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Israel to Police European Coastlines: Protecting the Continent from Refugees?

The Israeli government acts to square the circle between neoliberal and ethnonationalist fascism with a corporate-globalised crackdown on refugee boats. This announcement came just days before the attack on the Aquarius
An Israeli private military contractor, Elbit Systems Ltd, has been awarded a contract by the so-called EU, to monitor European shores, as reported by the Palestine Chronicle. Israel's private defense contractor has "won" a 68 million dollars two-year contract, renewable by another two years, to survey the Mediterranean Sea and most of European coastlines and to report to Brussels and the countries' authorities. Universal surveillance and fascism are on the march - and running ever faster. Read More: https://dissidentvoice.org/2018/11/israel-to-police-european-coastlines-protecting-the-continent-from-refugees/

An Unlikely Union: Israel and the European Far Right, anti-Muslim axis 22.Nov.2018 11:22


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"Get a Handle" on migration: Hillary Clinton, Israel regime are in-step 22.Nov.2018 22:50

The Guardian

Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists

Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor

Thu 22 Nov 2018 09.00 EST
Last modified on Thu 22 Nov 2018 21.29 EST

Hillary Clinton, a former US presidential candidate, suggests immigration contributed to Brexit and Donald Trump's election. Photograph: Patrick Semansky/AP

Europe must get a handle on immigration to combat a growing threat from rightwing populists, Hillary Clinton has said, calling on the continent's leaders to send out a stronger signal showing they are "not going to be able to continue to provide refuge and support".

In an interview with the Guardian, the former Democratic presidential candidate praised the generosity shown by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, but suggested immigration was inflaming voters and contributed to the election of Donald Trump and Britain's vote to leave the EU.

"I think Europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame," Clinton said, speaking as part of a series of interviews with senior centrist political figures about the rise of populists, particularly on the right, in Europe and the Americas.

"I admire the very generous and compassionate approaches that were taken particularly by leaders like Angela Merkel, but I think it is fair to say Europe has done its part, and must send a very clear message - 'we are not going to be able to continue provide refuge and support' - because if we don't deal with the migration issue it will continue to roil the body politic."