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The Nation Unites Against Brian Kemp, Most Racist Secretary of State in US

The entire nation is organizing against the nation's most racist, criminal, execution facilitating Secretary of State, Brian Kemp of Georgia
Since 2012, criminal Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, now running for governor and controlling many aspects of the election, has criminally shut down polling places in rural black areas, removed 1.4 million Democrats from Georgia's voting rolls, perhaps exceeding Jeb Bush's voter purge crime in 2000, and Jon Husted's and Mike DeWine's in Ohio. The alleged reason he is holding the 53,000 voter registrations, 70% of which are from blacks, is "Exact Match", an unconstitutional rule and obvious conspiracy to steal the franchise which he devised. A missing middle initial or hyphen in a name, a missing period after Rd., St., or Ave. are some of many means he employs. Many African Americans like to give their children unique names. Any of these Kemp operatives see go into his 'etenrally pending' file to sit seemingly forever on these voter registrations.

Kemp is the embodiment of the hatred of the KKK, something opposed his entire life by President Jimmy Carter, as well as President Bill Clinton, Barack Obama etc.
Ron Klain (on staff of VP Al Gore and VP Joe Biden) A black voter is 6 times more likely than a white to have to wait an hour or more, a modern form of poll tax. (MSNBC Oct 12 2018)

In Mud Creek, Georgia in 2016, 276 registered voters were suddenly over 600 in the vote count.

Kemp has sent armed agents into neighborhoods to arrest black voter registration activists. More conscious judges dropped the charges. The NAACP and a coalition of Georgia groups of Asian Americans, Latinos, blacks, lawyers for civil rights etc are suing Kemp. Atty Stacey Abrams, Democrat candidate for governor, is asking him to step down from the Secretary of State position.

He was appointed not elected to his office, by Republican senator Sonny Perdue. He has facilitated Georgia's role of 229 years of racist execution, and has stated he wants no ban on the death penalty. If elected by his criminal fraud he would continue the practice. Only 7 states in 2018 have murdered prisoners. All of them have racist histories of execution and Republican governors. They are Jeff Sessions' Alabama, Rick Scott's Florida, Kemp's Georgia, Ricketts' Nebraska, DeWine's Ohio, Haslam's Tennessee, and Greg Abbott's Texas.

Kemp has been quoted saying that Africa is known for AIDS and crime. The AIDS was disseminated by the World Health Organization's alleged smallpox vaccine. (See Pearce Wright science editor of the London Times May of 1987.) The crimes are those of white robber barons against Africa for many centuries.
He is a promoter of violence in several areas of his life. In one ad he is shown with a rifle across his lap.

Some are asking Coca Cola, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the nation's
busiest, CNN of Time Warner and other Georgia corporations to take a public stand against Kemp. The fact that he has gotten
this far is evidence of their past inaction.

Astrologers consulted report that neptune is for the only time in 168 years opposite Kemp's pluto uranus conjunction at 14 degrees of virgo. Neptune is dissolving his goals. In addition pluto for the only time in 244 years is sitting on his mercury in capricorn. The schemes he has acted upon in the dark are being exposed to the light.

He is getting geometrically expanding blowback for his deeds. God now foil his wicked plans.

God now foil Kemp's wicked plans.




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