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Global Warming Was Caused By 300+ Thermonuclear Above Ground Bomb Tests!

The proof is in the documents.
Global Warming Was Caused By 300+ Thermonuclear Above Ground Bomb Tests!

The proof is in the documents.

By Lloyd Hart

Global warming was caused by 300+ thermonuclear above ground bomb tests that burned gigantic holes in the ozone allowing in massive amounts of ultra violet rays from the sun that then heated up the aerosol particulates, natural and man made pollutants. We now know this because of declassified documents that show in US and Soviet negotiations to end bomb testing all together in 1963, the issue was actually brought up as the chief evidence used to end above ground bomb testing, leaving below ground testing as an alternative demanded by the US. It is important to note that in the face of thermonuclear bomb testing in the 1950s Albert Einstein and Linus Pauling started an anti-nuclear committee made up of scientists that then produced the St. Louis Baby Tooth study that showed that nuclear fallout was the cause of a wide spread childhood leukemia epidemic in the US. This was a serious consideration to politicians and the public but the military brass were more concerned about the holes in the ozone than the immediate effects to human life. The holes in the ozone were kept out of public debate on the test ban treaty for obvious but the very embarrassing fact that the US initiated the nuclear arms race and the development of the thermonuclear hydrogen bomb. However, without Einstein's and Pauling's and there committee's efforts to educate the public, the generals would not have gotten the ozone science reports that convinced them to end above ground bomb testing. The fastest way to look this fact up is in James Carroll's 2006 book House of War.  http://www.jamescarroll.net/

Yes, of course there are other contributing factors to global warming that were not considered at the time, some still being back benched such as deforestation but the overwhelming cause was thermonuclear above ground bomb testing and in this we must be specific. Thermonuclear or hydrogen bombs are not by any stretch of the imagination anything like the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan but rather are 1000 times more powerful because they are actually fusion bombs that simply uses a WWII fission bomb to ignite a chain reaction with helium and hydrogen creating an explosion big enough to punch a hole in the ozone.

The dirty little secret is that we can't do anything to stop the heating that will then desalinate the deep ocean currents to the point of halting those currents causing the radical deep freeze at the polls that then gives us a premature ice age. We can't stop it and the US generals know it so they are secretly preparing for it and they are paying for the preparation by misdirecting defense spending like the radical expansion of under ground facilities like the secret expansion and renovation of the NORAD facility at Cheyenne Mountain, closed by George W. Bush saying we didn't need it any more but then reopened back up by Barack Obama saying we need Cheyenne Mountain to fight the war on terror. Anonymous sources within the US military have confirmed the Cheyenne Mountain renovation and expansion. The Pentagon failed a recent audit because of the misdirection of budgets from the war on terror, wars illegally launched by the US but suddenly experiencing radical inflation of costs from previous US military deployments. Just minor note: George W. Bush bought a ranch in Costa Rica just after leaving office.

It is important that everyone understand the truth about our situation on this planet before we throw the baby out with the bath water. It is clear that the US generals want the above fact kept secret but we must come to grips with our climate crisis and stop pretending we can stop it and start preparing for the surviving coming ice age. We can do this by greening all desert space on earth which in my opinion was created by we humans surviving the last ice age with over grazing and farming to feed all the survivors. If we move back into the desert space we created and we have not greened it before we need it, we will most likely end up in the same cycle of war that brought us to the new ice age banging at our door and within our own life times, will be at our doorsteps.

I have a different theory for you ... 15.Dec.2018 14:06

Tracy Mapes

The Earth's axis has been disrupted by the blast at Novaya Zemlya by the Russians in 1961. Known as Tsar Bomba, this Nuclear Detonation 1 mile above the ground created a 4 mile diameter ball of 1 Million Degrees, reaching far into the Ionosphere, penetrating the ozone layer with a hole later blame on household aerosols.

Do you remember Dandruff and Head & Shoulders Shampoo in the late 1960's and 1970's? Skin flaking from Nuclear Fallout. You don't her about Dandruff anymore.

The Rush to Start I and Start II De-Nuclearization, I believe were because of the known negative impacts of not just above ground testing, but also Underwater, Atmospheric, and Subterranean blasts that were realized by All Nuclear Nations as a moment Man had gone too far.

Back to the Destabilization of the Earth's Axis, for all I know, We are winging our way off into a non-concentric path revolving around the Sun, and that the 3 Week Cycles of Cold and Heat Spells are in direct correlation with the Planets distance from the Sun fluctuating as it travels through Space.

Here is a Thread I started on the Subject November 9, 2009 about this very subject.

Yeah Right,,, 15.Dec.2018 15:05

Lloyd Hart lloydhart2008@gmail.com

The Russians are to blame instead of the idiots in the pentagon and congress for the American created thermonuclear bomb race? C'mon Tracy, the Russians were only playing catch up to the America psychopaths behind the fusion bomb. All thermo nuclear bomb testing played a role in destroying the ozone and not just on Russian device. Trying to score points with the Russiagate crowd, Tracy? The Russians made their first effort to end the arms race in 1954 but Eisenhower turned them down but not because he wanted to but because he and his entire family were threatened. Eisenhower argued against dropping the bombs on a civilian population as supremely commander of the Allied forces but was vetoed by Truman. I am certain Eisenhower's warning of the "Military Industrial Complex" on his way out of the White House was him hitting back at not being able to negotiate arms reductions when Kruschev requested them in 1954 as Kruschev replaced Stalin as Chairman of the supreme Soviet. Read House of War Tracy. It will open your eyes.

That's not blaming the Russians 15.Dec.2018 17:57

Tracy Mapes

The Temperature rise of Oceans could be attributed to all Nuclear Activity despite the source. If you had read the material, the Novaya Vemlya event wast just one off the most serious incidence. I believe there is an American event that still remains classified that exceeded the Tsar by 3.84 times in strength. So, I'm holding the activity of all of Man's activity to blame.

I am not the type to fuss with partisan politics of National blame identity unless it is warranted. I'm more of an Observer, and Reporter of my observations, with a bent toward problem solution and discovery.

Thank for your input.

-Tracy Mapes

Look into the Heat Signature from the Bikini Atoll area. The Big Red Streak across the Ocean that they call El Niņo. I first became aware of that as a Child, when my Father took me down to Lawrence Livermore Labs to show them a bomb design I created on paper. After that visit we went to Ames Research Center in San Jose, where he picked up some LandSat Film that showed the whole Pacific and the Entire West Coast of North America in Infra-Red, he had obtained for his Science Class at So. Lake Tahoe High School in 1971.

Lloyd Hart, what happened? 16.Dec.2018 16:07


Maybe this is a spam bot pretending to be Lloyd? I'm pretty sure he was a legit anti nuke activist back in the day. Or is someone filling his head with conspiracy garbage?

I'd expect Lloyd to be informed enough to know the roots of man made climate change are in the industrial revolution, predating nuclear testing by decades. So, nope.

As for Mapes....let's just say conspiracy loons gonna loon

Mister Nope ... 16.Dec.2018 18:08

Tracy Mapes

You learn that the word conspiracy has been bastardized into a meaningless metaphor, instead of it's true meaning of criminal intent.

So, you go on living as a Dumb Ass for the rest of your life, and maybe one day, you will learn that half of the shit you don't believe in that is published on alternative media websites in formed you years in advance of any event of common knowledge that you had.

Enjoy your life, and keep on swallowing that Blue Pill that keeps you so smug and comfortable in your sense of reality.

Thanks Tracy. 18.Dec.2018 16:04

Lloyd Hart lloydhart2008@gmail.com

For sticking up for me. I am most certainly not a bot but I can see why the generals want this kept hush, hush as morons with nukes scare the fuck out of everyone. I will be glad to do a live interview on this subject matter. I am a journalist, as I investigate criminal conspiracies by collecting facts and fact checking. Every thing in this article in based in factual material and is not theoretical.

@Mr. Hart 18.Dec.2018 18:10


Thank you sir for weighing in.
A question: are you familiar with an anti nuke protest that involved protesters chaining themselves to railroad tracks? It's something I heard about...maybe stopping transport of materials to a plant?.... but there's no available press archives to confirm. This would have been in the late 80s or early 90s, in the local area, possibly part of a college based protest.

Yes,,,, 19.Dec.2018 13:57

Lloyd Hart lloydhart2008@gmail.com

The Barrigan Brothers and their catholic based anti nuke crew did actions such this but Project Plough Shares did a great deal of this kind of action and there was a doc on nuke train blocking running on RT just recently. You could probably find it on RT's youtube channel.