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Russiagate Is "The Big Lie"

Black Agenda Radio, Week of November 25, 2018

Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford

27 Nov 2018

Black Agenda Radio - Russiagate is "The Big Lie"

With the CIA on point, U.S. militarists are implementing Joseph Goebbels' formula to reignite the Cold War. "You tell a very big lie, and tell it over and over again, and it becomes the truth," said Ron Ridenour, author of 'The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon On Alert'.

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Putin sucks 02.Dec.2018 12:33


big time

(yes he does, and/*because*>) Russia Is AN INCONSEQUENTIAL JOKE. 02.Dec.2018 13:54

big time

Rank Country % of World share
1 United States 35.0
2 People's Republic of China 13.0
3 Saudi Arabia 4.0
4 Russia 3.8


Russia is a post-Cold War failed state. Joke. Laughably bad.


Russia's GDP is less than any single one (1) of the following three (3) states: California, Texas, or New York

(Russian brain drain)  link to www.themoscowtimes.com

Economically, the only thing which has 'boosted' the Russian regime in the post-1980s era is access to certain oil-and-gas resources (primarily in Siberia). Other than this oil-gas "richness" Russia is not a global leader in manufacturing or high technologies (though it has just enough competence and resources in those fields to not be overly reliant on imports from other states).

Russia is (almost entirely) land locked. Therefore its naval power, and projection of naval power suffers. As does its corresponding ability to have broad based and robust trade channels.

Merely having a large _sized_ military does not reflect accurately on the _readiness_ or wide effectiveness of that military power.
Russian military force is a dilapidated wreck, and China has become much more modernized and strenghtened in comparison over the past 3 decades.

States must _expend_ (cost) in order to keep their military forces at top readiness. This required expenditure is something that Russia has not been doing, consistently or effectively, since the end of the Cold War and fall of Berlin Wall. Especially in comparison with the U.S., its NATO allies or China.

Having an overall GDP which is less than any of the U.S. states of Texas, California or New York, there isn't much you can effectively do to begin with.

Robot at Russian tech conference turns out to be man in suit 12.Dec.2018 23:14

BBC News

Robot Boris featured on Russian TV and was apparently able to walk, talk and dance.

But soon after its appearance journalists began to question the bot's authenticity.

In a picture published afterwards on social media, the neck of a person was clearly visible.

The robot is in fact a 250,000 rouble (2,975) costume called Alyosha the Robot, made by a company called Show Robots.

but... but... Trump's been a Russian asset since 1987!! ....