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VIDEO: 11 10 18 copwatching - handcuffed homeless man and a security guard

I arrived on 10th and Yamhill to see a man sitting in the middle of the sidewalk in handcuffs. His personal belongs were in a cart that was tipped over and scattered around. The police were on the scene talking to him and to a "Private Security Guard". The police took off the cuffs and helped the man pick his belongs up.
This was filmed downtown by the Public Library on SW 10th street in Portland Oregon:  https://youtu.be/lCmukLNpAaY (18 minute video)

>I missed how it started
>I was given a cops calling card with this PPB case # on written on it (by a lady cop)
>I don't know who put the cuffs on the houseless man
>I did like seeing a few cops helping him pick his stuff up
>I think it was a case of an aggressive "private security guard, but cant say
>I was told by people who witnessed the situation that the security guard was acting aggressive to the houseless person

Youtube link:  https://youtu.be/lCmukLNpAaY

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