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The Secret You Will Never Be Told -

SACRAMENTO, California--The 'Secret Society' as referenced in a speech to the American Newspaper Publisher's Association on April 27th, 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, is thriving and well in it's operations to control the U.S. Government nearly wholly or completely without the fear of detection.
by Tracy Mapes
March 21, 2019

SACRAMENTO, California--The 'Secret Society' as referenced in a speech to the American Newspaper Publisher's Association on April 27th, 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, is thriving and well in it's operations to control the U.S. Government nearly wholly or completely without the fear of detection.

This nefarious entity of criminal enterprise has flourished since MOB Operations controlling vice and business protections has made its way underground and been either buried or lost in the International Press assets it controls through the exploitation of prostitute and felon infiltration of the Media and Highest Levels of National, State and Local Governments with the full support of National Security Agencies meant to preclude or prevent such an occurrence on U.S. soil.

The basics of this shared society and knowledge are the very rules that bound the secret packet. Similar to South of the Equator "Hazing" experienced by U.S. Naval Personnel or as Rites of Passage for Collegiate Prospects seeking a place at a known or prestigious fraternal organization, the candidates are likewise screened for "What one is willing to do for a position?" - not unlike a Gang Initiation which may include the proof through actions one is willing to perform to signify loyalty to the criminal enterprise, including: Murder, the Selling of One's Soul, Body, or Narcotic to further the success of the Society Body.

White Slavery, Media Control, the shared experience of Heroin, Prostitution, Male or Female, and willingness to engage oneself in crime are what bind these people in this "Monolithic" - Secret. A One Lie Thick, Coat of Arms protecting the perpetrators from the exposure of their coveting, castigation, culling and subjugation of the ordinary citizens not included in their game.

And while this puzzle may be existent in many communities, I can only share the view from my perspective from cow town hub-city of Sacramento, California and its locality as it took nearly 30 to place the People, Names and Face of those I met on the city streets in the late night hours as a lonely construction worker in pursuit of companionship with those willing to share themselves in exchange for the American Dollar.

Their Names were not known, or well known in these parts, but as time wore on, it became quite that the seeming misfortunes of my own life were not of an accidental nature, as these People were propelled to some of the most coveted positions in Press and Politics.


- Tracy Mapes was born in Chico, California, and was raised until the age of 12 in the South Lake Tahoe Region divided by the Sierra Mountain range and the Stateline Border with Nevada Gaming. After leaving South Lake Tahoe, he was schooled in San Luis Obispo, and later Fair Oaks, Ca., at Bella Vista High School up until 1979, graduating with a G.E.D.

Returning to the South Lake Tahoe Area, and making a living as a construction laborer and tree faller/firewood cutter until the end of 1987. Between 1988 and 1995 is where the bulk of his meetings with Sacramento Area street prostitution began and ended, when he picked up Video Camera, and became one of the most successful independent news stringers until 2004. Life turned to shit after the loss of his Video Equipment in an overnight robbery meant to put him out of business forever.

It took 15 years of piecing the puzzle back together that hit me in the back like a boom-a-rang that led to these Media Subversion Lists, and the included distribution map. It became quite apparent that this was too big for me to handle on my own, and I have sought the help of Fellow Americans, Law-Enforcement, and even the U.S. Military in this grave American Tragedy. I can't fight this alone.

Media Subversion List 2010 https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8752/17349971918_448bebfd3b_o.jpg

Media Subversion List 2012 https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5659/21484174919_b4e9253cb6_o.jpg

Media Subversion Map & Distribution of Persons passing through the Sacramento Region. https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5645/21680612191_e7d33c006c_o.jpg

(Unfinished) Media Subversion List 2019 Includes: Sonya Sota-Mayor, Kamala Harris, Mike Pompeo, Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Jail Mail - Catherine Zeta-Jones AKA Debbie Rentfrow  http://timetraveler.zohosites.com/
Jail Mail - Kamala Harris AKA Carla Barros  http://timetraveler2.zohosites.com/

Court Records Sacramento County - Michelle Robinson (Obama). https://farm1.staticflickr.com/622/21691246673_d842f8fb22_o.jpg
Protest Actions for Public Awareness
Leaflet Bombing Sacramento TV Stations  https://youtu.be/cQkCX8GSoVg
Leaflet Bombing Levi Stadium - Oakland Colisium - NFL  https://bit.ly/2TUR5EP
Leaflet Bombing State Capitol California Dec. 25th, 2019  https://youtu.be/WvNYwEZGlvk
Being Chased by Fed's Jan. 7th, 2019 Sacramento Sheriff's Dept. (Gang Unit).  https://youtu.be/3lPTloecIP0

Bad Contacts: FBI  https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4850/33057570238_bde8f41ca2_b.jpg
Bad Contacts: OIG/SF  https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7811/47438273591_b475f32a79_b.jpg

Jan. 9th, 2019 Beating Tracy Mapes, Over "Taking the Gloves Off! in 2019" on Gov. Gavin Newsom's Facebook & Twitter Account Jan. 1, 2019. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7846/46808993092_d957f80e7f_o.jpg

Beating by TJ Dillashaw 125/135 lbs. MMA/UFC Fighter Jan. 9th, 2019 https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7817/46011757354_fcf9978420_o.jpg

Office of Inspector General San Francisco Branch (Camera Date Incorrect). https://youtu.be/PRL5m0Kzl8k

Tracy Mapes - Current Housing for last 4 years.  https://farm1.staticflickr.com/532/18126668683_9691564399_o.jpg

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

Open Plea for Pro Bono Representation in the Area of Sacramento, California 22.Mar.2019 20:04

Tracy Mapes

Requesting Clear Representation in a Corruption Infested Swamp called Sacramento.

My Case involves a 1st Amendment Protest, being handled as a P.C. 594 Vandalism Case, less than $200 damage.
My contention is that I had a Right and Obligation to warn the American Public of egregious criminal corruption which cannot be addressed by the Media due to criminal infiltration and control, so direct advertising to the Public at Large is a necessity.

Public defender began acting in concert with Court and DA to deny prima facie evidence of the arrest including the primary arresting officer and the video/audio of the first arriving patrol vehicle.

Over my objections to not providing adequate defense, my Public Defender asked for a mental health evaluation and post Marsden Motion after I had informed her she was "Fired".

The Marsden Motion was decided in the favor of the Public Defender, based on her past performance with the court and known working relationship with the court and the judge. This is not proper grounds for maintaining a conflicted Client/Attorney relationship as referenced in the case of Schell v. Witek found that forcing a criminal defendant to go to trial with an irreconcilable conflict with their attorney would deprive them of effective assistance of counsel.

Further, in the case of Daniels V. Woodford, it was found that when a court refuses to appoint new counsel after a defendant has completely lost trust in their attorney, that defendant is thereby effectively thereby constructively denied any counsel whatsoever, "Even if trial counsel is competent, a serious breakdown in communications can result in an inadequate defense.

In conclusion of the Marsden decision, the Public Defender requested a Petentibus mentis iudicium motion for a mental health evaluation, which was disclosed to the Judge in Latin to secret the meaning from Me, as the Client. The Judge ordered both the Mental Health Evaluation with no clear evidence of necessity, and additionally requested that I undergo and additional Competency of Law Evaluation to decide whether I could represent myself in Court. While making sure that I had a clear understanding that the Competency of Law Evaluation would hold me to a much higher standard than the Mental Health Evaluation.

In all of this, I feel that Sacramento County is Railroading my case right off of its tracks.

Sincerely, Tracy Mapes

Governor's Office of Gavin Newsom and the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office are both fully aware of my claims of the criminal nature of this State in relationship to the infiltration and exploitation of the National Government, and I have the belief that "They" acting in concert with the Judicial Body and Public Defender appointed as my council are more than prepared to make this allegation of criminal conduct all go away by sidelining my life in some Mental Institutionally Incarceration to bury the truths of my actions. -Tracy Mapes

After 12 Years of Examination ... 23.Mar.2019 18:36

Tracy Mapes

...the only logical conclusion due to the "Hazing" aspect of this Infiltration Program, is that previous CIA Director, Vice President, President, and Yale Alumni 'Skull and Bones Member', George Herbert Walker Bush was schooled through both experience and participation in the "Hazing" being practiced on top level officials in the United States.

-Tracy Mapes