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The Global Justice Project and Human Survival: We're Badly Off Track

Something has gone seriously, seriously wrong.
The Indymedia project began as an outgrowth of the movement against corporate globalisation - our "global intifada," our effort to free humanity. Inaugurated with the clashes in Seattle, we had a clear focus on the threats facing the earth and ourselves: capitalism, defined by the operations of transnational corporations, political leaders representing them, and the metropolitan international institutions: the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, the European Union, and more.

We never expected this to be an easy fight: those wanting to preserve the "end of history" were armed with police, state, and corporate weapons that we could only counter with our solidarity, a winning weapon but one difficult to wield amid an environment of isolation and individualism.

Today, the conditions have undoubtedly worsened, the existential threats are looming closer than ever. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Club of Rome, the Global Footprint Network and other scientific analysts of the state of the climate all say we are running rapidly out of time. If you are under 60, you may just witness the end of organized human life on this planet. Some data say "we have 30 years," some say we have 12, others even less. In any case, the decapitation of the corporate monster needs to happen soon.

Yet our movements have taken not just a step backwards, but one-and-a-half steps into the grave. 20 years after we set the debate in Seattle, placing the key issues on the minds of citizens, philosophers and even politicians, we are in an unfathomably poor situation.

The key focus of the so-called "left" in the world's most polluting country, run by an ecocidal vandal who deserves to be in the running for most destructive rulers of all time, is whether or not that vandal is taking orders from the Russian Federation.

Let me repeat that: in the most wasteful society in human history, the forces designated to oppose the rape of the planet and corporate slavery are concerned with treason and betrayal of the "nation."

MSNBC: "The worst case scenario that we`ve all been talking about, which is the possibility that the president had somehow been co-opted and was in the pocket of the Russians."

THIS is the "worst case scenario" according to the "social justice" network of the American "left?"

If we were to step back and look at this terrible situation honestly, we could only conclude that American liberals, and the Democratic Party, are right-wing nationalist forces concerned with geopolitical gambits and preservation of military alliances.

This isn't the politics of 2019, or 1999. It's the politics of 1819 - but even then, it's the right wing politics of 1819, as there was already a left dedicated to popular solidarity and social ownership existing, clandestinely, in the shadows of European cities.

It's worth analyzing how a "Seattle" would play out if it were to occur in the context of today's US political discourse: the protestors would be seen as nationalist anti-Semites doing the bidding of Putin, and perhaps Xi Jinping. The leaking of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment would be condemned instantly as "information warfare." A focus on environmental issues would be viewed in the context of "energy geopolitics." Indymedia would be shut down by the authorities as a vehicle for "sowing discord" in Europe against NATO and liberalism.

But it's a moot point, because today's "left," at least in America, could never produce a Seattle today. In Europe, there are still some fires burning - the ZAD, the movement against the big trade deals, and an attempt, albeit small, to establish a Binding Treaty on transnational corporations. These are seedlings. But we need a lot of compost to make them grow in time.

If Americans continue this inane political dialogue and fail to join with their European sisters and brothers, overruling Liberal Order delirium, there is no way to avoid an actual "worst case scenario."

Whatever that might look like, we won't be around to see it.

Search and Destroy Operations within the United States of America. 14.Jan.2019 21:36

The Red 'X' Society

If They seem Evil? ...They are Evil.

The Idea behind the Red 'X' Society is to collapse corruption by marking the Abusive, and Rewarding the Good. All Races, Religions, All People's Bound Under One Flag Against Humanitarian and Criminally Corrupt Abuses of the Citizenry. If You Can Make the Mark, You Can Participate in the Destruction off those Harmful to the Preservation of Life through Food, Shelter and Housing.

The Red 'X' Society
author: Tracy Mapes e-mail:e-mail:  news1st@hotmail.com

Concepts for Direct Action

The Red 'X' Society.

Is Not a Movement or Political Structure, but an Idea.

It does not Contain a Leadership Structure or Organized Body of Individuals, but Does Maintain Organization and Structure in the Mind and Moral Structure of those who choose to Employ Its Ideals.

The First, for Lack of a Better Term, I will use the word Principle, as I would not choose the words, Law or Rule, though You may adopt them a such in the way of Thinking as such, Would be:

1. Each and Every Being, is To Be Treated With Humanity a Respect in Accordance with the Living and Conduct of their Daily Activities. This means, One does not have accept Abusive, Coercive Interaction
with regard to Their Existence. They will not be accepting of Coercion, Deception or Abuses such that render them Less than a Whole Person, I.E. Slave, Victim or be forced to Live in a Suppressed or Oppressed manner without Redress.

2. Each Red 'X' Society Follower of Thought or Principle will be Solely Responsible for their Own Action or In-Action. Meaning the Weighing of Risk to Outcome for any such Action is to be born by the Person or Individual in the conduct of any such Action or Act of Redress for any Coercive Behavior which cause them to Act.This Portion of the Idea of such a Society, though, Does not Limit the Principle or Preclude any other Red 'X' follower in Principle, to move forward with Redress and Direct Action Against previously 'Marked' Persons or Property or Entity Engaged in a fore mentioned Coercion or Abuses of Power.

<img src="  http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/5597/redxisbetter2011s.jpg">

3. The 'X' 'Marking'.

The 'Marking of Property' is the First Level of Redress.

In the Act of 'Marking' a Property, a Red 'X' is to be Applied to the Offending Person or Entity's Property to Identify that Person or Entity as One or More, either Organized, Or Unorganized Individual, Entity, Government, Organization or Corporation that Supports, Employs or Otherwise Continues to Operate in an Abusive or Coercive Manner that Interferes with or Disrupts the Core Values of Freedom and Sovereignty of Your, and Or Your Family and Friends ability to Live a Peaceful and Prosperous Life within your means.

The Red 'X' is to Symbolize and Reflect the Values of the knowledge that We as a People are to Enjoy those Freedoms as accorded Us as Human Beings. It is further Designed to Inflict the Maximum Punishment Both Economically and Devalue the Reputation of Any Entity, Person, Government or Corporation that Conducts, Persuades or Engages in a Continuing Pattern of Abuse.

The Red 'X' as a Symbol was chosen because of ease of Application and easy Discernment of Its Intent in 'Marking' those as Persons, Organizations, Both Government and Private, for the Specific Purpose that it become unfashionable for Any Person, Organization or Entity to feel Comfortable about Continuing Any Economic Activity with the Offending Party or Parties without having to resort to any level of Violent Action, Initialy. (That Action will be descibed in Section 2 of Preferred Actions).

Marking of Property.

The Marking of Property is pretty straight forward and simple.

Whether it Be Spray Paint, or Just a Designated Mark on a Published Map on the Internet? ...I You feel inclined to let Your Community Know that You have suffered Abusive Behavior, and You want them to know About It? This is exactly what the Doctor Ordered to Achieve the Maximum Results for Your Efforts, while maintaining a relative Low Risk factor to Your Own Person.

The Red 'X' is Specifically designed to make a Lasting Impression on Your Community and Your Oppressor. It is not designed for 'Jerry Springer Type Spats with Your Neighbors, but Legitimate Redress for Corrupt Entities that Effect Our Communities Ability to Thrive and Enjoy the Freedoms that were instilled within Us as Children. Yes! ...I mean the Ones that told Us about America, Hotdogs, Baseball and Apple Pie. You Know? ...The Ones that Told Us that We could Be Anything We wanted to Be, If We would Just Apply Ourselves. Well? ...It's Time to Start Appling Yourself.

And this Means Red Paint, Red Markers, and If You are an Abused Woman in the Workplace? ... the ever So Handy, Red Lipstick.

You Just Mark the Offender, His/Her Property, or Business, and let Society Determine the Reward and Course of Action for such Behavior.

This is Just a Street Level of Communication and Outreach to Society to allow then to make Smart Choices in the Everyday Conduct of Business Practices that have been Rewarding Our Abusers. So the Red 'X' is the Recognition of that service to the Community at Large, and a Sure Sign that those Practices are not Rewarded in the Future.

The Penalty.

The Penalty for using the Red 'X' could include Charges of Vandalism, and or Property Distruction. Relatively low risk crimes which if Employed Correctly, will be Dollar for Dollar the Most Financially Devastating forms of Economic Warfare ever devised. The Last effects in the Memories of those People who see the 'Red 'X' Mark on an Offending Business or Organization, could have effects that Last for Decades as Family and Relatives relay the information throughout the Community Generationally.

Meaning: The Red 'X' overtime would be far more effective in Crushing Abusive, Coercive Behavior than actual Property Destruction. I.E. - The Smashing of Windows, Fire, Etc. This, Because, You are really engaging in the Destruction of the Mindset of what has become "Quote UnQuote" the acceptable way of conducting Business in America and Around the Globe. The Idea is to So Pervasively Impact their Offender's Economic Wellbeing, that they have to concede to the Societal Norms that "We Are Humanbeings and Should Be Accorded Certaing Freedom and Respect.

So? ...Your Maximum Penalty? Six Months to a Year in Jail and a $1000 Dollar Fine on the Outside. The Effective Impact of Your Action in Dollars Spent and Lost in the Application of the Red 'X' Mark, for both Your Perpetrator, and Any Government Entity willing to prosecute You for the Crime will always far exceed the Penalty. This means, You will be winning every single battle You Fight, in terms of Dollars Spent for Effect. You will quickly Destroy the Financial Means by which Corrupt Entities have enjoyed in the Exploitation of Our People. And in so doing, Provide Model of Social Redress that No Army or Police Force could effectivily Answer do to the Non-Violent Nature and Cost Prohibitive Measures that would be required to Stop such Action.


Level 2 Action: And the Beauty Designed into the Red 'X' Concept for Community Action.


Level 2 Action, is Any Action that Requires Economic Warfare Against Any Oppressive Resource, whether it be Property Distruction, or Disruption in the Flow or Conduct of "Normal" Economic Activity.

Examples of this would be:

1. Fire/ Arson or Other Destructive Methods of Economic Disablement.

2. Computer Communications Based Campaigns of:

a. Computer Viruses

b. Spamming - Flooding of E-Mal or System Capabiliies with extraneous iformation that has nothing to do with the Offending Business or Organization, be it Government or Private Industry.

c. The Redirectment of Shipping or Billing with a Government Agency, Business or Corporation. Meaning? ... If they need Specific Parts delivered to complete a Large Project? You Hack the Smaller Companies Accounts and Receiving and Redirect the Address leaving all other perameters of the Invoice Un-Changed. So Parts scheduled for delivery in California, end up in Demoine Iowa, Ect. Effectively shutting down entire operations at the Lowest Level of Security Measues employed to protect the Asset.

d. Hacking the Billing Dept. By hacking into the Billing Department, You are about to Engage in Serious Economic Disruption with Minimal Risk to Your Self. Very often you will be attacking what is regarded as a Low Security Priority. Customer Information.

By Software Script, Viral Automation, or Manual means, You are to Double and Triple Bill All Accounts. The Idea is to cause so many financial descrepancies between Supportive Entities to a Coercive or Corrupt Infrastructure, that they find it Cost Prohibitive to continue doing Business with them. All Documents will be sent out of the Offending Business with No Changes to the document, other than the Prices they request during Billing. The offending Company will ship out their Billing in a Normal Manner. (This Action will be More Specific to Large Corporations or Billing Institutions with Automated Billing.

The Idea, is to allow seemingly Normal Business Activities between Cooperative Companies or Corporations that have established Trust Bonds, and using that knowledge to Abuse the Trusting Nature. Meaning: Many of the Billings will go through un-noticed until there is an Audit of Financial Transactions, and a Quaduple Increase in the Paper work to Correct the Error. This Drains Company Time and Resources of All Parties related to the Abusive Entiety. This means any Business related to the conduct of that Oppressive Entity, Their Security Contingent, Labor Force, HR, or Acconting Department and any Law Agency that may be employed to prosecute the given Action.

In short, You Create a Budget Draining Machine across all Platforms Supportive of the Corrupt Entity.


The Beautiful Side! - of the Red 'X' Concept.

The Beauty of the Red 'X' Society is:

There are No Formal Associations or Organized Body to Suppress either through Law Enforcement or Financial Redress by Offending or Corrupt Enterprises. It is a "Ghost Society". And participation is only by Choice and Free Will to Redress Community Grievances or Concerns.
Any One can Particpate. There are no fees to join. The only Requirement is that You've made a Choice to no longer Stand for Unwarranted Abuse Against Your Peron or Community.

The Truly Most Beautiful Concept contained in the Red 'X' Branding, is Its ability to Only Target Offending Suppressive or Coersive Entities, while Financially Rewarding Businesses that do not conduct Businesses that Promote Coercive Behavior, just by the virtue that they happen to sell or provide a similar service to the Community. This means you are fighting on two fronts simultaneously. Reward those in the Community that Provide Good, Honest Service, while putting an economic chokehold on those who do not.

Just like an Anti-Body in Your Bloodstream rushing out to the Body to thwart disease, The Red 'X' Marks the Cancer in Society for All to Respond to, and Address.

Happy People do not Paint Red 'X's on Other People's Property. In Other
Words, the Beauty of the Red 'X' Concept is that It Rises and Falls in the Exact Numbers need to Quell the Oppressive Behavior. And Subsides as People find New Opportunities within their Community that were Rendered Unplausible before the Action Taken.

Meaning: When the Community is Thriving, and the Community's concerns have Been Answered? That is when the Red 'X's have All Disappeared.

And for those who say? ... You're just suggest that "We" employ the same tactics as "They"? I would say, "Except, that Will will Be a Fluid Body with No Infrastructure. It is when a Body becomes solidified that it has to find new meaning for itself, and is eventually envaded by the Very Corruptive Forces that made it possible.

The Red 'X' Society contains no such Body. There is No Leadership, Political Gain, or Monitary Gain Motives within Its Concept. No Lasting Infrastructure to say that It ever existed. Other than to Respond in Times of Need of a Deeply Afflicted Community. And allows the Maximum Potential for Community Involvement in the Correction of Its Own Future.

And, That is What The Red 'X' is All About.


Current Recommendations to Truckers? Park Your Trucks on Every American Freeway, Until the Political and Corporate Enterprises come to the Table in Addressing the Obvious Coup of Our American Polical Structure.
Not any Different than the Port Shut Down Protesters are Accomplishing on their Own. Just on a Larger Scale, for a Much Shorter Period of Time.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

<img src="  http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/6171/redxsocietys.jpg">
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anok 15.Dec.2011 06:23
anon link

Did you just ask me to join a cult?

NASA Joins the Red 'X' Society? 16.Dec.2011 05:10
Tracy Mapes link

link to thetruthbehindthescenes.wordpress.com


2011 Red 'X' Society's Preferred Vehicle Marking Guide 17.Dec.2011 16:10
Tracy Mapes link


Dear Reader, 17.Dec.2011 22:59
Tracy Mapes link

This is not a Cult One Joins. The only dues You pay, are those that promote the Past We have all shared, or the Rewards of Doing Something that could draw the road map to Fair and Balanced Treatment with the Confines of a Capitalist Trade Model.

It has no basis other than to instill the Ideas of Fair Treatment, Humane Treatment.

The Devastation in Economic impact would be Both Biting and Rewarding. It is Perfection in Its Design. There is no leadership in Its implementation, and even the Poorest of Afflicted Individuals can participate.

It is in Its Truest form the "Ghost Army" in that combating it would be both impractical and fruitless, due to the Damage to Cost Ratio, from the pettiness in its criminality to the massive economic impact it may achieved, which for those being involved coercive or corrupt business practices.

It's the same as the Markings of Any Protest March, only the Oppressor has to carry its burden like the Mark of the Scarlet Letter.
The Simplicity in its design is what will make it so effective. Businesses so marked will carry the Socio-Economic Impact for Generations.

The Largest Common Denominator will hold the Largest Vote in how Dollars are Spent, or Where they are Spent, and How those Rewarded can pass on their new found fortunes in the influx of new revenues to their Businesses.

Equally in It's Anger, It can subside just as quickly as Reared Its Head, as People find that they no longer fear or are denied the just fruits of their labor.

It is the Boycott Sign with the Maximum Impact at the Lowest Cost. Just the mathematical fear of what impact it could have on the World economy should be reason enough to spur change in Common, Everyday Business Practices.

In Short, It never costs more than the damage it inflicts upon those who would clamor for the thwarting of it's Nature.

$5 Dollars of Spray Paint could equal 10's of Thousands of Dollars in lost Revenue, Budgets, all without the Loss or Need of Rebuilding Infrastructure as is indicative of Modern Warfare.

It is the Sleeper Cell with no Definition, Yet it would never Sleep because of the shear potential in Its Participation. The Upside down Pyramid might be a fine example of what I am describing.

I am not Anti-Capitalist, a fascist, or Communist. This is merely a Corrective Measure that Evens the Playing Field for the Common Man in the Everyday Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness by replacing evil or misaligned intention.

Its implementation may take Generations or One Week??? Who knows? ...Flash Mobs are unpredictable until the become fashionable. Only then will it be necessary to suggest to the Yuppie Crowd that the War is Over and they missed it.

There is Always a Time, and a Century for Man to Stand for what He or She Believes In.

What Kind of Tools do You want to Leave Your Children to Rebuilt their own Futures and Have a Say in Their Outcome?

The Dyer-ness of the Situation Only Reflects the Level and Commitment of Honor that One has for themselves and those they Love to the Principles of Kind and Humane Treatment. The Rebuilding of America's Family Structure. The Bonding of Its People through Strife.

These I are the Ideals I am attempting to project. It's all about Love. But the way We instill that paradigm in those Who do not share those Values may just be the Cost of Doing Business in the Protection of Our Own Futures.

This is A Non-Political, Non-Religious, Not for Profit Fire Storm to Reward and Punish within the Value System of Human Integrity.

It is Designed to Flare Up as Fast as It can quell Itself. It is a Mind War more than a Physical War.

It is an Economic War Model that leave most All Infrastructure intact, yet Specifically Targets Corrupt and Abusive Practices and Those Most Directly Engaged in Such.

It's Designed as Shoehorn of Compliance with Humanity.

It is a War, No Military could Act Upon with Good Faith, unless they Participated in the Necessity of a Social Correction that is Long Over Due

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

...This is as Close to Perfection as I Could devise in Balancing Cost to Effect.

Image 27.Dec.2011 23:02
Tracy Mapes link


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and 23.Dec.2011 20:58
some cops link

will recognize where the graffiti was inspired...

i prefer my own tags.

To: Some Cops? ...might know? 24.Dec.2011 19:30
Tracy Mapes link

...who the fuck cares?

I would venture to say, after discovering all the bullshit that has transpired in this country over the last decade, that Some Cops would be Rex 'X' Society types themselves.

The 'X' mark wasn't chosen for individuality, but a symbol that could be recognized for its intent across all languages, religious, or political leanings.

A symbol of solidarity, 'X', in the belief that all women/men are truly created equal and deserve a certain level of respect and humanity which falls before God, Church, or State.

Red 'X' is about picnics and reading storybooks to children. It's about restoring Life back to, what we once had. It's about turning the Ship around and heading toward a brighter future. The Current Stage and Use off the Red 'X' is A Symbol of Informational Awareness.

Not as an individual, but with the Strength of the Community that present day Society has allowed Us to be Fractured.

Merry! Christmas! - Atheist or Otherwise? - I'm not too high on religion myself, But I do not mind a special time of year to Wish You and Others Well!

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

PS- in regard to emf/microwave? - attack subsided after posting to several government websites. Thanks. Take Care

"If Trump Declares a National Emergency, He'll Be Breaking the Law" 18.Jan.2019 12:26

Marjorie Cohn

"If Trump Declares a National Emergency, He'll Be Breaking the Law" by Marjorie Cohn, Jan 10, 2019