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Is Saudi Crown Prince The" Antichrist" of Nostradamus?

There may be a LOT more to this movie than meets the eye
Century 10 Quatrain 62 of Nostradamus prophecies say that the 3rd and most dangerous Antichrist will be known by the name of "MABUS". He will be killed and the vengeance will last for some 27 years afterwards. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is most popularly referred to as "M-B-S". He's from the East and has risen to global prominence on the back of one of the most evil crimes in modern history, not to mention his close association with the Trumps. Nostradamus was rarely exactly literal in his predictions. MBS is close enough to "MABUS" to make a boy wonder.

so what happens after advent of the '3rd antichrist', Nostradamus (aka rAT)? 19.Oct.2018 17:39


I mean, ditch the Saudi / Trump / political b.s.;

"vengeance will last for some 27 years afterwards"

ok, Well?

Don't leave us hanging.

c'mon, I just wanna know what happens. Explain ^this.

10-62 29.Oct.2018 16:15


Want me to read it to you too?

Yeah 29.Oct.2018 18:29

I do

because you're a raving lunatic,

it's not my job to decipher the utter trash you post here.

Explain what the **** you meant.