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"Pro-Life" Terrorists at Pioneer Square

So-called "pro-life" anti-choice religious terrorists gather at Pioneer Square in Portland, OR, photos from 1/19/2019.
A group of christian/catholic religious and far-right terrorists gathered at Pioneer Square on Saturday January 19th 2019 to state their opposition against women's reproductive health, advocating for a nightmarish world of handmaid's tales and Trumpism. Sponsored by domestic terrorist group Oregon Right To Life, the event was not only a call to roll back women's reproductive health, but also a far-right political rally as well. Men in MAGA hats as well as Proud Boys and Three Percenters (3%ers, III%ers) were also spotted in attendance. Most of these domestic terrorists were bussed in from out of town and out of state (including a large percentage from WA).

shades of the 1980s (on college campuses nationwide) 20.Jan.2019 21:40


yeah this is pretty inconsequential.

Nobody (except U.S.-based bible bashers) gives a flying ***k about the 'abortion issue'.

Main thing that hard-core 'constitutional conservatives' "care" about is:

their _tax dollars_ had better not be subsidizing it.

as far as the 'morality' of it (for the bible bashers) goes, U.S. conservatives / right wing are split between the above-mentioned "no tax dollars for abortion" adherents, and the 'True Blue' "abortion is immoral = murder" acolytes (the latter growing smaller and smaller in number).

The 1980s were long ago, at this point. Reagan, with the help of Jerry Falwell and his ilk, rode to victory in 1979-80. The 'Christian coalition' is not the overriding demographic of the Republican party that it once was. Many states, right now are legalizing recreational marijuana, and the current U.S. GOP presidential administration has given indications that Federal revision of marijuana's Drug Schedule classification may be soon to come.

Abortion will always exist, particularly in technologically advanced and wealthy societies. These morons have a delusion that (with G_d's help natch) abortion can somehow be "stopped" for the good of humanity. It will never, ever be "stopped". And for right wingers / GOPers who hope to continue the mainstream political relevance of their ideology, they better start thinking about dropping it entirely as a platform issue.

Manufactured Crisis 21.Jan.2019 08:29


Abortion is legal and always will be in this country. Pro abortion activists have manufactured a crisis for unknown reasons.