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What are the most safest ways to travel in the USA?

Last month in February of 2019 The NBC TV Network stated Americans prefer to travel by:
Vehicles at 43%
Scheduled U.S. Passenger airlines at 42%
Trains at 10%
Buses at 5%
WE THE PEOPLE, OF THESE GREAT UNITED STATES must first compare traveling by all types of vehicles to the second most popular by U.S. Passenger Scheduled Airlines.

In the Portland Tribune Newspaper on Thursday, January 10, 2019 we had published per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) our letter to the editor facts that from 2005 to 2015 as documented here that includes deaths of crashes with vehicles and pedestrians:

2005 39,000
2006 34,000
2007 33,000
2008 31,000
2009 30,000
2010 29,000
2011 28,000
2012 31,000
2013 30,000
2014 30,000
2015 37,000
The total deaths were 38,000 and the vast majority of accidents could have been saved with and the least safe vehicle are motorcycles.

Now compare that record with Scheduled U.S. Passenger Airlines. On February 12, 2009 Colgan Air flight 3407 from N.J. to N.Y. crashed and killed all 49 people on board and one resident in their home in N.Y..

In the 1990's I contacted the California Highway Patrol and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at Washington D.C. and made them aware of our research with the program, Driving In The Right.
On a main highway with two lanes in one direction driving in the right lane keep your right tires to the far right to view the right taillights of the second vehicle in front of you to give you about a second extra to slow or stop to avoid a crash. Driving in the second lane to the left lane just reverse to the left lane with the same extra safety precautions. Other benefits are if a pedestrian, animal, glass, tire parts or other debris you will have more space to avoid accidents. In all states DMV Driver booklets our program name was changed with creating more space.

When driving vehicles with a passenger we say more safety will be added when the driver learns from the passenger uses their eyes to see the blind spot of the driver, the use of the rear view mirror, to point out all types of possible hazards on all sides of their vehicles again to slow or stop in time. When the passenger hears emergency vehicles be sure the driver heard it and slow down or stop when they are behind your vehicle, that could be called 100% safer when you partner with your passenger.

For people that feel they can't afford to travel by U.S. Scheduled Passenger Airlines, a 1929 All U.S. Airline timetable with data on where the aircraft routes, stops, fares and the one way fare from Chicago to Sacramento/San Francisco was $200.00 about the same cost as today on jets instead of prop airplanes, saving many hours with now nonstop jets.

The public or any organization may contact me, Mr. Safety at  jmatlansky@gmail.com, 24/365 for advise on said subjects & The best media in the world, Portland Independent Media Jerry Atlansky program and law, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement.

Today is the very best day of my life as every day gets better,

Jerry Atlansky
Portland Oregon
jmatansky@gmailcom, 24/365

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