousands of hysterical articles, editorials, and TV segments accusing Donald Trump of treason, and of literally being a Russian agent, and probably Putin's homosexual lover, were not just ridiculous propaganda. The corporate media were not engaged in a concerted campaign to convince the public that Trump conspired with a foreign adversary to brainwash millions of African Americans into refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton with some emails and a handful of Facebook posts. No, the media were simply covering the story of his obstruction of the investigation of the made-up facts the intelligence agencies got them to relentlessly disseminate to generate the appearance of a story, which, once it was out there, had to be reported on, regardless of how it came into being, or whose nefarious purposes it served.

Moreover, regardless of whether Mueller did or did not establish obstruction (or attempted obstruction, which is just as impeachable) of his non-investigation of collusion, he absolutely established that Russia attacked us by brainwashing all those African Americans who were definitely going to vote for Clinton until they saw those divisive Facebook ads and those DNC emails that Putin personally ordered Trump to order Paul Manafort to personally deliver to Julian Assange, who was hunkered down in the Ecuadorean embassy poking holes in King-size condoms, abusing his cat, and smearing invisible poo all over the walls of his kitchen.

Now, these are all indisputable facts, which Mueller establishes in his report by referencing the repeated assertions of a consensus of U.S. intelligence agencies, and the corporate media's relentless repetition of those agencies' assertions, and the feeling a lot of people have that they must be factual to some extent, given how often they have been repeated, and referenced, and authoritatively asserted, and how familiar they sound when they hear them, again. The fact that there exists no evidence whatsoever of any "Russian attack," and that all we're actually talking about is the publication of a bunch of emails that DNC members actually wrote, and some ridiculous social media posts, should not in any way detract from the fact that the Russians launched a totally devastating, virtually Pearl Harbor-scale attack on the fabric of American democracy, which Trump obstructed an investigation of, or attempted to obstruct an investigation of, or conspired to attempt to obstruct an investigation of obstruction of.

Or whatever. The point is, now they've got him! His justice obstructing days are numbered! Break out the pussyhats and vuvuzelas, because next stop is Impeachment City! So what if he's not a Russian agent and didn't conspire or collude with anyone? He got elected without permission, and insulted a lot of powerful people, and ... well, who cares what they impeach him for, as long as they impeach him for something!

They kind of have to do it, at this point, don't they? They just spent most of the last three years rolling out an official narrative in which the Russians are running around attacking democracy, poisoning ducks with Novichok perfume, fomenting populist uprisings in France, and just generally being the evil enemies that the Islamic terrorists used to be, before they turned into freedom fighters and helped us try to take over Syria.

If the Democrats don't impeach Donald Trump, that official narrative might fall apart. Liberals might have to face the fact that Americans elected Donald Trump president, not because they were brainwashed by Russians, or had any illusions about what a thuggish, self-aggrandizing buffoon he is, but because they were so disgusted with the neoliberal Washington establishment, and the global capitalist elites that own it, that they leapt at the chance to vote against it, and probably would have elected anyone who promised to even marginally disrupt it ... but there I go drifting off into my crazy conspiracist thinking again.

Anyway ... I'm really sorry about all that stuff I wrote about the corporate media. Rest assured, that won't happen again. Admittedly, I blew the Russiagate thing, but I promise to do better with Obstructiongate, or Tax-Returnsgate, or Whatevergate. It doesn't really matter what we call it, right? The important thing is to teach the masses what happens when they vote for unauthorized candidates. We're only halfway through that lesson. Stay tuned ... there's much, much more to come!

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They have you right where they want you ............................... 27.Apr.2019 16:58

The Red 'X' Society

...Chasing your on tail.

The Media is the Enemy. They have loyalty only to those who have power, let them remain free, and supply them with drugs.

They do not Care if it's Russia, America, China, North Korea, their loyalty changes like the Wind to who has the power, let's them remain free (Out of Jail, Incarceration), and supplies them with Drugs.

Do You get the Picture Dumb Ass?

They are the ones that allowed Nazis to come to Power. They are the Brown Shirts. They are Why this Country has No Future.

They are not Journalists. They are Drug Puppets parading as Journalists.


True Journalism requires Integrity, even at the threat of Death for sharing the Truth.


Not Telling You about some Executive's latest Run-In with the Whores, or the Cutest God Damned Puppy.

Hopkins Just Forgot The "Snark" Signal 27.Apr.2019 18:51


The whole thing was just a snark attack.

But the real result was the reinforcement of the notion that:
Russia = Baaaaad!!!

There must be something really Baaaaad!!! about those Russians!!! (We don't quite know what is so Baaaaad!!!, but it must be.)

Because otherwise, why would they keep repeating it? Why? Why? Why?

(Obviously they would never just do it for the Lockheed money. At least we know that.) (/s)

How "Bad" are the Russians? Pretty Baaaaad. 27.Apr.2019 19:18


Russia (as a nation state) is a joke.

Lower GDP than the U.S. state of California.

who buys/uses Russian cars? Electronics? Answer: No one. and they buy everyone else's.

Weird how this corporate mass media/ Democrat party / elite corporate-political hysteria about 'Russia' over the past 3 years has echoed the 1950s Red Terror, because in *every other way* it has absolutely ZERO comparison with that U.S. cultural-historical phenomenon.

i.e. Soviet Union was to be 'hated'/feared back then because they were Commies, had a big nuclear arsenal rivaling the U.S. and pointed in this directed, the 'domino theory' etc. Today, the surviving Russian federation from the broken-up USSR is a shadow of its Communist regime's former power (which even back then was debatable, particularly from a military perspective) and influence.

Russia today, of course does have a "foreign policy" in a manner of speaking; which concerns mainly the Baltics, Iran, the Stans etc. Areas of great natural (oil / gas) resource in close physical proximity to their west/ south. That's one reason they keep meddling in Syria. But Russia (as with the defunct USSR and even Tsarist Russia before it) has never enjoyed maritime supremacy which was left to Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Maritime supremacy, or even primacy, is required for a nation state to become dominant or 'great'. Even China (who currently are progressing from baby-steps to teenager-steps in maritime strenght) knows this.

anyway, people who keep

people who keep babbling about 'Russia Russia' 27.Apr.2019 19:19


dorks with no comprehension or grip on reality