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Papadopoulos Set Up By Mueller?

remember George Papadopoulos? Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, and the mysterious professor Joseph Mifsud? According to Papadopoulos, a woman who (he much later discovered) had a direct working relationship with (later-to-be) Special Counsel Robert Mueller U.K.-based FBI lawyer and legal consultant Arvinder Sambei introduced him to a series of contacts in Europe who were U.S.-U.K. intelligence assets in diplomatic circles and simultaneously worked with the Obama administration's intelligence gathering agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA, Department of Justice). Papadopoulos says he was being surveilled and monitored by these individuals and entities for a setup of the Trump presidential campaign with purported Russian ties.

Papadopoulos' U.S. Congressional testimony from last year has now been officially released in full and can be corroborated with his present-day comments (he had tweeted about Downer and other Europe intelligence activity during 2018).

He's published a new book titled 'Deep State Target' and is interviewed and speaks at length about the plot here :


George Papadopoulos, former member of the foreign policy advisory panel to Donald Trump, speaks out about how he believes he was set up to get to Trump's 2016 presidential campaign team as part of a Russian entrapment scenario.
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Tue, 01/22/2019 - 10:22

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He's a scumbag deluxe.