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Seaside Meals on Wheels director Sexually Attacked me

March 8 9am courtroom 200
Clatsop County Courthouse
749 Commercial St
Astoria, OR 97103
Recently, the Oregon Law Center recommended i take out a Stalking Order on Seaside, Oregon's director of Meals on Wheels for sexual harassment, groping, assault, and inappropriate comments and interactions.

Meals on Wheels takes place at the Bob Chisholm Center in Seaside, which is a part of the Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation District in Clatsop County.

The Meals program gains funding through Salem's kevin Grossnicklaus via Northwest Senior and Disability Services.

NWSDS is investigating.

The attacker, also a DJ for "progressive" Coast Radio, detroit's Chris Duffy, has lawyered up with Christopher Palmer, a Gearhart attorney who is fighting for a continuance (delay) and lengthy discovery.

Anyone who wants to show up, support, or see how the entrenched Coastal Power Elite protect Sexual Abuse in the Senior Care sector---please feel free---this hearing is open to the public and press.

Adult Protective Services recorded his euphemism that his attack was "wrestling" which he "initiated."

Since when do Families of the Elderly want their loved ones cared for by someone who "wrestles" non-consenting people who are pushing away his unwanted touching!?

During the so-called "wrestling" attack he pinned my arms and legs, so he could push his genitals on me as he restrained me against my will.

If anyone would like to volunteer legal services or analysis to this situation, that would be greatly appreciated.
please contact
mary eng
503 468 2275
@braingarbage on twitter

Oregon Bureau of Labor Industries is currently investigating employment discrimination based on whistleblowing, relating to this quid pro quo harassment and assault case.

if you or a loved one feels unsafe, please call APS Hotline 1-800-846-9165

Additionally, a Senior Female has reported physical abuse from the same attacker, at the facility.
A Senior male has reported Hearing Impairment discrimination.
A Dishwasher has suffered retaliation for speaking up against sexual abuse.

Please look out for his pattern of excessive hugging of clients and romantic overtures to co-workers.

I will not be intimidated by this attacker's latest Court Filing demanding a deposition and an excessively over broad discovery (discovery abuse), or similar previous threat of "legal action" from parks attorney Eileen Eakins.
A person who has assaulted me, is now requesting access to all my personal records, as if that doesnt make him seem even more creepy!

What if i don't care.
So here are all my records.
Does that prove you have a right to assault me?
or try to gag me from whistleblowing?

We should be concerned about the mis-use of Public Resources by people who are not operating with a High ethical Standard, regarding equity and inclusion.
Why should Park Services discriminate against women who have experienced his predatory behavior?
Why is his salary protected and the rights and safety of the community not protected?

Power to the People.