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CNN, MSNBC, NY Times et al. — Any Credibility Left AT ALL After Russiagate Hoax?

almost three straight years of getting high on their own supply (with leftists / Democrat party-liners in tow)... 'Russia Russia Russia'... then Mueller's report comes out.

Tim Pool breaks it down
CNN And MSNBC Ratings COLLAPSE After "No Collusion" Report

Rachel Maddow [quote]: "Russians" may be "controlling our government."

plus the vintage classic conspiracy theory via NY Mag: "Trump: Russian Asset Since 1987"

Why should anyone with a functioning brain, trust or rely upon any of these news outlets or their employed pundits ever again in the future?
also check out Glenn Greenwald's tweets of the past few days.
( He was interviewed on Tucker Carlson the other day, explaining how the entire Democrat-leaning corporate media establishment enforced an anti-Trump administration party line across all professional journalists for 2 years )

Link? 29.Mar.2019 09:23

Been Waiting

Please provide a link to the report so we can read it and come to our own conclusions. Thank you.

glenn greenwald? lmao 29.Mar.2019 20:01


Glenn on tucker carlson is the funniest shit ever. you are combining two of the biggest hacks in media. horseshoe theory is complete

Glenn Greenwald discusses Corp Media banning-railroading journalists. 29.Mar.2019 22:48

on TC's show 3/25/2019

3 STRAIGHT YEARS OF "Russia Russia" 'collusion' DISINFO.

RE: ^ "horseshoe theory is complete" - Lulz, and horse*SHIT* 'Russia collusion'? 29.Mar.2019 23:01


is Trump a Kremlin-asset-since-1987, yet?

Greenwald segment: from Full Broadcast source (better quality) 29.Mar.2019 23:46


YouTube URL for
Full 3/25/2019 Tucker Carlson Tonight Broadcast: Greenwald starts at _30 minutes_ in (cue up to view segment)

Judicial Watch Sues For Records of Clapper-Brennan-CNN Communications 29.Mar.2019 23:55


MARCH 27, 2019

(Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch announced today it has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) seeking records of communications between former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan and CNN around the time the Clinton-Democrat National Committee Trump dossier was being pitched to key media outlets.

A House report detailed that Clapper leaked information regarding the dossier to CNN in January 2017. The former ODNI chief signed on as an analyst for CNN in August 2017.

Judicial Watch is also seeking records of communications between Clapper and Obama CIA Director John Brennan regarding the dossier , which was authored by former British spy and FBI payee Christopher Steele.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia (Judicial Watch v. Office of the Director of National Intelligence and Central Intelligence Agency (No. 1:19-cv-00776)) after the agencies failed to respond to an April 23, 2018 FOIA request.

good work 30.Mar.2019 09:32


glad to see you guys fully embracing fox news. indymedia has really gone to hell when this is the kind of crap being posted. sean fucking hannity. the guy who said obama was sympathetic to sharia law, who continually racebaits from his miserable show. the guy who said BLM is as bad as the KKK. the guy who continually defends police murdering black men. you should be ashamed of yourself

"fully embracing Fox News" — MSNBC, CNN "Russia" conspiracies better? 30.Mar.2019 15:19


No one is "fully embracing" Fox News ( network upon which Dennis Kucinich and Glenn Greenwald have each appeared as commentators, does that mean <--- they are automatic-Nazis ).

The comments (of Greenwald, here) happen to have been issued via corporate-owned Fox. Yeah they suck, he (and we) already know that. How is that news? Content **OF WHAT GREENWALD IS CALLING OUT** is what is important in this specific instance.

also, New York Times (lied about Iraq war), CNN, MSNBC must be more your speed. Strawman-ing against Fox (alone, about this single commentary excerpt) isn't going to work.

Hey is Trump a Kremlin asset since 1987 yet?  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/07/436412.shtml

sure 30.Mar.2019 16:01


you know who else was full of shit about the iraq way? fox news. stop acting like they are any different. if anything they are guilty of the most blatant shilling for trump and the gop. if you are aligned with their views, i guess that is fine. if not you sure spend a hell of a lot of time defending them which is weird

"ting like they are any different" / "lot of time defending them" 30.Mar.2019 17:41


**** you troll.

Fox News is corporate mass media. Period end.

You think I don't comprehend that? You think Dennis Kucinich, or Glenn Greenwald don't know that?

the point of this posting (no, _your_ irrelevant comments HAVE NO POINT except troll-distraction) is what *--> Greenwald said in the segment








"Russia collusion"







if you are incapable of commenting here on ^that (the designated) topic, STFU and die.

RE: "shilling for trump and the gop", is Greenwald or Kucinich doing that? You are seriously accusing Glenn Greenwald and Dennis Kucinich of being pro-GOP, pro-Trump?

***K you, ***K, the gop, ***K Fox News, ***K you again, and ***K you a third time FOR THE 3 YEARS OF "Russia collusion" pollution you sucked down and spewed out.

RE: Iraq illegal invasion and occupation — 30.Mar.2019 17:45


Trump: Iraq Invasion "Worst Decision In The History Of Our Country" West Columbia, SC 6/25



From Trump rally at Airport High School gymnasium in West Columbia, South Carolina on June 25th 2018.

Note his remark:
"But count the lives [lost] on both sides. Millions of lives. You don't hear that — millions of lives."

starts around 53:00 into speech —

"... We have seven trillion dollars invested in the Middle East — what do we have? What do we have? Other than death, and destruction — what do we have? What a decision that was, to go in. I believe it was the worst decision in the history of our country; and the way we got out was horrible, if you look at Iraq. The way we got out was horrible. Truly one of the worst decisions ever made in this country. Were it for seven trillion dollars and thousands of lives — but count the lives on both sides, folks. Millions of lives, in my opinion. Millions. You don't hear that — millions of lives."

See Also —

[Trump:] "What? You Think We're So Innocent?"
author: Paul Atwood

In response to media questions about his failure to address the dismal human rights record of North Korea Trump in his inimitable manner said "What, you think we're so innocent?"

Trump is the first president of whom I am aware even to broach the unmentionable much less admit publicly that we are hardly exceptional.


Trump Calls Out 'Corporate Media' West Palm Beach, Florida Live Speech 10/13/2016


from Trump/Pence rally at South Florida Fair Expo Center in West Palm Beach, Florida on October 13th 2016.

starts around 9:00 into speech —

"... the most powerful weapon deployed by the Clintons is the corporate media — 'the press'. Let's be clear on one thing: the corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They're a political special interest, no different than any lobbyist or other financial entity, with a total political agenda; and the agenda is not for you [points to audience], it's for themselves.

When has a Republican presidential candidate _ever_ called out or otherwise criticized corporate mass media, for any purpose or reason?


Donald Trump's Unique Human Decency On Iraq
author: John V. Walsh

From a humanitarian standpoint, the content of Trump's condemnation of the war is outstanding. In fact, to grieve over the lives of Americans but not the people of Iraq is a form of racism. Trump is virtually unique among major politicians in taking this stand on the lives of innocents the US has attacked. He should be praised for it.

As election day approaches, it is time to ignore the noise of the moment and think clearly about the crucial issues facing us, none of which is more important than war or peace. The War on Iraq has been a touchstone for these issues over the last 14 years.

On Iraq, Clinton and her operatives have sought to avoid at all costs an accurate comparison of her position over the last 14 years to Trump's. "What did Trump say?" has been buried by the Clintonites and company. "When did he say it?" has been slyly substituted for it. The time line has been used to equate the positions of Hillary the most notorious of hawks with that of Trump.

Let us have a look at Trump's words as well as the dates they were uttered. And compare them to Hillary's:


Trump Montana Speech: CNN 'Editor-at-Large' Claims To Be "Free And Independent" Media

President Trump was at the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls, Montana on July 5, 2018 for a rally and speech. In response CNN's 'Editor-at-Large' Chris Cillizza posted an article  http://www.cnn.com/2018/07/06/politics/donald-trump-montana-speech/index.html titled :
'The 11 most dangerous things Donald Trump said in his Montana speech'.

Cillizza claims that the speech "contained a number of genuinely dangerous lines," which "no president before Trump would even considering [sic] uttering among a small group of friends".

Number 6 of Cillizza's 11 points claims that Trump's "impugning" of [corporate media's use of] "unnamed sources is part of a broader attempt on his part to undermine a free and independent media." The multibillion-dollar corporate media 'Editor-at-Large' also rhetorically asks: "Have you ever seen what life is like for the citizenry in a country in which the media is state-run?"

Donald Trump is no stranger to clashing with U.S. corporate mass media, who had a big role in supporting his opponent (in league with the rest of the political establishment of his own GOP and the Democratic Party) during the 2016 presidential campaign. On October 13th, 2016 at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump called out the U.S. corporate mass media by name :

"... the most powerful weapon deployed by the Clintons is the corporate media — 'the press'. Let's be clear on one thing: the corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They're a political special interest, no different than any lobbyist or other financial entity, with a total political agenda; and the agenda is not for you [points to audience], it's for themselves.
Cizilla is obviously a liar with no basis in fact for his claims. Zero evidence exists that Trump has ever attempted to "undermine free and independent media," and moreover (if Cizilla was attempting to imply CNN as the entity that was somehow "undermined") the multibillion-dollar Time Warner subsidiary for which he works is the furthest possible from being "free and independent."

There are many other total falsehoods, logical fallacies and shallow, irrelevant remarks in corporate mass media employee Cillizza's editorial rant, most of which reads like a 'hurt feelings report'.

Trump's own rhetoric and topics covered are no different in tone or scope than what he's been saying in his largely SamIzDat campaign speeches from 2016; in fact compared to some of the October 2016 speeches such as the West Palm Beach  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/10/433420.shtml one <--- quoted ^^, during that specific time late in the campaign when the real possibility of losing to Clinton existed — amongst an avalanche of U.S. corporate mass media predictions of "80% landslide" and assured Clinton victory — and was anxiously reflected in Trump's comments and rhetoric, last night's Montana speech was tame and calm (perhaps even nuanced) in comparison.

In total, Chris Cillizza is pimping the same shopworn banner that he and other U.S. corporate mass media pundits have since the emergence of Trump and particularly since mid-2016, when it became apparent that he could actually win the GOP nomination (which the Republican National Committee with millions of dollars in support from top elites including private corporate donors and Democrats had attempted to sabotage and prevent). The October 2016 remarks by Trump in Florida are evidence of this longstanding feud, in addition to direct threats against the incoming president the following January by CNN President Jeff Zucker :


Glenn Greenwald points out that Barack Obama was actually more pro-Russia than Trump: "you look at President Obama versus President Trump, there's no question that President Obama was more cooperative with and collaborative with Russia and the Russian agenda than President Trump. President Trump has sent lethal arms to Ukraine—a crucial issue for Putin—which President Obama refused to do. President Trump has bombed the Assad forces in Syria, a client state of Putin, something that Obama refused to do because he didn't want to provoke Putin. Trump has expelled more Russian diplomats and sanctioned more Russian oligarchs than [Obama] has. Trump undid the Iran deal, which Russia favored, while Obama worked with Russia in order to do the Iran deal."


Obama's Imperial Presidency
author: Carl Boggs

One article of faith among liberals and the corporate media is that Trump's presidency stands alone as a house or horrors, unprecedented in its fascistic authoritarianism, crazy pronouncements, and ideological blend of xenophobia, racism, sexism, and sheer extremism. Those in the "resistance" know that pretty much any alternative (Bill Maher, LeBron James) would be far better, though specifics — beyond Trump's mortal sin of partnering with Putin — are rarely mentioned.

Obvious comparisons are Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, and his competitor, Hillary Clinton. Obama was in charge of U.S. foreign policy for the preceding eight years, so his legacy (with plenty of help from Clinton) might be worth considering.

Obama, it turns out, was among the most militaristic White House occupants in American history, taking the imperial presidency to new heights. It has been said that Obama was the only president whose administration was enmeshed in multiple wars from beginning to end. His imperial ventures spanned many countries - Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia along with proxy interventions in Yemen and Pakistan. He ordered nearly 100,000 bombs and missiles delivered against defenseless targets, a total greater than that of the more widely-recognized warmonger George W. Bush's total of 70,000 against five countries. Iraq alone - where U.S. forces were supposed to have been withdrawn - was recipient of 41,000 bombs and missiles along with untold amounts of smaller ordnance. Meanwhile, throughout his presidency Obama conducted hundreds of drone attacks in the Middle East, more than doubling Bush's total, all run jointly (and covertly) by the CIA and Air Force.

sounds good 30.Mar.2019 23:44


keep posting walls of text with links to other walls of text you posted elsewhere on indymedia. you really have this all figured out

RE: "walls of text" — Got anything in refutation ***KTARD? 31.Mar.2019 01:02


when is the proof of Russian collusion going to arrive?

you are a sack of dog s**t.

Who did you vote for on November 8 2016?
Same candidate which the entire Bush family, and former Treasury Secretary / 2008 Wall Street bailout czar Hank Paulson cast their vote for?

Trump is a Kremlin asset, correct? Isn't that right, Rachel Maddow?

***K you.

"walls of text"
Those are articles. Evidence. Proof. none of which you have for your pointless existence.
Go take some poison and remove yourself from this planet ****TARD.

nah 31.Mar.2019 13:42


watching you rant is too fun. youve been foaming at the mouth defending trump since this started

"since this started" — what is "this"? 31.Mar.2019 23:38


I don't give a **** about Trump who can defend himself - neither does he give a **** about being President.

he can

That's what differentiates him from Clinton Obama et al. He's not a career politician.

I don't ***KING CARE about Trump, as you all Trump Derangement Syndromies, do.
[ lol it's HILARIOUS to see how much _you_ 'care' about what Trump is, what he does, every time his name is even mentioned RESIDING RENT-FREE IN YOUR BRAINS ]

What I _do_ "care" (??) about is, that the U.S. corporate mass media in league with U.S. intelligence and enforcement apparatus (CIA, NSA, FBI, Justice Department) of the ***OBAMA ADMINISTRATION*** in league with the Clintons, and with elite GOP forces (who spent million$$$$$ to keep Trump from being even nominated as a Republican presidential candidate during spring-summer 2016, along with of course the Wasserman-Schultz-Clinton anti-Sanders shenanigans) on their side deliberately spied on the opposition candidate.

i.e. used in-power State [read: government] forces to enact political manipulation and sabotage.

a la Third World banana republic.

unlike career politicians, Trump doesn't give a **** about 02.Apr.2019 21:10

being 'the President'


^ that is what differentiates him from Bush, Obama, Clinton et al.

( You can try and make a "comparison" that he's no different from any previous head-of-state, "just another imperial president" blah-de-blah-de-blah-de-blah-de-***kin'-blah. He _is_ quite different in that respect, i.e. his occupation. And, he can go back to being a billionaire real estate developer at any moment. Sure he'll probably run for a second term just due to his ego alone: Remember, before all of this, he was an established TV celebrity in addition to being a billionaire-businessman. But he is quite different, again, in this characteristic of prior Vocation and Means-Of-Income, from any preceding U.S. president. )

HE DOESN'T *need* the White House, nor does he "need" to be in that house - in a real sense the latter, he could live elsewhere while functioning as Chief exec.

so keep letting the billionaire reality TV star live rent free in your head.

"so keep letting the billionaire reality TV star live rent free in your head. " 05.Apr.2019 10:54


he's running the fucking country. into the ground i might add, so yeah, it's not crazy to be paying attention and pissed off. apprently its fine with you as long as he's sticking it to the media/elites/CIA/whatever other group you have sour grapes with.

"he's running the fucking country. into the ground" — Lol, *NO*. 06.Apr.2019 11:43


Reagan (actually the President running everything in <--this administration was ex-CIA director and oil co. executive GHWB) 1981-1988
Bush aka GHWB 1989-1992
Clinton 1993-1999
Bush aka Dubya 2001-2008 (not even elected, he was *appointed* to White House by SCOTUS decision)
Obama 2009-2016 (campaigns+adminstration sponsored by Wall St insurance & banking cartels)

^ are the ones who "ran the ***king country into the ground".

Three full decades of dismantlement of Workers Solidarity in the U.S., offshoring of assets, outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, NAFTA, corporate takeover/consolidation of mass media & telecom, et cetera.
*read* here ---> :  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2019/04/437331.shtml#458561

RE: " fine with you as long as he's sticking it to the media/elites/CIA "

No, but it is fine that the establishment U.S. corporate mass media, opposition and own-party elites, U.S. intelligence agencies all
**CONSPIRED** to keep Trump from being even nominated as his chosen party's presidential candidate, let alone win the election itself (_all_ of U.S. media, FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver etc. predicted Hillary Clinton as the absolute victor in 2016 election right up 'til 6 pm election night)

That's all just _fine_ with you isn't it  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2019/04/437355.shtml

You "." suddenly became politically 'concerned' as of November 9th 2016? Lol.

Trump Won't Win Montage 16.Apr.2019 20:35


"will never, EVER, be president" ... Lol