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MBS is "MABUS" of Nostradamus

No shit!
Nice Hat
Nice Hat
Nostradamus always disguised things a bit. Hitler was "Hister" and MBS was "MABUS". The Antichrist would also be recognizable by his "Blue Turban" according Nostradamus, his origin would be in the Middle East, and he would "seduce the world". One glance at last week's hugging and giggling session between the Prince (Nostradamus also said he would be a "Prince") and Russian President Vladimir Putin proves that to be disturbingly true. His mastery over Donald Trump seems assured also, as Trump leads the cover-up of Khashoggi's torture and horrible death at the hands of the PRINCE and his assassins. A fine way for the Antichrist to introduce himself to the world at large through a crime worthy of Jeffrey Dahmer. Yes- he's HERE at last. When Nostradamus' fabled COMET suddenly appears, you'll know it's past "prepping time". Many "Christians" ignore and reject the Book of Daniel as some sort of fantasy that accidentally made it into the New Testament. Nostradamus' prophecies hold up amazingly well these days despite the professional debunkers and the skeptical.

this is peak Indymedia 07.Dec.2018 18:47


you have to love nostradamus references.

do you think you could whip up a star chart for trump and tell us what it says?

rAT's Trump Derangement Syndrome is corroding his brain. 08.Dec.2018 01:16


Been Here, Done This


check out his 19.Oct.2018 17:28 post to the Newswire ( why rAT thinks, in his own 'mind', these are either "news" or worthy is an enigma... ) :

Is Saudi Crown Prince The" Antichrist" of Nostradamus?

Nice work if you can get it 08.Dec.2018 07:12

Grant Smith

"Nostradamus always disguised things a bit."

In other words, I will take liberty to interpret what Nostradamus wrote so that what he wrote is always correct.