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Jared's Hit List

Jared Trump is tweeting articles accusing missing journalist of "abetting terrorists".
Jared Trump is so deep with the Saudi Royals he'd need a steam shovel to extract himself from their grip. It's being reported on cable etworks that he gave an "enemies list" to the Saudi Crown prince just DAYS before Jamal Kashoggi disappeared into the netherworld of the Saudi embassy forever, his body sliced into sandwich meat by a team of paid assassins from the Kingdom. Like a scene from Goodfellas, the parts were nonchalantly carried to waiting limousines for disposal only God knows where. And Turkey? They've been holding an American intelligence agency spook disguised as a Christian holy man for two whole years and even Obama couldn't get him out. Turkey is one of the most repressive regimes in the world and you don't have to watch a rerun of "Midnight Express" to realize this. Torture and murder are everyday facts in this fake democracy. It's been estimated that fully half the citizens of Istanbul are one way or the other involved in the illegal heroin trade. Turkey is still the only nation on earth licensed to legally produce opium poppies and it's derivatives for the global pharmaceutical industry. Their coziness with Putin's regime and uncertain standing with The West in general was one of the main reasons we went into Afghanistan, the world's largest producer of opiates (and heroin)- all illegal under international law. We cornered that market at the expense of thousands of lives- ours and theirs. The return of Pastor Brunson is nothing more than a public relations stunt to divert some heat from the Kashoggi affair and make Trump look like some kind of religious hero instead of a possible murder conspirator who may have very well personally colluded with the Saudi's in the repulsive and evil murder of the WAPO columnist and full time American resident. Trump's play at seeming innocent and concerned is the ultimate deception in this case. U.S. intelligence knew all about many details of the crime shortly after it was discovered, but supposedly kept everyone in the dark and they still refuse to give any real details. Trump is being protected by Turkey and our own intelligence networks. The dog and pony show in the White House, with the Pastor blessing Trump and publicly praying for him like some cheap imitation Billy Graham is the ultimate in diverting the ugly facts in this mystery from rearing their ugly heads. Journalists, according to Trump & Co. are the "Enemy of the People". If this were 1776, a lot of bastards would be swinging from a lamp post.

95% 13.Oct.2018 13:01


Before we entered Afghanistan, the Taliban had deliberately destroyed almost 95% of the Opium crops. After only two years of American occupation the crop increased by over ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. We did the same thing in the "Golden Triangle" area of S.E. Asia during the Vietnam War- Smuggled heroin financed all sorts of secret projects, including mass assassinations of village elders, including Buddhist monks. Anything or anyone involved in the legal or illegal opium trade dwells in a viper's nest of political and criminal intrigue that is always life threatening. Appearances are deceptive when it comes to TRILLIONS of dollars.

Dear rAT 13.Oct.2018 13:56

Tracy Mapes

The "Conspiracy" is International, and surrounds three themes. Heroin, Prostitution and the Control of Politics and the Media. The Secret Society Puppets are all bound by this relationship to Heroin and Prostitution. They are the Secret, and they share one hell of a lot more than needles.

Anyone cleared to appear on Television should be considered "Tainted" including the likes of Assaunge, Snowden and Alex Jones.

"They" own the Puppets and Their Mouths.