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The Mysterious Death of Anthony Bourdain

My shower curtain rods sags when I put a wet towel on it.
If anyone can show me a case of suicide involving a 200 pound, six foot four man hanging from a shower curtain rod I'd really appreciate it. But that's exactly what they claim became of CNN's own Marco Polo, Anthony Bourdain. I can speak with a little first hand experience, having gotten to hang out with the famous Chef one afternoon through some mutual musician friends. The thing about him is that he was a bit of a punk rocker at heart. He tweeted his mind and took on some heavy characters and major players in politics and media. But he also represented a major media threat to the likes of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. After all, he was a major CNN regular whose shows were even repeated on weekends. His travels cemented the notion that all peoples of the Earth are really part of the same family. This annoyed a lot of idiots like fascists and racists who saw him as selling out the white race or something equally sinister. Yes, Vegans dislike him because he loved to cook and consume meat. But he was a chef since he was young- it was him. It's not like he was eating spotted owls or anything. But no vegan ppsycho did this. His death was professionally staged event. His hotel buddies claimed he "didn't show up for dinner the night before". Whaaat? Anthony freaking BOURDAIN doesn't pop up for the main event of the day? He reason for existence? No mon ami. "We checked on him in the morning and he was unresponsive". 200 pounds on an aluminum shower curtain rod? With absolutely zero investigation. Just the same one sentence quote from some Inspector Clouseau "There's no evidence of foul play". Voila! Another controversial figure with everything to live for is "suicided" and a complacent press just nods their heads and moves on. Even CNN! Only one broke into tears at the news. Anderson CIA Cooper did an immediate "special" called "My Friend Anthony Bourdain" and endless ads announce the broadcast of his last episodes this coming weekend. But they all call it suicide. Where's the investigation? CNN could also be a reason he was eliminated. He was just too influential in a liberal (and even revolutionary) way. Plus his tattoos were beginning to cover both arms. A bad influence on Daddy's little Preppies. Plus he smoked weed and advocated for it too. Even toking away in an episode or three. But his one man crusade to expose the world to the world made him a lot of instant enemies with the ways and means. He slammed Hillary and Weinstein a LOT. His girlfriend slammed Harvey at an awards show and Weinstein is doing hard prison time now. Could Hillary have been so angry she ordered a hit? Study Mena Arkansas and the Ollie North drug ring in depth and you'll see the Clintons were involved in many deaths most consider murder. And 4 out of 5 pro handwriting experts testified under oath that the Vince Foster suicide note was a forgery. Impossible? Google up Billy Sol Estes and LBJ and you'll soon discover that LBJ had people murdered routinely even as a Senator. He murdered his own SISTER because she was a talkative drug and booze hound and he was scared she'd compromise him. He also had his illegitimate son murdered. He looked just like him too! Check out the Youtube Video : "LBJ & JFK" for incredibly horrid details about Johnson's murderous career. He was a big part of the Dallas thing too. Just don't tell me that Presidents and former Secretaries of State aren't capable of cold blooded murder. Bourdain's Mom had just talked to him and nothing was off kilter. He was excited to be in France and filming again. He was healthy and Happy according to his closest friends. But he's now becoming the all time poster child for suicide and that's just not really fair. He was like our actual President- the opposite of the ugly Ameikkkan- someone who represented that slice of our nation that still gives a fuck. To me, his death, however it came down, is one of the ultimate tragedies of this disastrous "Trump Era".

Asia Argento Have you looked into that aspect? 17.Sep.2018 23:03

just a suggestion

[daughter of famed Italian Giallo director Dario] Argento was prominently star-featured on the season premiere episode of that final program series (Netflix) Bourdain hosted, along with her young children. Watch that episode; it is all about Rome, Italy and Italian food/culture.

Argento and Bourdain were rumored to have some sort of friend-romantic connection, over perhaps a period of years, and had as of 2017-2018 reportedly gotten 'tighter' in that respect.

But the real spice begins with another former child actor named Jimmy Bennett with whom Argento had also simultaneously been involved (and for whom Bourdain was the actual sugar daddy source for payoff money) :


Actress and director Asia Argento, a leading voice in the #MeToo movement, quietly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to her own sex assault accuser a former child actor who once played Argento's son, a report said Sunday.

Argento among the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault recently agreed to pay $380,000 to actor and musician Jimmy Bennett, who claimed that she sexually assaulted him in a California hotel room in 2013, when he was 17, according to The New York Times.

The Times said their report was based on correspondences between lawyers for Argento and Bennett that was sent anonymously to them and verified by people familiar with the case.

Included with the documents was a selfie showing the partially-nude couple in bed dated May 2013, when Bennett was 17 and Argento was 37, the report said.

? 18.Sep.2018 09:06


where does it say he hung himself on a shower curtain rod? i havent seen that anywhere. just that he used a bathrobe belt

14 18.Sep.2018 09:27


Just a note- The age of consent in Italy is 14. I don't agree with that, but it's the truth.

rod 18.Sep.2018 09:29


First initial reports said a shower curtain rod. Total bullshit.

you sure? 18.Sep.2018 12:16


you have a link? i cant find a single report that mentions any shower curtain rod. even in google cache of old articles

Celebrity Death doesn't always mean a conspracy 18.Sep.2018 12:49


It makes great fodder for some but there's a better than average chance his death is exactly what has been reported.

chart 09.Oct.2018 15:29


On YouTube there's an astrological reading by a top astrologer regarding his death. The chart and his stars spell M-U-R-D-E-R. CHECK IT OUT.

Kashoggi 10.Oct.2018 20:45


One of Bourdain's most informative episodes was when he interviewed Kashoggi in Saudi Arabia over an amazing home cooked dinner. A.B. gave massive exposure to people who really deserved it, and helped expose corruption by featuring many cultural freedom fighters instead of the usual mainstream spokesmen and celebs hungering for some global publicity. If those bastards in Saudi Arabia can murder (and dismember!) someone as respected and prominent as Kashoggi, they and their cohorts in the administration, Hollywood, France and Turkey could easily arrange that age-old method of silencing a popular opponent: A staged "suicide". Trump embodies the old Nazi ethic just as much as the Bush's do. Murder is a fully accepted method of doing business and is always carried out through proxies. Weinstein and the Clintons are just as ruthless in the clinch. Like cornering a rattlesnake.

getting old 11.Oct.2018 11:11


Sorry- I confused Khashoggi with WAPO contributor Jason Rezaian. Just getting on I guess.