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Why we should believe Jussie Smollet?

There are several reasons why we should not believe CPD.
- The victim is African-American
- The victim is Gay
- The victim opposes the Trump regime
- The Chicago Police Department supported Trump in 2016

The Trump administration might as well have ordered the senseless attack on Smollet. Smollet does deserve economic justice. Some white actors are paid more than Smollet.

Dump Trump -- Get President Mike "Adolf" Pence 23.Feb.2019 10:23


Real smart move!

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TheFreeThoughtProject.com -- February 22, 2019

If this was indeed a hoax, the damage Smollett did to the past and future victims of actual crimes is potentially irreparable. Now, every time a person claims they were raped or attacked, they'll be lumped in with Smollett by half the country and real crimes may go unpunished as a result. We have already seen the comments on those posting videos of police brutality online being called "Smollets." Shameful indeed.

Now that this story has come out as a hoax, it is receiving round the clock coverage from mainstream media. The divisive nature of this incident has the left inflamed and the right just as mad which is the mainstream media's wet dream.
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Where was this fake Soros/Dem neoleft when George W. Bush was running Amok?

(starting w/ O.J. Simpson) Why believe in Corp Media "News" Circuses? 24.Feb.2019 00:30


I learned (definitively), in the summer of 1994 -

that the U.S. Corporate Mass Media had absolutely no interest in either portraying or delivering 'truth' about any topic.

Their sole objective:

to keep masses of people brainwashed and unthinking about their actual world and surroundings.