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France yellow vest revolution.

Lets start talking about it.
Is it the beginning of class war something that we have not seen in decades a class war that does not care about sexism, racism, ect things that college educated liberals have been talking about?

I thought this was a good article on it. Please tell me your thoughts.


Good question, but here's a heads up : 03.Dec.2018 22:51


Portland Indymedia, and the United States "progressive" / 'radical' left (inclusive of Antifa who are today in 2018 far removed from their BattleInSeattle anti-globalist/anti-corporatist heyday) more broadly,

have totally abandoned class consciousness and class-based movement organizing.

American 'Movement' today is governed by Identity Politics ( i.e. race- , gender- , culture-based forms of action and solidarity).

Class, as well as Economics-based organizing and political theory has been abandoned by the U.S. left, and its titular/purported spearhead in the actual political arena, namely the Democratic Party:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/09/433219.shtml

I Just Have One Thing to Say! ... 08.Dec.2018 16:46

The Red 'X' Society

"The French Are the Best God Damned Protesters in the World."

American's have been pussyfied by the U.S. Government ever since the #Occupy Movement by the use of Equipment Seizure, Economic Disablement, and the use of EMF/Microwave Weapons against Ordinary Citizens..

Couldn't agree more 09.Dec.2018 19:32


If environmentalism isn't the core of your ideology then your base is flawed. I can't stand to be around the so called progressives in Portland, they're almost all ideologically centered around anti Trump activism, immigrant rights, supposed hate crime graffiti, BLM, animal rights (not endangered animals though) and gender issues. Mass immigration, in particular, is actually exploitive and very much a tool for the globalists to help enrich the already obscenely super rich even further. But you can't tell progressives that, they can't accept that their mindless support of mass emigration is actually serving the interests of those they claim to be opposed to.