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Extinction Rebellion: From the UK to Ghana and the US, Climate Activists Take Civil Disobe

The Extinction Rebellion campaign, which begun in the UK, has now spread here to America and has garnered support among young activists concerned about their future. A brilliant mix of direct action, marches, and social media organising, it has managed to bridge the gap between anarchists and street activists with elected officials (including Bernie Sanders and Caroline Lucas in the UK)
From the US to Ghana and New Zealand to Western Europe, campaigners have shown enthusiastic support for Extinction Rebellion's declaration of climate emergency. Henn said he was confident Extinction Rebellion would inspire similar non-violent direct climate actions in the US over the coming months, but whether the movement was one that could endure the test of time was yet to be seen. Margaret Klein Salamon, founder of the US grassroot group Climate Mobilization, said she believed Extinction Rebellion is "a game changer" for the climate movement. Inspired by US Senator Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign, Extinction Rebellion wants to export its non-violent rebellion model and ambition of a widespread system change but allow for autonomous campaign groups to organise independently across the world. "It is up for local groups as to whether people should be taking up action and what direction they move in. It's about doing something different and shifting what is acceptable in the context of the climate crisis. When society is ready to lose its sense of fear in the face of state authority, then everything crumbles and change can happen," Boardman said. Read more: https://countercurrents.org/2018/11/24/extinction-rebellion-from-the-uk-to-ghana-and-the-us-climate-activists-take-civil-disobedience-world-wide/