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Call for Left engineering

Certain items are required by the people as we face the need for revolution.
This is a call for technological help, on behalf of people oppressed by the current System.

Safe capacitor-based emf devices will be increasingly needed as military/police turn to ai drone usage. Simple and cheap should be the watchword, and effective range need be no more than ten meters. These devices should be able to produce linear induction in the milliamp range even in somewhat shielded devices. They can be scaled-up from existing designs "for fun" on the Web. Can you publicize a simple wiring diagram with suggested parts sources? Thank you.

Naloxone could be delivered by an automated system that monitors blood oxygen level. The wearable injector can probably be modified from existing systems. A lot of lives could be saved with this.

Tasers use a patented neurodisruptor signal along with the voltage. A wearable gsr monitor could detect and nullify that signal. The unit could probably be modified from a noise-cancelling circuit. Match amperage and voltage. The pain of being tasered would not be much reduced, but absent the neurodisruption effect, there is a better chance of running to safety.

CS, OC, and other chemical attacks could be countered with substances sprayed into the environment and/or available on a sealed wipe. What is faster or safer than acetic? --Not a rhetorical question.

Finally, an artificial chitin for blowout packing.

Again, I thank you in advance. Maybe you don't know how to do these things, but maybe you know someone who can and should.