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Antifa Loses Nearly Every Conflict and Hurts The Democrats

You need to watch this before you pass judgement.

Are you adult enough for a little self criticism?
Antifa May Be The Biggest Liability For Democrats as they instigate conflict with right wing groups causing the general public to move towards republicans. Not only that but they lose every time they start a conflict.

NYPD has recently made an arrest of one of the Proud Boys involved in the NYC scuffle but they are also seeking 3 Antifa activists as well, it isn't one sided. While the Proud Boys may have made the right look bad the conflict was still started by Antifa.

In almost every instance they lose and only show that the far left will start conflicts and scare people but not be strong enough to actually win.


homepage: homepage: http://server3.kproxy.com/servlet/redirect.srv/sruj/snlffhcn/snop/p2/watch?v=oTr30BfLD4s

2 party corruption 19.Oct.2018 17:52


well who likes the Democrats anyway, so "Antifa May Be The Biggest Liability For Democrats" WHO CARES about them Dems (or R's)

Stand With Survivors Against Patriot Prayer -Hosted by RCA. 19.Oct.2018 20:08

Fuck You

No, i., you are uninformed.

"While the Proud Boys may have made the right look bad the conflict was still started by Antifa." Nope. Where do you get your news from? You should go to this event.

Stand With Survivors Against Patriot Prayer

Hosted by Rose City Antifa

Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 1 PM

Terry D. Schrunk Plaza 364 SW Madison St., Portland, Oregon 97204

Patriot Prayer are holding a rally that will again bring misogyny to the streets of our city. We as a city have to stand up and reject their attempt to cast doubt on the sexual violence that women and others experience in our society. This so called 'himtoo' rally is another attempt by this crew of misogynists to come into our city and attack our community.

This rally by Patriot Prayer attempts to cast men as victims of false accusations of sexual assault. Not only is this untrue, it attempts to form a backlash to survivors so that their stories and allegations can be discounted. Patriot Prayer is attempting to create a world where men can abuse and assault people with impunity.

As a community we must stand against this attempt by Haley Adams and Patriot Prayer, a group rife with misogynists and domestic abusers, to turn back the clock on how sexual assault is treated in our society. Join us in pushing this misogyny out of our city.

NYPD Investigates Proud Boy Attack As Hate Crime 19.Oct.2018 20:30

Fuck You

Fuck around and get doxxed. So, .i., this is what happened. Not the bullshit you espouse. Go to he link and READ the article.

New York Antifa Publishes Names, Workplaces of 'Proud Boys' Who Assaulted Protesters

"This weekend, a hate group carried out a random assault against protesters on the streets of New York. Now, local anti-fascist activists are exposing them."

"On Sunday night, the Twitter account for New York City Antifa posted a detailed thread showing various photos of the people involved in the fracas that broke out following "Proud Boys" founder Gavin McInnes' speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club. In addition to the thread, New York antifa posted a blog listing the social media accounts, LinkedIn profiles, and workplaces of the attackers seen in the photos."

"After the talk, in which McInnes celebrated the assassination of Japanese socialist Inejiro Asanuma, a group of about 30 Proud Boys ran wild attacking small groups of protesters. Witnesses report that the cops stood by and watched the attack." the blog post read. "In order to protect our communities, we're publishing the names, social media, and workplaces of the attackers below."

The Twitter thread is incredibly detailed, delving into not only where each attacker worked, but their hate group affiliations, past events in which they're seen giving neo-Nazi signals, shirts of neo-Nazi music groups, and photos of tattoos displaying affiliations with various anti-Semitic and racist groups.

"Hope whatever comes your way was worth that 4th degree!" New York antifa tweeted in one post, referring to the 4th degree of Proud Boys membership in which members move up in the organization by engaging in street violence"

*****"On Sunday night, Newsweek reported that the New York Police Department's hate crime unit is investigating the assault.

"The NYPD is fully investigating last night's attack involving the Proud Boys. If you know anything, the NYPD wants your help," New York mayor Bill de Blasio told NY1. "Hate is never welcome in NYC and we will punish those responsible whether they threw punches or incited violence to the fullest extent of the law."

Article here:  https://gritpost.com/new-york-proud-boys/

And Here is the Dox of Proud Boys iInvolved In Attack 19.Oct.2018 20:40

Fuck You

This detailed research is just one of many reasons that Antifa fucking rocks. Nazis = Proud Boys. Proud Boys = Nazis. And don't let the dark skin play you. Check out the pics here and go to the blog at this dox link.


PPV 20.Oct.2018 15:26


the only winners are the PPV sponsors. In this case CNN and Fox news, who air Proud boy and Antifa videos to main stream america and make millions of $$$ doing it.

like trained seals clapping on demand.

I thought they were smarter than that.

Hey .i. 20.Oct.2018 18:07

Fuck You


Yeah. Stay ignorant. What's an undie to do?

Antifa has jumped the shark into WWE territory 29.Oct.2018 22:11


Got what they wanted (far, far from the good old days of 'Nazi Punks ***K Off' and even BattleSeattle 1999 when-they-fought-Corporatism)

in 2018, with Bread And Circuses livestreamed to everyone's mobile device. Meaningless, content-free entertainment/distraction.

in concert with the rest of the Identity-politicized fake left  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/10/436722.shtml

who espouse an effective strategy / tactic as the

'bleeding edge' (> Antifa)

of the 'fight against Fascism' is all about ****-Jousting in the streets with mirror-image Jokers from the "opposite" side of the spectrum.

Back in the 1980s when we were actually fighting against multinational corporations, the Bush-Reagan administration atrocities at home and in Central America etc. the antifascist punk-centered culture actually had purpose and meaning.

Oh and where was Antifa and the 2018 left,

during 8 years of the Obama Administration who obliterated more brown people than any preceding officeholder, enacted the 2008 Wall Street bank bailout Czar Hank Paulson of which supported Trump's opponent in 2016 and presided over the Wall St.-banking-insurance "Affordable Care Act" [it was indeed an 'Act' but neither 'Affordable' or 'Care'] which is as-we-speak collapsing upon itself?

Sitting on their hands, but 'now' ( 2018 ten-years-later) it is time to - "fight fascism"?

" antifa knockout "
is a google-internet search meme

would be pathetic if it weren't so sad

World Wrestling Entertainment, starring: ANTIFA!

p.s. Where Have All The Nazis Gone? 29.Oct.2018 22:17

I wonder

The corporate media and the rest of the Resistance had been flogging this event for months. That infamous photo of the tikki torch Nazis had been repeatedly reprinted all summer long. Features on Kessler, the organizer, whose activities seem to have been mostly funded by his grandmother, with whom he had also been living, had been published in major international broadsheets. The coverage peaked going into the weekend. On Saturday, he was featured on National Public Radio, where he shared his views on "racial intelligence." Go ahead, google him, and marvel at the amount of free publicity bestowed on this geek.

And it wasn't just the corporate media. No, the militant "anti-fascist" left had also been also promoting this so-called "rally" as the Return of the Revenge of the Bride of Charlottesville. Affinity groups had been activated. "Anti-fascist" posters had been printed. Militant Twitter hashtags created. Snappy "anti-fascist" slogans, like "It takes a bullet to bash the fash," and "Drive out Trump/Pence fascist regime," had been applied to signs and banners. By Sunday morning, social media was buzzing with thousands of tweets and posts by people hoping to "punch a Nazi." Antifa was obviously looking forward to some hardcore "preventative self-defense" ... all they needed were a few hundred Nazis.

So it was a little embarrassing, to put it mildly, when only a dozen or two racists showed up, instead of the hordes of swastika-tattooed, Sieg-heiling Nazis the Resistance was hoping for. After all the energy and money they've invested in convincing millions of credulous liberals that America is being existentially threatened by legions of fascists "emboldened" by Trump (and somehow connected to Vladimir Putin), to then have this paltry bunch of racist misfits show up for "the big Nazi rally" ... well, it kind of makes a mockery of the official narrative they've been selling everyone.

Facebook, Instagram have now banned Proud Boys accounts 30.Oct.2018 22:10

so now,

Antifa is in alignment and comport with Facebook (i.e. goal of PB eradication)