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British Military Intelligence "Integrity Initiative" Targeted Green Party's Jill Stein

Think Tank That Infiltrated Sanders Campaign And Smeared UK's Corbyn Promotes Militarist "Anglo-Saxon World View"
A British military-intelligence think tank funded by the Foreign Office, NATO, and Facebook known as the Integrity Initiative that The Greyzone Project revealed to have infiltrated the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016 also targeted US Green Party candidate for President Jill Stein, documents leaked on the CyberGuerrilla website reveal.

One document accuses the Russian-backed TV channnel RT as having "nothing but good to say" about Stein's candidacy, which is portrayed exclusively as an operation designed to take votes away from Democrat Hillary Clinton. They accuse the Green Party of being bolstered by a "Kremlin PR vehicle" that must be confronted.

They accuse the Stein candidacy of being part of a Kremlin plot to "make American democracy look bad." They say that "the protest potential of the [US] population is part of a Russian military operation.

Given that the think tank has targeted left-wing parties including the German Die Linke and the French Communist Party by "challenging their credibility" and "investigating their finances," one wonders about the Initiaive's role in the DNC/US media narrative that she was a puppet of the Kremlin.

Nothing to wonder about 08.Jan.2019 13:47


Jill is true green
There is nothing to wonder about
Don't get sidetracked by NATO propaganda