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Glenn Greenwald: Corporate Media, Intel 'Experts' Pushed Bogus Russia Conspiracies


Greenwald (on Tucker Carlson 3/25/2019) discusses the "3 straight years" of 'Russia collusion' propaganda disseminated by U.S. corporate mass media sources, with direct connection and assistance from U.S. (CIA, NSA, FBI, Justice Department) intelligence sources.

Rachel Maddow "$10 million a year", a "huge corporate brand" who is a "celebrity" among liberals.
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CNN, MSNBC, NY Times et al. Any Credibility Left AT ALL After Russiagate Hoax?

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL3r-dtD_cg

Greenwald segment: Full broadcast source (better quality) 29.Mar.2019 23:47


Full 3/25/2019 TC Tonight Broadcast: Greenwald starts at 30 minutes in (cue that timing to view segment)

Glenn Greenwald v. David Cay Johnston on DemocracyNow! 2019-03-25 02.Apr.2019 23:54


Greenwald: Corporate media "continuing to cling to some vestige of credibility"...

text Transcript :

full Video :

Greenwald v. Johnston, DN! 2019-03-25 w/ vid + transcript: on Newswire. 03.Apr.2019 00:59