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Cal. University System Declares War On Humboldt Co. College Radio

With zero warning, Humboldt State University disconnected it's 34 year-old campus radio station.
KHSU, the Humboldt State University radio station, has been literally obliterated overnight by it's overlords. The college board suddenly locked all the doors and lockers, shut down the transmitters, fired all the staff except for the three backstabbers who engineered the whole thing, and completely destroyed one of the best local news crews and DJ rosters anywhere. There was no warning- they just came on like some Gestapo and told all the volunteers to go home forever. The most revolting thing the school did was conduct a fund-raising pledge drive that ended just 3 days before their onslaught. "Oh please donate so we can continue to blah blah blah ..." So they knew they were going to shut it all down in 3 days but continued begging for money "to keep it going". When questioned, the guy responsible begged off on any answer and scurried off. If you think that California Governor Gavin Newsom is some kind of progressive, and that the state college system cherishes individual liberty and initiative, you are sadly mistaken. The sterile, cancerous spread of NPR dominated college radio and independent FM is relentless. The Trumpian war on freedom of the press has permeated the bottom layers of established psuedo-"intelligentsia" but good. The University Kahunas see any sort of maverick news gathering and reporting as a severe threat to the brainwashing tidal wave now being engineered upon the American public by politicians, the MSM and Wall Street. I guess just the very word "Humboldt" scares the shit out of these career lunatics guiding our kid's "education". Humboldt is virtually synonymous with Marijuana and everything that is associated with it, namely the counterculture and progressive political action. Two of the greatest enemies of the New Nazism. California's entire higher educational system has been infiltrated and guided by the gentle hand of the US Military for decades now. Does the Lawrence Livermore nuclear research facility ring a bell? There is a definite war on freedom and sanity being waged by a coalition of angry, immoral billionaires marching under the Trump flag of divisiveness and unadulterated hatred. All those talking heads on MSNBC got a lot of tax breaks too. They're not going to rock the boat too much. Not too many media types are defending real journalism anyway. And NOBODY is talking about what really came down on 911. Loose Change indeed. Dark days are really upon us.

They say ... 17.Apr.2019 20:29

Tracy Mapes

"If you speak the truth, have a foot in the stirrup." ~ Turkish Proverb

They kill People here in the United States for telling the Truth. The Irradiate You until you die of some blood disease or organ failure. And, they don't just do this for Independent Journalists. They do it for anyone considered an enemy of the State, for dissent, age, poverty, homeless, social security recipients, protester?

Basically any thorn in the ass of the Status Quo can be targeted. Want to be a living Ballpark Frank? Start telling the Truth about the Corrupt Criminal Enterprise they have become. I've survived nearly 8 years of their bullshit. My sister was not so lucky. She died of sustained injuries in 2015. She wa 2 years younger than me.

I will be shoving it up their ass until such time as they totally incapacitate me. They took a break for about a year and a half in 2016, but have since resumed. I guess I pissed them off? Or they got some more funding and I happened to still be on their list.

The Truth is the only right answer.

When they take everything from you, the penalty of death is still the same. So? ...I say, "Kick Their Asses! and Expose Their Criminal Nature."