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Blue Wave My Butt

You really think the rotten "elite" owned and operated Dem Party is any better than the Repub Party? With War-With-Russia-Ready Monster from Hell Hitlary -- "We came, we say, he died... Buah haha haha!!!" -- BULLCRAP!
Get machine-free simple score voting. Give from (1) to (10) votes to each of as many candidates as you wish. Then SIMPLY ADD UP the votes with no automation. It is just simple addition!

Say NO! to fake majority, complicated multiple elimination rounds, "RCV" (ranked choice "voting")!

Why not let the voters vote for whichever voting system they want next time? Until THEY allow you to do that -- DO NOT VOTE!

The Good 13.Oct.2018 12:50


It's the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Beto for President.

Never mind the parties, politics, or '3 branches' of government 17.Oct.2018 00:13


The problem isn't the political parties, legislative / executive / judicial branch politicians-appointees, or what Shiny Topic the corporate mass media planted for you to pay attention to today.

Problem is the Shadow Government and deep state ( no, not the Trumpkin rhetorical one; the Mike Lofgren one ).
which includes the Federal Reserve [<-- entity which is neither of those 2 words], IRS and many other unconstitutional institutions.

you, the U.S. citizen (and by extension of the U.S. dollar, FedReserve and military-industrial plutocratic complex, the rest of planet Earth) are not ruled, or governed, by 'elected officials' or political parties.

Read on (and scroll down) :

yes, you're going to actually have to *read* ^