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How To Change Riseup Quota Settings?

Until recently it was possible to change the amount of email storage space allocated by an user account through the account management interface  https://account.riseup.net as described at  https://riseup.net/en/quota. With an increase in capacity, that configuration item went missing, with no explanation in sight.
At a first glance, one might think, whatever, the more space the better. But being a digital veteran, I always think of data storage space in binary units. One byte, two bytes, 1.024 bytes are one kilobyte, 1.024 kilobytes or 1.048.576 bytes are one megabyte, 1.024 megabytes or 1.048.576 kilobytes or 1.073.741.834 bytes are one gigabyte, and so forth (find the wiki for it on your own). I returned 1GB hard disks to shop because they had only 1.000 megabytes (24 missing) and rather bought another 512M one.

Having to manage digital storage space in decimal units, as now preconfigured by Riseup, tortures my mind, because it contradicts the technology of it. And this all the more so when it is completely obsolete to do so, because a simple account configuration change could harmonise practical application with theoretical principle. This change is currently not possible, because the quota management tool is defunct. Who is managing this system, a technological illiterate?

In addition to that, the Riseup help ticket system is defunct. A help ticket on the issue posted the day before yesterday had gone missing yesterday. Who is currently managing Riseup, a technological imbecile?

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good lord 07.Dec.2018 08:51


"I returned 1GB hard disks to shop because they had only 1.000 megabytes (24 missing)"

If you don't understand why there are "missing" megabytes (hint - they aren't missing), you have no business calling anyone else technically illiterate. Jesus.

You can try reading this if you need a refresher. But a "digital veteran" like yourself should know this already:  link to nookkin.com

Stuck on Stupid! 10.Dec.2018 06:11


My barrister emailed me my entire courtcase, but I cannot forward it to my fellow activists, because I need to stamp the PDF file before I pass it on, and the upload limit has not gone up with the quota! What the .... is wrong with these guys and dolls?

see also 18.Dec.2018 10:19


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