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After Surviving Several Attempts On My Life,,,,,,

Safer but not out of the woods
And the destruction of my farm Martha's Vineyard Organics I am now living back in Canada having left the US for good as of June 7th. of this year. The most horrible experience of my life has been the systematic destruction of my family and my farm by people who could not stand the truth coming out of my mouth onto my pen. It is sad that the American political monopoly can't handle criticism and are driving voices of truth out of the entire mind space of humanity in the US and Canada. There was plenty of shit flying like my still unanswered claim that Alan Dershowitz plagiarized a political poster of mine from 2001 for the title of his latest book "Electile Dysfuntion" which Dershowitz saw at an event he spoke at and I attended being asked to display the poster at the event to the owner of Cronig's market attempting to steal our brand "Martha's Vineyard Organics"  https://www.facebook.com/MarthasVineyardOrganics/ in 2013 to being driven out of business because I would not support Hillary Clinton and actively campaigned against her in favour of Bernie Sanders and then for the Green Party's Jill Stein in the 2016 presidential campaign but my journalism in tracking the Bush Crime Family trail of blood is also in here.

It wasn't easy living on Martha's Vineyard amongst the ruling elite and their on Island thugs who the rich dangle on an economic blackmail string that had me run off the Island. I guess someone didn't like that I got the island to vote for Bernie Sanders, someone who never visits Martha's Vineyard, instead of Hillary Clinton who is on island every summer raising illicit campaign funding. The thing that galls me the most is they worked actively to break up my family and turn them against me and my journalism. Someone was feeding my spouse lies about me sleeping around hoping to get me thrown out of my own home and when that didn't work they stepped up business pressure on our farm but somehow they finally got to my step son and that finally got me put on the street penniless by an illegal action of a corrupt Martha's Vineyard judge and an illegal application of a corrupt restraining order by the Oak Bluffs police dept. who were constantly attempting to bust me by having the island's drug addicts approach me at least once every couple of weeks to sell them some of my legitimately grow medical cannabis. It should also be noted here that Alan Dershowitz lives on Martha's Vineyard as well.

As far as the attempts on my life I have no evidence as to who was behind these attacks but I can safely say that there was what could be seen a systematic attempt to "Run to ground" my person entirely much the same way we watched as they ran Mike Ruppert to ground and of course many other journalists as well. I am secure in my person and have recovered from these attacks and am in Hanna, Alberta visiting family for the holidays. Hanna is the Town my father grew up in before he became the chief engineer of Atomic Energy Of Canada where his life was destroyed by radioactive contamination which I exposed to the world in 1987 when I conducted a hunger strike protesting the resumption of uranium mining in BC, Canada, my very first serious act of journalism and whistle blowing. Fear not for me as I am surrounded by family but fear free speech. I will be writing more as I get settled in Canada and I thank everyone at Indy Media for reading my stuff all these years.


Unfortunately? ... 12.Dec.2018 14:02

Tracy Mapes

I think most of the Readers have disappeared?

The Occupy Movement Suffered the same kind crap your did, and I think there are very few lone wolves that think the Punishment You get for caring about something is worth their livelihood. They keep the public hungry so they won't fight back.

Take Care, and Mike Ruppert didn't go out the way they projected, he got revamped as California Chrome's owner the same time he was supposed to be committing suicide.

I forgot to mention,,, 13.Dec.2018 11:40

Lloyd Hart lloydhart2008@gmail.com

I have also been banned from Facebook for the holidays, the sixth 30 day ban on fb this year and I have been totally banned on twitter. I have no illusions about sick minds in the corporate media but what part of anything the corporate and military stooges are doing makes them think it all won't come back and bite them in the ass?