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Hillary in 2020? She Wiggles Her Toe in the Cable News Puddle

Let's be fooled again.
yakkity yak
yakkity yak
Joe Biden for President? The most incongruous Veep in recent history? Biden has written some of the most repressive legislation ever concocted, especially when it comes to civil rights and intrusive powers. His carefully cultivated aura as "Mr. Nice Guy" is one of the most classic deceptions ever. How about Bernie? Sanders took the college crowd by storm last time around and was the only candidate to harness the younger, more energetic faction of Democrats into a team that could raise big dollars and move crowds to roaring applause. The Gurus at Democratic National Headquarters (Debbie Wasserman Schultz etc.) had heart attacks watching this, and funneled huge sums into the Clinton juggernaut and away from the Bernie prairie fire. Then there's Trump's second favorite political female to bash, Elizabeth Warren. She made it clear a few weeks back that she's ready to be the first female President and is able to fight Trump and the GOP with more aggressive tactics than most Dem hopefuls. She may very well pick up the "Me Too!" vote- especially with her feminist image and long record of manning the barricades. But her strident style and not so easy on the eyes image may make it harder to make undecided political whiplash victims turn to her to save the Republic from the GOP menace. So Hillary Clinton is taking this all in and thinking "Mmmmm- these possible candidates aren't all that strong..I could beat Trump. I can run again on the platform of "The 2016 Election was STOLEN from me!" She IS Trump's No. 1 nemesis and her Scorpio nature won't tolerate going down in history as a second ran anything. So there she is on CNN gabbing on about this and that. The Dems need to ride on the "Me Too!" train in order to really steamroll Trump in 2020, and Clinton has the goods to really assume the role of Engineer on the Presidential Choo-Choo. A frightening thought, but there she is on CNN stirring it up a little, testing the media waters, and most importantly not letting Warren hog the 2020 spotlight that she thinks should only shine on her Royal Majesty. A scary thought indeed. Actually I like RFK's son a lot. He rebuttal to the GOP State of the Union was the best speech in decades by anyone. But they always eliminate any successful Kennedy one way or the other.