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Federally Sanctioned Militias Round Up Illegal Migrants At Gunpoint

The Feds may have arrested their ugliest member, but hundreds of these self-appointed "patriots" have been working hand in glove with the United States Border Patrol
"We'll take over from here"
Militia Leader- BUSTED
Militia Leader- BUSTED
holding 100's at gunpoint
holding 100's at gunpoint
"we're Border Agents" - NOT
last refuge of scoundrels
last refuge of scoundrels
Feds arrest the revered leader for the media
Feds arrest the revered leader for the media
fake badges
fake badges
The U.S. Border Patrol- you know, those people who steal little babies and lock them up in steel cages and sometimes even "lose" them forever in the deepest bowels of the deep state. After the lamest and dumbest militia in the state of New Mexico decided to post videos of their felonies on their Facebook page. Shocked viewers world-wide gaped in amazement as these neo-nazi goon squads (many are "fine people"-D.T.) herded cuffed men, women and lots of children at machine-gun point through the desert into the waiting arms of U.S.B.P. agents. Many of these idiots identified themselves as Border Patrol agents to their captives and some even sported fake B.P. badges and uniforms! It's a felony to impersonate a federal officer by the way. What we have here are officially sanctioned militias blessed by the Federal Government with the unauthorized power to kidnap, handcuff and imprison foreign nationals as they see fit. Just looking at these characters gives one the shivers. These are some sick bastards with the faces of concentration camp guards from WWII. Alcoholic tweakers and psychopathic losers from the deepest incestuous recesses of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. There have been state-sanctioned militias exposed in these states but never such a direct connection to the Federal System and the Department of Justice and Homeland Security. These thugs are being used OFFICIALLY by the T. administration in violation of a whole litany of serious laws preventing armed maniacs from forming organized armed crime gangs and kidnapping innocent people. Wrapped in the flag or not, this shit is just way too reminiscent of Nazi Germany. But so is the whole T. gang. God forbid these morons decide to "help out" during the next major catastrophe and start "patrolling" YOUR neighborhood for "illegal activity".

Uh, no. ( Hopkins btw is a convicted felon many years prior ) 22.Apr.2019 21:45


this Larry Mitchell Hopkins (aka 'Johnny Horton') character is a classic delusional self important "militia" colonel.

Such clowns love to claim how 'patriotic' they are and how they purportedly "assist" legitimate statist law enforcement entities achieve objectives
When in fact all they _actually_ do is ingratiate their own insular tribe of followers by puffing-and-trumpeting such illulsory pomp about themselves, their group(s') "effectiveness" and "social necessity" of their actions.

Dude is a wannabe-Trump from a desert trailer park. Beyond a loser and mere Legend In His Own Mind.


1. Hopkins Has a Criminal Record Dating Back to at Least 1986 & Has Been Convicted of Impersonating a Police Officer
In 2006, Hopkins was arrested in Klamath County, Oregon on charges of impersonating a police officer and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

2. Hopkins Says He Has a Long-Standing Relationship with President Trump & Claims His Militia Shares Information with the Government
*---> [ LOL!1!1111!!!!! ]

3. Hopkins Calls Himself an 'Entertainer' & Uses the Name of Country Music Legend Johnny Horton

4. United Constitutional Patriots Says They Detained Over 3,500 People at the Border in March

5. New Mexico's Attorney General Called Hopkins a 'Dangerous Felon' Who Should not Have Weapons

Leader Of Border Militia Boasted Of Plans To Assassinate Obama, Clinton, Soros 22.Apr.2019 21:47

Mon, 04/22/2019 - 22:45

Leader Of Border Militia Boasted Of Plans To Assassinate Obama, Clinton, Soros: FBI

The leader of the militia group which we profiled over the weekend for its detention of migrant families at the US border, was arrested and charged of plotting the assassination of former President Barack Obama, George Soros and various other key Democratic Party figures, the FBI said in court papers.

While militia leader Larry Hopkins, 69, was arrested on Saturday for a weapons charge said to be unrelated to his activities on the border, the FBI now claims Hopkins bragged about his fellow militia members "training to assassinate" former President Barack Obama, Trump's nemesis in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party's most generous billionaire donor, George Soros.

To be sure, Hopkins had been a busy man - if what the Feds say is to be believed (which these days is a stretch) - for a long time, and before the F.B.I. arrested the militia leader, he'd had so many run-ins with the law that his police record stretched across much of the United States. Oregon police arrested him in 2006 on charges of impersonating a police officer and a felony weapons offense. They had found him showing guns to teenagers in a gas-station parking lot while wearing a police-style uniform and a badge emblazoned with the words "Special Agent" according to the NYT.

"Hopkins stated that he worked for the federal government directly under George Bush," Officer Jack Daniel of the sheriff's office in Klamath County, Ore., wrote in his report. Hopkins, the report said, claimed variously to be investigating a meth lab, hunting fugitives and undertaking unspecified "operations" in Afghanistan.

Over a decade later, Hopkins finally came under the scrutiny of federal authorities in 2017, after the FBI received reports that his group was "training" to assassinate Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros, according to documents unsealed Monday in federal court.

Hopkins appeared in Federal District Court on Monday after his arrest over the weekend on yet another charge, this time of being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition.

rAT sez: "direct connection to Feds, DOJ and DHS" O'RLY? 22.Apr.2019 21:54


rAT [QUOTE]: "direct connection to the Federal System and the Department of Justice and Homeland Security"

if that is actually the case, rAT then the Feds, DOJ and DHS must *somehow* be implicated in militia leader Larry Hopkins-and-his-Merry-Men's plots to assassinate former President Barack Obama, George Soros and various other key Democratic Party figures,

which is what the FBI has today charged him with in court papers.

[ see ^^ above-posted 22.Apr.2019 21:47 comment w/ linked story  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2019/04/437421.shtml#458800 ]

"direct connection" huh? ...
^ rAT:
^ rAT: ""direct connection to the Federal System"...

assumptions 22.Apr.2019 22:05


You can assume anything you want- the Border Patrol was using these cretins to round up jail fodder for their cage and tent cities. If you're dumb enough to deduce a Federal plot to off top Dems from that fact, you should go work for Giuliani as an "alternative fact" checker. These clowns are one step away from being death squads and they work for Uncle Sam no matter what Sam says.

so they were "death squads" that wanted to assassinate Obummer? 22.Apr.2019 22:14


" dumb enough to deduce a Federal plot to off top Dems from that fact "

Who knows what the FBI really wants/intends, right rAT?

All I'm saying is that this Hopkins-Horton methbilly clown show dude, has a felon rap sheet a mile-&-decades long, touts multiple aliases impersonates cops, and schmoozes firearms to teenagers in a gas-station parking lot while wearing a badge emblazoned with the words "Special Agent", in addition to claiming that he's fistbumped both Bush and Trump on a regular basis. <--- _That_ is somehow a person to be afeared of [or for that matter even can _somehow_ reliably detain-interdict illegal migrants all-the-while working "hand in glove" with the Federales' panopticon]??

for the likes of rAT's delusional universe, perhaps.

oh and P.S. RE: "the militia" dudes more broadly and "direct connect" 22.Apr.2019 22:21


people such as this Hopkins clown,

and many of the 'militia' operatives nationwide have long been rumored-and-suspected to be FBI informants or operatives, themselves.

( Merely look, for example at the history and surrounding circumstances, cast of characters / list of operatives in past incidents such as Ruby Ridge, Waco et cetera )

So in that respect, rAT, I can possibly? .... give a nod to your "direct connection to Feds" trope. None of them are to be trusted whatsoever.

P.P.S. RE: "jail fodder for their cage and tent cities" 22.Apr.2019 22:30


even if this overweight-slob "hero" may have "accomplished" the illegal detention [**IF HE-AND-HIS-MUTLEY-CREW _even_ HAPPENED TO 'successfully' ACCOMPLISH <--- THAT WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT**...] a group of illegal migrants who were going to surrender to Border Patrol anyway, and then turned them over to the United States Border Patrol who processed them for Deportation/Asylum hearings and then let them go afterward...

Yeah, that sounds like he really "accomplished" a lot.

this is a Non-Story / Non-Event.

yep 23.Apr.2019 15:49


It's also something that has been going on for a while now, in various incarnations, and the chuckleheads running these 'patriotic' groups are all cut from the same cloth.

the only connection this clown has to law enforcement is his sad, sad desire to be one of them while failing at everything in life. guys like him are everywhere.

Know somebody named Cesar Chavez? 12.May.2019 18:02


Cesar Chavez, who has a street named for him in Portland for his "immigrant hero status", formed patrols composed of legal migrants and US citizens to monitor the border and keep out illegals. I think he'd be rolling in his grave if he saw what was going on right now.
Chavez, despite his status as a counter culture hero, was a realist. He understood that unbridled immigration would undo the gains of legal immigrants. The wealthy elites wanted mass migration to lower wages by increasing the labor pools which also had the effect of blunting the power of unions thereby lowering benefits and wages for legal migrants. He was right, construction jobs for example were once high paying jobs with good benefits, a person could plan to raise a family, buy a home and live the American dream, now with a surplus of workers most construction jobs are low paying with limited benefits. Chavez understood this and took direct action to fight it but modern open borders fanatics ignore Chavez's true message and legacy.