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11-25-18 @ 1 PM - PDX Support for Hondurans fleeing US-made hell

Portland Solidarity Rally
1 PM @Waterfront Battleship Memorial
Portland Support for Hondurans fleeing US-made hell, the US experiment to make our future world wide and here.

Nov 25th in Portland, Ore. Rally in support of the Central American refugee caravan. 1:00 PM at the Battleship Memorial, Waterfront Park on Naito parkway between Oak & Pine St.

Flyer from the rally in PDX 26.Nov.2018 12:25


Here is a picture / copy of a flyer from the rally in Portland in support of the caravan

VIDEO: 11.25.18 Honduras Caravan Solidarity Rally in Portland Oregon 23.Dec.2018 17:33

Joe Anybody

 https://youtu.be/qxGKzsvt5mw (26 min video)

On Nov 25th a small group gathered in Portland Oregon USA along the waterfront to show solidarity for the Honduras Caravan coming to the US southern border, from across Mexico, from Honduras, seeking asylum and safety in America.