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Texas Dems Head Beto Off At The Pass

The Biden forces pull a desperate rabbit out of their hat
Julian Castro, five year Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, has just announced his candidancy for President of the United States. That makes what, 24 Democratic Party hopefuls? It's wack-a-mole time as 2020 creeps up fast. The Joe Biden contingent of the Democratic Party (Read: Obama & Clinton wing) are scared to death of Beto O'Rourke and his rapid RFK-like rise to the the top of the Dem heap. His record-breaking fund-raising abilities and quick-witted gift for gab have made him a very serious contender. It's Biden, Bernie and Beto in the top three slots right now. No one is worried about Bernie becoming the first Democratic Socialist President. Not gonna happen- women are pissed at his sexist staff and socialism is still a hard sell in America. But they are fretting over the fact that Beto can pull in the Bernie votes- especially on the college circuit. A huge part of O'Rourke's support in Texas has been the Latino community- he is adamantly against The Wall- any wall. The Castro effort is simply a way to divert Latino attention and financial support away from Beto and into a campaign with zero chance of any success. Mayors never end up President. Especially one from a ganged-out town like San Antonio, awash in cartel drugs and bloodshed despite the glowing picture painted by Castro supporters. And the odds of any Latino being elected President in the Trump era are long indeed, as racist sympathies and hate crimes increase exponentially as the Orange One continues his reign of racism. The crowd that came out see Castro as he announced looked very middle class. I saw no Blacks, no long hair. In another words people who probably voted for Hillary. Those are the ones the Biden camp is after. It's a reverse race card from the Democrat's sleeve.