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VIDEO: 11.25.18 Honduras Caravan Solidarity Rally in Portland Oregon

Video report from the rally in Portland Oregon in support of the Honduras Caravan that is arriving at the US / Mexico border. Portland Support for Hondurans fleeing US-made hell. Filmed on 11.25.18
On Nov 25th a small group gathered in Portland Oregon USA along the waterfront to show solidarity for the Honduras Caravan coming to the US southern border, from across Mexico, from Honduras, seeking asylum and safety in America.

Portland Support for Hondurans fleeing US-made hell, the US experiment to make our future world wide and here.

 https://youtu.be/qxGKzsvt5mw (26 min video)

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Hondurans Fleeing US-Made Hell??? 23.Dec.2018 23:21


This entire thing makes no sense to me. Apparently the "US" (or CIA) is determined to make all of South America into a hell. Then we are to be guilted into some strange "solidarity" to help them all flee to our land from this hell "we" made for them. Obvious cultural incompatibilities will cause us to take three or four generations, at least, to create workable relationships with them all.

This will be the end, it appears, of both North and South America. If we can't stop our Great Pirate overlords from destroying the societies of these South American ethnic groups to begin with, what will those overlords do to create a vast catastrophe for all concerned once the refugees all arrive here?

It's insane.

Why would someone leave their country? They’ve given up. 24.Dec.2018 06:26


This only my opinion- don't get mad. Unless of course you come from a culture which is incapable of government without corruption - aka S___hole country. I support the 1,000,000 plus people who immigrate to the United States legally. They followed the process rather than cut in line.

hey anon 24.Dec.2018 07:56


Go fuck yourself. And go parrot your trump bullshit somewhere else.

Get real 26.Dec.2018 16:34


Clyde, there are 9 billion people in this world and counting, rainforests and mega fauna are disappearing at an astronomical rate due to the rapaciousness of the human species. Around 5 billion of those 9 billion people could technically qualify as needing "a better life" in the US. Is shipping them all to the US a solution in any rational universe? Maybe it makes you feel self righteous and smug to be mindlessly pro immigration but it's not going to make the world a better place, in fact, this mass transfer of overpopulation from the 3rd world to the 1st is making the world a much worse place than it is.