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Biden Will Lose to Trump in 2020-Will Dems Wake Up in Time? The Bernie Factor

Biden puts people to sleep. period.
It's wack-a-mole time for the Democrats. Dozens are running for El Presidente and it's just a symptom of how spaced out and disunited the party has become. They are living in a dream world if they think Joe Biden can capture the hearts and minds of an American electorate shell-shocked by two years of the Trump Nightmare. Biden puts people to sleep. period. Old Uncle Joe is a public mystery. No one discusses him in college courses. Just another boring, invisible V.P. The guiding white hand behind the Obama throne is now nothing more than a last ditch effort by the still active Clinton party wing to wrestle their power back from the rising left wing of their fractured party. The same characters who denied Sanders campaign funds and support in their blind zeal to place Hillary in the White House are at it again with the Biden thing. Joe Biden is always portrayed as a sad family man haunted by personal tragedy. This is true enough, but Uncle Joe is responsible for 1996's "Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act" which gave us 100,000 new police officers, $8 Billion for new prisons, $6 Billion for "police designed" prevention programs, created 60 new death penalty offenses under 41 new federal statutes, (Oklahoma City bombings took place shortly after) and an even tougher death penalty act was enacted in response to Oklahoma. Joe also eliminated any higher education for prison inmates under the Pell Grant Act. Biden also instituted Boot Camps for "delinquent minors" under this act. He made simple membership in a "gang" a crime. He also made drug testing for all parolees mandatory. He also instituted the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired back in 2004. So anyone who thinks Joe Biden is some kind of "moderate" Democrat is just plain kidding themselves. He pretty much enacted the Patriot Act years before 911. He's not even a liberal! To say he has fascist tendencies is an understatement. All this rising vitriol against Sanders- trying to paint his Social-Democrat stance as being in the Marxist-Leninist big leagues and predicting the USA will become Venezuela under a Sanders administration is beyond ridiculous. Is Vermont a North Korea? Social Democrats are the opposition to rising Fascist tendencies all over the Western World. Always have been. They're just to the left of centrist "Democrats" and when the going gets Nazi the left get more left in response. Well, Trump IS some kind of Nazi and Sanders is the only guy that can really take his crazy ass on for the long run. It's no miracle that Biden and Sanders are running neck and neck. The old guard sees the writing on the subway wall.