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Some words to read about corporate-owned censorship

Dear Twitter Censorship Committee

Please be aware that this letter is not "private" - think of it as an open letter that is going to be shared with the public and the press.
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October 21 at 8:54 AM  https://www.facebook.com/glassbeadian/posts/10156746541067152

Here is the Open Letter I just sent to Twitter Censorship Committee regarding censorship of mine, Nikky Schiller D.Princess P.m. Beers Audiovisol and Global Revolution Twitter Accounts. Please take the screenshots and share them everywhere, for we all have been censored. Tweet them to Jack. Let the whole world know what a disgrace Twitter has become. You can use my case number as a hashtag #CensorshipCase95487463

Dear Twitter Censorship Committee

Please be aware that this letter is not "private" - think of it as an open letter that is going to be shared with the public and the press.

It's been more than a week, and I am still censored, as is my wife @nikkyschiller, my friend and colleague @pmbeers and our media collective accounts that were initially launched back in 2011 when we started #OccupyWallStreet and #15m movements (@globalrevlive and @audiovisol15m)

You have even censored the twitter account for glass bead collective - an art group that was active since 2002, and that I was a cofounder of - the account for which was started back in 2008 - @glassbeadcol.

I understand that you probably banned all of us because you were instructed to suppress my publication of how us government put me and my family on terrorism watch lists for my journalism work. But I want to point out, that you really should have demanded a court order before censoring me, my family and my fellow activists. For otherwise you become complicit in this censorship, and history will judge you.

I remember back in January of 2011, when I first discovered tweetdeck. As I was watching the streams of consciousness communicated out of Tahrir square in Egypt I was enamored with your platform and what you can do for humanity. I saw you then as a solution for centralized communications and censorship.

Over the last 7 years, I was one the architects of strategy and methods of using your platforms to help people who are disenfranchised, who are not privileged, who are oppressed to speak about injustice, to bear witness, to let the world know what is happening, to speak truth to power.

Within @GlobalRevLive and @Audiovil15m collectives, we have created systems where curators (and there were hundreds of them from all over the world) would work to identity and amplify primary sources reporting from ongoing struggles for global equality. We have covered countless protests, mobilizations and social movements. From #UmbrellaRevolution to #BlackLivesMatter. We worked to empower regular people and we were trying address fundamental issues if wealth and social inequality and institutionalized racism and bigotry. We did not work for anyone, we were not paid by anyone, we were not agents for anyone - the only thing we were accountable to was our own conscious. You censored us, while you let fascists like Proud boys and Tim Pool continue to use your platform unabated. You Banned us while you let troll armies of Turkish and Saudi Arabian Dictators use your platform unabated. Your are banning humanity while you are empowering dictators.

You should look in the mirror and reflect, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Now, 7 years later, you have transformed yourself into a censorship machine that censors humans, while allowing government propaganda bot armies run wild.

History will judge you.

It is clear that you are working with others to try to erase me from the internet, just like in old Soviet Union dissidents were erased from culture. But I do not intend to be silenced. I promise you I shall continue to work tirelessly to expose your hypocrisy.

I am attaching screenshots of tweets that you wanted to "disappear" - they are not disappearing - the world will know your role in this coverup.


Vlad Teichberg

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