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Parliament "Antisocial Media" (by George Clinton from 2018 album, 'Medicaid Fraud Dogg')


Antisocial media is a sickness, I can't cope
My Twitter finger is itching like I'm on dope
So I'm scratching at an itch out of reach
Bloggers are bitching, so I tweet
And my Twitter thing is twitching
Still scratching at the itch out of reach

Look, no speech impediment in my Twitter finger
I tweet and retweet those characters of anger
Reply and I block it
With smiling faces that erases the places on Facebook
I clock it like Flavor Flav in a fit of rage
Email and post it, and then delete it
(Social media ain't shit)
Complained that social media ain't social at all
But then you turn on and boot up and log in again
Memes that seem to be mean are meant to be
You wonder and you ponder
Intellect without instinct probably won't [?]
(Social media ain't shit)
Press ignore, ignore or I accept
Induce a medicinal social effect
Social media ain't shit
But I can cope


'Medicaid Fraud Dogg' is the tenth studio album by American band Parliament, led by George Clinton. It was released on May 22, 2018, under the record label Clinton founded in 2003, C Kunspyruhzy Records. Guest musicians on the album include Fred Wesley and Pee Wee Ellis, one-time James Brown collaborators. It features guest appearances from Scarface and Mudbone. Medicaid Fraud Dogg was released in Japan by P-Vine records on September 12th, 2018.

The album followed a 38-year dry spell since the release of the band's last studio album, 'Trombipulation'. Most of the 23 tracks on the album were written by Clinton in collaboration with his son, Tracey Lewis.

Track listing
No. Title Length
1. "Medicated Creep" 3:25
2. "Psychotropic" 4:27
3. "69" 4:20
4. "Backwoods" 6:11
5. "Oil Jones" 5:50
6. "Proof Is in the Pudding" 5:20
7. "I'm Gon Make U Sick O'me (feat. Scarface & Mudbone)" 5:22
8. "Antisocial Media" 3:31
9. "All In" 4:20
10. "On Fire" 5:06
11. "Loodie Poo Da Pimp" 4:31
12. "Mama Told Me" 3:21
13. "Set Trip" 3:43
14. "Kool Aid" 3:11
15. "DaDa" 5:39
16. "Pain Management" 5:26
17. "Riddle Me This" 4:08
18. "No Mos" 7:10
19. "Ya Habit" 4:25
20. "Higher" 5:42
21. "Medicaid Fraud Dogg" 3:42
22. "Insurance Man" 3:22
23. "Type Two" 4:44

Total length: 1:46:00

homepage: homepage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Clinton_(musician)