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"ARISE ALL WOMEN WHO HAVE HEARTS" - 12 noon in Portland 12/28

calling all women
"arise all women who have hearts"

where: friday december 28 from 12 noon to 1 pm, federal building 1220 sw 3rd ave. portland
what: women's vigil in resistance--standing for justice
50 to 60 folks attended the event today in Portland in front of the Federal Building
a video from the rally / protest will be coming soon to indymedia


We will come TOGETHER from many movements--all connected-- climate justice, immigration and refugee justice, Palestine justice, racial justice, economic justice, gender justice, disarmament and ending war.

Let us end the year to stand together as women in mourning for the many human rights abuses AND injustices we have seen over this past year....and also as a strong group of women to express our hearts' desires and commitment to continue to work for a better world in 2019...and for as long as it takes!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Come Together? All Connected? 29.Dec.2018 00:32


We are not doing these refugees and immigrants any favors by letting them come into our SICK society! Just stop destroying their societies!

The "climate change" will be when the clathrate gun fires and all the methane escapes and kills us off. The methane will transform into CO2 in about 20 years, but the humans will be extinct. Better get some turbo international geoengineering. Maybe some low-E glass oceanic rafts?

Why collect together where they can capture us all at once?

Palestinians yearn for war! 29.Dec.2018 07:20


All those causes make sense, except one.